Evidence on Recovery Holiday Program

My holiday treat for you is a special program where I discuss evidence I have on recovery from my Thanksgiving survey. Results indicate just what I have been saying for the past 10 years. The body really does know how to heal itself.  We just have to give it a little extra attention when the neurological system  becomes entangled. After all, this is just what we do for the children in our family! We just need to turn that care and attention to your own body.

Click the link below to hear the recording of my program today.

Evidence on Recovery

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia, Washington USA


2 thoughts on “Evidence on Recovery Holiday Program

  1. Dear Rodgers

    My father has been diagnosed with a) Stroke with poly-sensory neuropathy and 2) Parkinson, below are the medicine he is taking for the last six months –

    Pan 40,Clopivas ( AP 75 ) ,Atorvastatin 20mg,Cardivas ( 3.125 mg) ,Syndopa CR, Syndopa plus,Parkiditin 10mg,Parkin,Urimax 0.4mg Irovel (150),Pregastar 75 …

    The issue is the moment he takes all these medicines he feels his head too be very heavy and find himself very tired ,as a result he skips one or two medicines in a day

    In his recent visit to the doctor he has been prescribed to take Stugeron 25mg as he told he finds heaviness in his head .

    In my recent telecom to my father he complained of having dizziness.

    Please advise what medicine he should avoid since his age is 75 and I assume everybody cannot sustain such heavy doses of medicine .

    His meals are as follows ,please note he is an Indian –

    Early Morning – Tea with Milk

    Breakfast 10am – Chappati with vegetable curry

    12pm – Fruit Jiuce

    Lunch 2pm – Rice with Dal and vegetable sometimes Rice with Fish and vegatble

    4pm – Teak with Milk and Biscuits

    6pm – Oats

    Dinner 9pm – Chappati with vegetable or sometimes non veg

    Initially he used to walk alone outside house .Now as he thinks his head is spinning he avoids going out .

    He does normal exercise in morning in house and also walks only in house .

    Please advise –

    1) What medicine he can avoid as I personally think he is taking too much medicines

    2) is his diet Ok or changes have to me made

    3) Is his routine daily life ok since he is not going out alone now .

  2. The questions you raise are mostly related to medications which I am not qualified to address as I am not a medical doctor. I would suggest that you order a consultation with Natural Pharmacist Ross Pelton who can offer guidance and the answers
    you are searching for. Located in Oregon USA his website is naturalpharmacist.net

    Ross Pelton [ross@naturalpharmacist.net]

    Listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Pelton to get a fresh perspective on the services he
    provides his patients.


    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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