Levodopa Medication

A friend directed me to this Blog because I Have PD with tremors in my right arm. I have been taking Carbidopa-levodopa for two weeks and so far I have not noticed any significant difference.  Am I being too impatient?  



This is certainly a question that others might shed some light on. I have heard a wide variety of reports on the outcomes of taking this medication. Some people report feeling better within days. Others report it does take time. Still others report that the medicine had no effect whatsoever.

Huummm … what is going on here you are wondering? The factors that contribute to the neurological symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease are multifaceted, so depending on the primary causal factor that is involved in your case, this medicine  may or may not help.

Neurologists get a lot of information on your response to the medication so they are certainly a valuable resource to get an answer to your question. Clearly, your neurologist is the best guide here.

If you are interested in exploring other options that can be pursued (with or without taking medications) I invite you to explore the many fascinating topics that will be presented at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit this summer in Cincinnati. People are reversing their symptoms using a wide variety of approaches. A number of the contributors to Pioneers of Recovery who have reversed their symptoms will be offering workshops at the Summit.  The workshop topics reflect a wide variety of fascinating and very different approaches that are helping people with Parkinson’s recover.

The approaches that tend to succeed usually address the reasons for the symptoms in the first place. My research has uncovered there are many factors involved. The body is not a simple mechanism.  It really does know how to heal itself. It just needs a little extra help sometimes.

The people who are recovering are exploring a combination of treatments, therapies and modalities. If you have elected to explore one and only one therapy, I would recommend that you consider others as well. And of course, determining the root cause of the symptoms helps tremendously in identifying the treatments options that will help your
body heal.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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