A Novel Solution for Falls and Balance Problems

Many of the therapies I have identified in my research over the past six years require a minimum level of functionality. We know exercise helps many people with their recovery, but if a person falls repeatedly and has balance problems, exercise may not really be a viable option. Moreover, if movement is problematic, it is very challenging to reverse any symptoms that might currently be experienced.

On my radio show today (Wednesday, April 4, 2012) Physical Therapist Cindy Horn discusses a solution she has recently invented: Balance Based Torso Weighting Technology. To watch a video demonstration of this custom weighted jacket, click on the link below:


After watching the video, be sure to listen to my interview with Cindy Horn on the radio show Wednesday at 3 pm pacific time (6 pm eastern):


Call in during the show if you have questions!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery


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