Experience Tai Chi on the Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska

I have exciting news to share. Daniel Loney has now confirmed his appearance as a presenter on the seven day Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska which leaves Seattle May 3rd. You can hear my radio program interview with Daniel by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery radio Program page and scrolling down to the December 3rd program:


I have received a mountain of positive feedback on my radio program interview with Daniel Loney. He was critically ill with the symptoms of Parkinson’s eight years ago but is virtually symptom free today thanks to his commitment to practice (and teach) Tai Chi every day.

Because Daniel Loney has first hand experience with Parkinson’s symptoms, he has invented a series of Tai Chi movements and exercises that are specifically designed to help people who have Parkinson’s.

Today Daniel Loney is a teacher of Tai Chi for individuals who have the symptoms of Parkinson’s. His free Tai Chi workshop on the Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska will be a special treat for everyone.

Discover the scoop on the cruise to Alaska by clicking on the link below. It will be a transformative experience for us all:


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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