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I have a fascinating radio show for you to hear today. Last September I hosted guest Johan Boswinkel on the radio show. Johan has devoted the last 30 years of his life developing and refining a biophoton neurofeedback therapy in Europe. He just set up an office in the USA in September. Johan is the inventor of a new technology that tracks light (or biophotons) that stream through the various meridians of the body. I had never heard of this approach before my interview with him.

I was so impressed with the interview and so fascinated with his new invention that helps the body heal that I called his office the day after my interview with him and made an appointment to see him on a personal basis.

What happened during the treatment? You will discover everything that happened and everything I learned about imbalances in my own body during the session. Johan gave me permission to record the session. I will air our discussion during the treatment itself.

This is not a medical treatment. It is a system for helping the body recognize imbalances in the body so it can get busy healing them. For reasons you will hear about during the show there are a variety of reasons why the body does not recognize anything is wrong so it  ignores the problem.

Did the treatment help me? Listen in to get the answer. You will not be disappointed that you took 40 minutes out of your busy day to learn about one of the therapies that are helping people with chronic illnesses including Parkinsons reverse their symptoms.

You can listen to my radio show today (January 9th) or any of the other shows I have aired over the past four years anytime for free. Visit the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show page to hear the show today.

Parkinsons Recovery Summit

Johan Boswinkel will be one among 18 amazing presenters at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe in February. If you are serious about reversing whatever symptoms you might currently be experiencing (whether they are neurological or not) the Summit is the place to be next month. It is the event of the year for anyone interested in identifying options that can help reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease. Visit Parkinsons Recovery Summit to learn more about this amazing event.

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