Best Diet for Parkinson’s

Would love to ask what is the best diet for Parkinson’s, and whether high carbs do increase symptoms.

Thank you for your time.



As I am sure you can appreciate, different people offer different suggestions about the best diet a person can pursue to help their body get back on track. To get a two different but refreshing perspectives on dietary options please listen to two radio shows I have aired recently. The first show was aired April 18, 2012 is with my guest Dr. Terry Wahls, MD. The  second show was aired June 13, 2012 with my guest Dr. Larry Wilson, MD.

Once you hear the suggestions offered in each show I recommend you check in with your body and see what it needs. It may be that the best diet for your body consists of taking the best suggestions from both approaches and create your a diet customized to suit your body’s requirements.

If there is anything I have learned after researching Parkinson’s for six years it is that everyone is different. The diet that will succeed for you is likely to differ from the diet that succeeds for another person who currently experiences the symptoms of  Parkinson’s. When you listen to the two radio shows you will also note that there are  clearly similarities in the recommendations of these two doctors regarding what you should not eat. I would suggest that you take these suggestions very seriously.

It is hard to change eating habits, but as you make the change ask yourself every day -

Do I want to begin feeling better or do I choose to continue feeling lousy?

The answers to this question each time you ask it will motivate you to make the dietary shifts that will launch you solidly on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

One thought on “Best Diet for Parkinson’s

  1. Hello Robert,

    The summit was a wonderful experience that gave me great determination for a complete recovery. You taught us the wonderful kinesiology practice of receiving an answer to a question by closing our eyes while standing and waiting for a forward or backward body movement. I use this devise often with great results. Recently I’ve found that it works really well with food and vitamins. When holding an item to my sternum with a few moments of concentration I find the response to be powerful especially when it is the backward “No.” Occassionally the read may be false if I’m not properly hydrated, but usually I trust the result. Retakes are good.

    Thank you for all you do for us. Your gifts are endless.


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