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I Want to be Proactive Rather than Reactive


I have been faithfully reading your daily mails and find them quite comforting.  Here’s my problem.

I won’t be seeing a neurologist until November 15th.    My family doctor’s suspicion of Parkinson’s Disease is based on the fact that my hand tremors are ‘resting’ tremors.

Whenever I have the courage to check for more information online, I find information which makes me think it could possibly be caused by something else, i.e. genes (my dad had a bit of a tremor in his hand), low blood sugar (although I am not diabetic.  The tremors seem to get better when I drink a pop, not diet.) … you get my meaning, I’m sure.

I also am very much aware of the fact that the tremors get a lot worse when I try to suppress them.  If I sit on my hand, they seem to move into my shoulder.  They also almost go away completely when I am totally relaxed (they come back at the slightest sign of stress).

I would like to do something to help myself while I wait for my appointment.  I would like to be proactive rather than reactive.  Is there something you can recommend?  I know there are many good suggestions on your web page, but it’s information overload for me still.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.



I feel the information overload too. There are so many opportunities out there – which ones do you pursue? It gets really overwhelming. That really is why I began doing the Jump Start to Wellness programs – to help people shift through the maze of options to find therapies that are right for them and their bodies.

Let me offer a few suggestions you might want to talk with your doctor about.

Stop eating dairy products.

Exercise every day. Exercise addresses the stress.

Use body therapies that release the stress like cranio-sacral therapy, Bowen therapy, Tin Tui Na, vibroacoustic therapy, etc.  As you well know, when you can release the stress that is trapped in your tissues, your symptoms will not flare when you are under stress in the moment.

Toxins are a big factor. I have no idea what you have tried – but zeolite is a great detox. There are several companies who offer zerolite detoxes. I interviewed Robert Bonham,  Ph.D.  several months ago. You might want to listen to that radio show interview. Detoxing with zeolite has the potential to offer significant relief.

I am hot on the trail of a supplement that I have been taking which has given me incredible energy. It offers the body a way of making glutathione naturally. I will talk about it on my radio show this next week. It is called Can-C Plus -and has been used in conjunction which eye drops that reverse cataracts. Looks to me like it is a great anti-aging supplement and I am guessing it may provide great relief from neurological challenges. I think this supplement may provide many people with Parkinson’s relief from their symptoms. It is all speculation – but I am excited nonetheless.

Finally – are you adequately hydrated? If your body is not getting enough water – symptoms will be worse. John Coleman recommends aquas ( Whatever approach you use, be sure that your body is adequently hydrated every day.

I would not worry over a diagnosis. It is just a guess anyway. Your body has the power to heal itself when given the support and nourishment it needs to heal.

Give you body the support it needs to come back into balance and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

Hi Robert,

I have been continuing to follow your work and today I just felt compelled to write and convey my deep appreciation for you. Your work is invaluable and the information you provide is the most probative for anyone interested in recovery from Parkinson’s and other forms of chronic illness. I know that I have already indicated my appreciation in times past but I felt the need to do so again.

Robert, before I was diagnosed I was a mess, my hands, legs, head and entire body would shake. I have never been fond of doctors and always felt it would somehow subside, I finally went to see my general physician who said I had some sort of advanced PD, he recommended me to a neurologist who told me the same. Not wanting to accept this PD business I just continued to ignore it, then one day I was with my children at the mall and fell down a long flight of steps and unable to get up.

Still resistant I did agree to talk with Abraham Lieberman and he and I wrote back and forth for a long time, he agreed to treat me at no cost but I would of course have to get to Miami, instead he procured an appointment with Dr. Jankovic at Baylor University. They examined me for 4 hours and the diagnoses was the same. I started the medications that improved my condition substantially.

The long and short of it is I no longer have any symptoms of PD nor do I take any meds. This was the result of about three years of research and slowly making changes in all aspects of my life. I do have a good understanding of why and how I recovered however articulated this might not be so easy, it was not simply changing modalities but the capacity to perceive life and my existence in a way that is contrary to all I have been taught and conditioned, changing my perspective was not an easy feat but when that occurred I realized that healing and restoration was possible.


Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis and Treatment for Pain

The following correspondence was
received from Marne. I thought this
would surely be of interest to others.

My husband was diagnosed in 2006 with PD. 
We had MRI’s, CAT scans, Xrays of his whole
spine & shoulder. Found several herniated disks
in the cervical & lumbar areas & arthritis
in his shoulder. For 3 years the neurologists
said there wasn’t anything we could do. 

We just recently (3 weeks ago) went to a pain
specialist who said the shoulder & right arm,
hip & leg pain (all of the right side) is
probably due to the herniations.  He recommended
an epidural steroid in his cervical spine area
to relieve the pain. 

My husband did the procedure & during the
injection he felt his entire right arm get
really hot as the medicine went down & he
even felt it in his legs.  He walked out of
that office being able to raise his arm & use
it for the first time in 3 years. 

He has no more shooting pains in his arms, neck,
back, shoulder, hips & legs.  What the Dr. said
was that his spine was really inflamed.  His only
symptoms are now down to a very slight tremor in
his right arm & not having full strength of his
right leg.  This may or may not be permanent,
only time will tell.  But what I now know is
that inflammation of the spine can be a huge
cause of the pain. 

And unfortunately once a Dr. knows your diagnosis,
he throws every symptom into the Parkinson’s bucket
& doesn’t look outside of the box.  This treatment
has been amazing overnight.  Now he can do the
proper physical therapy so that we can get his
body working again.  And, with God’s blessing, have
the pain stay away permanently.

Thanks so much for your letter. It is proven over and
over that everybody’s situation is unique.  It is
amazing what can happen when you begin considering
different causes for the symptoms and what miracles can
happen with a little experimention.  

PS:  My husband has been on Glutathione @ 4000 mgs/
push IV, 1X or 2X a week for almost 2 years now & that has
helped tremendously. A good website is
Take a look at the video by David Perlmutter. 

Another site that we are using is
Her treatment is quite simple and my husband is experiencing
some very interesting changes in his body…more feeling. 
The treatment is simple & FREE.  She has a very interesting
book that is available Free online on her site.  It’s worth
a read.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinson’s Supplements: Herbs that Help with Tremors and Salivation

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing
Andrew Bentley who practices as a herbalist
in Lexington, Kentucky. A short excerpt
from my interview with him follows:


Many people ask me very specific
questions about how they can get help with
specific symptoms. For example, many people
have asked me recently about excessive
salivation. They have a lot of worries and
troubles with that.

Is there anything off the top of your head
that you would suggest as a possibility in
the herbal area for that?

There are some things that might help with that.
For example, oat bark extract taken in very
small amounts can sometimes help with excessive
salivation. Also, sometimes if you have better
muscle control in the muscles of the neck and
throat and the face, that can sometimes help
for the excessive salivation not to be a problem.

How about tremors? 

Oat straw is one thing that is sometimes helpful
for that. A nice thing about oat straw is that
it usually does not cause drowsiness. A lot of
things that are anti-spasmodic also cause sedation.
Sometimes people aren’t looking for that. That
is a helpful thing about that particular herb
because it doesn’t have so much of that effect.

Valerian is a much stronger herb for helping to
suppress tremors but it does carry some risk of
sedation, of feeling more drowsy and so forth
especially when people first start taking it.
Sometimes that lessons as time goes on.

It is a very strong substance when it comes to
helping control involuntary muscle movement
tremors and involuntary movement of otherwise
involuntary muscles. It is a good one for that.

Passion flower is also one that is helpful for
some particular individuals.  These are all
things that would go into that category of
working on tremors.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

Are Writing Cramps your Excuse for no longer Writing Creatively?


My creative writing has come
to a standstill because my
hands and fingers are currently
not flexible enough to type. 
I am trying to find other creative
outlets, but I really love to write.
Any suggestions? 


The symptoms of Parkinsons
can include cramping. tightness
and weakness in the hands and
fingers, making typing much
more challenging.  It certainly
sounds like you are worried 
your creative writing career
is dead because you are having
such a tough time typing on
a keyboard.  

I have a great suggestion for
you. Actually, it is an awesome

There is another way to write
without having to punch the
keys on a typewriter or computer 
keyboard. You can talk into a
microphone and your e-mails,
letters, articles and books will be
produced automatically using 
speech recognition software.

It is simple. You talk into a
microphone that is connected
to your computer. The words
you speak are automatically
translated into written words
and sentences that magically
appear on your computer

Really! If you can talk, you can
write anything to anyone. And I
do mean anything. 

I should be using speech recognition 
software right now to write this blog,
but I am not. Why? I am stuck
in my old habits of using my
fingers to think. My writing would
probably improve if I started
using my mouth to write. I have
always had a big mouth.

There is a big advantage if
I start talking out my blog
entries and newsletters rather
than typing them. Why? I can talk
much faster than I can type. 
My Parkinsons Recovery book
would be written in a few days if
I talked it rather than typed it.  

I need to disclose a little truth
and advertising here. I have not
personally used this software 
but a friend of  mine has. 
He tells me it works beautifully.

My friend does give me one
warning: Do not look at the
computer screen as you talk.
It is totally weird to read what
you have just said as you are
thinking about what to say

A little work on your part
is required before the software
will work. You have to train
the software program to recognize
the connection between your voice
and the words. The creators of this
software accomplish this by having
you read several pages of a story 
so the software can identify how
you say words. The program can
then correctly connect the dots
between what you say and the
written words you are speaking. 
Once you are set up, you are good
to go. 

The software is called Dragon
Naturally Speaking 9 at
I just watched a video that
demos the software which is
very informative. Apparently
it costs $100.

The other good news is that
the more you exercise your
voice the better your ability
to speak forcefully and clearly
will become.  

Sorry. No more excuses for not
writing to your friends and family.
The world needs to hear from you
so start talking. 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery