Vascular Parkinson’s

I  have a question.  I have just recently been made aware of the condition called “Vascular Parkinson’s”.  Although I have been looking for more information on the internet, I don’t know if I have the best and most current information on this.  Any help you can give me on vascular Parkinson’s ?   …….. best source ??
Any experience out there with this condition? Let us know!
Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. My mother has vascular parkinson disease. She has extreme pain in her legs – her left leg more than than her right. She had a hip replacement in 2003 and I am not so sure that the extreme pain in the left is not due to the hip replacement. I have looked on the internet and I can’t seem to find documentation that vascular parkinson causes pain in the legs – is it true that this disease does cause pain in the legs? It seems that having someone rub her legs help to ease the pain.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

  2. One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is pain. If you actually list all of the symptoms – you pretty much cover all diseases imaginable, Instead of anchoring your inquiry on a diagnosis of one illness or another – I suggest you simply acknowledge that her body is currently out of balance.

    You might consider investigating craniosacral therapy. There are likely twists in her body that need to be unraveled.

    Robert Rodgers. Ph.D.
    Parkinsons Recovery

  3. I have vascular parkinsons, it has been developing for over 10 years, i have altered gait,uncontrolled arm movements, seizures in dark areas, and difficulty with stairs unless with hand rail, anxiety, and very poor concentration.

    It took me 6 months to get to the necessary dose, because of severe headaches, but for the last 2 years i am on good quality ginkgo, 6 times the recommended dose, 720mgs, and it works.

    All my symptoms have gone, it is dose dependent, including huge improvements in my night vision, it’s all about circulation, and ginkgo dramatically improves it, if it is poor.

    I could not tolerate statins, so i looked for something that would improve my cerebral circulation, it appears it works well with rats, although they have a nasty habit of dissecting them afterward, i intend avoiding that bit. Be careful if you are on aspirin or other blood thinners, i stopped taking aspirin.

  4. Hello Richard,

    My dad is 65 years old and he has vascular parkinsons, doctor said its a progressive disease and they cant do much about , because of parkinsons now he has nemounia and he is unable to swallow food, he is ofcourse out of balance while walking and he cannot walk by himself now

    Did you have any of the symptoms ? and the medicine you are using , did it really help , is there any hope for my dad.

    Kindly help us with your opinion and advice


  5. This is a question for Richard Neville. We just wondered if the ginko was still working for you and if so which brand were you using?

  6. Hello Robert,

    My father is 72 and has been diagnosed with VP. He seems to be severely depressed. Mirtazapine 15MG, 1/2 dose at bedtime has been recommended by a friend with the same disease. What are your thoughts on this drug. He is currently taking Carbidopa and Levodopa.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi:

    Medical doctors are the best resource to ask about medications. Pharmacists are the ideal resources to inquire about side effects. I would simply suggest that before a final decision is made one way or another, realize that there are dozens of options that are helping people with Parkinsons reverse their sumptpms. Medications are simply one of these options.

    Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  8. having read the letters of others who have rec’d the precise diagnosis of vascular PD is surprising to me. My PD began – as far as I can tell, but no diagnosis was given over 2-3 yr. of seeking medical advice. Fine during the day, then an awful change. . . about 12 hr. of the worse-ever intestinal upheaval: SO SICK. … then plugging thru my 8 hr. job there were many miserable symptoms over2 weeks, notably a low-grade fever, etc. It was the headache-plus that made me go to chiropractor. 3x ea. week over 3-week period, the treatments did set me on my feet. Good! BUT… a weird new symptom remained… one the dr. observed. Unable to “fix” that, he also noted “rigidity” – advised neurologist.

    1991 – 2012 –dubious diagnosis… drs. (5 neuro drs.) sinemet with requip added in 2004… most recent neuro. most reluctant to sign off on PD…. maybe not. 2012 – 2014
    symptoms of left leg pain, chalked up to remaining need for healing post lower back surgery – 2009. Left leg? Xanax prescribed. Back? Lortab too. Nerve pain.. 2009 Gabipentin, ’09; increased in 2012. Tremor controlled by ” leva-carb” / requip. Any other ‘problems’ rec’d sympathy, little more. No one would guess PD; I LOOK FINE – Walked okay, went thru routine displays of strength/ balance etc.

    20+ years later, changed doctors. Symptoms were increasing. The neuro was stumped… “a rare malady” he wondered, and I left. A Very Long Time indeed. Faithfully appts. are provided. Same old… Scripts renewed/ tiny changes maybe.
    Therefore, MY SUPRISE! Googling PD brought definitions up, MANY PD VARIETIES. My Very slow, modest PD progression at first. Paraphrased: ‘Many experience the escalation of P.D. effects, after notably long period fairly easy/slow PD progression.’
    Google isn’t a REAL diagnosis; what Google told SOUNDS JUST LIKE ME! I’ll share my research w/ neuro.

    What’s next? No nerve damage, too much metal etc. – CT scan revealed nothing.
    So many meds = dry mouth. Reduce those meds is a hard choice (continuing PD meds of course) . Now favoring left leg due to swollen arch/sole-gen’l. swelling: ankle to calf w/ hard lumpish area behind knee, and up to hip including lower back – buttock… Appt. w/ neuro. is every 3 months. NOW, seeing a faster, apparent progression, dr. sadly nods, “hm, yes, this is PD.” Progress! The dr. will listen to the rehashing re: the left leg, any changes and present status there.

    Apologies Too long, but abbreviating 20+ yr. of PD known history to a sound byte was needed before the inevitable request. ANY ADVICE?

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