Medicine by Ear at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

This video demonstrates the healing power of harmonic resonance as expressed through the voices of people who attended the Parkinsons Recovery Summit March 7, 2011. This harmonic healing is facilitated led by harmonic healer Judith Lynne.

We know that sounds have a profound impact on restoring the body to balance and harmony. Which sound frequency does your body need now? Obviously we do not know the answer to this question, but why not watch and listen. Invite your ears to receive the medicine of sound. Given the range of frequencies in the sounds from this video, there is a good chance you will get just the medicine by ear that your body needs now.

This medicine is natural, safe and effective. My bet is that you will feel better after listening to the sounds in this video. For more information about Judith Lynne’s incredible with with harmonic healing, visit:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

[flashvideo filename=videos/harmonichealinglynne.flv image=videos/judithharmonichealing.jpg /]

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