Individual Sessions Offered at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

The following individuals will be offering private treatments or consultations during the Parkinsons Recovery Summit. If you are interested in receiving these services at the Summit it would be a good idea to make an appointment in advance of the Summit. For more information about the upcoming Summit June 21-22 in Cincinnati, Ohio visit :

Of course, feel free to contact me anytime. You will need to make the appointment directly with the practitioner. By the way – this is not a complete list!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

Below are listed the names of the person offering some of the private sessions with a short description:

Jean Oswald

During the Summit Jean Oswald RN Aromatherapist will be offering consultations (1/2 hr for $40) and aromatherapy treatments (1/2 hr massage for $45 and 1 hr Raindrop/Vita
Flex sessions for $100).  Time is limited during the two day event so please make appointments in advance by email to . Appointments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  PayPal payments accepted on the home page at or cash payments (USD) at the Summit.  There will also be aromatherapy products available for sale (massage oils, bath salts, inhalers)

Howard Shifke

Howard Shifke will be offering one-on-one conferences to discuss individual Parkinson’s issues for free to last 30 minutes. To make an appointment in advance of the summit, email Howard Shifke at

Randy Eady

Randy Eady (Foot Whisperer) will be offering a Sole-istic Diagnostic & Symptom Relief Session for $50 to last 30 minutes. In this unique summit session, simple tools are placed on balance center areas of the body (reflected by the foot) and put into gentle vibration:  effectively directing the body’s healing attention toward possible problem areas.  In most instances, the foot stimulation registered to the kidney, spleen and liver will be the equivalent of a five-mile hike.  To make an appointment in advance of the summit, email Randy Session number each day will be limited.  Please reserve at earliest opportunity.

Cynthia Allen

Cynthia Allen will be offering Feldenkrais Method sessions for $30 (a 60% discount) to last (45 minutes). To make an appointment in advance of the summit, email or call 513-541-5720

Judith Lynne


Get “tuned up” with a special Harmonic HealingTM session with Judith Lynne. I will conduct introductory mini-sessions of about 15 – 20 minutes in the large conference gathering room for a suggested donation of $22. Personal 1 – 2 hour sessions will be scheduled on a first come first served basis in a private space. A full on Harmonic HealingTM session can be a life-changing experience. Clients often go into an altered state, experiencing visualizations, receiving messages, while I am using my voice alchemically to stimulate, catalyze and activate the clients frequencies. These sessions generally include a “sonic reading” of the state of being of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and a profound
shifting of the frequencies moving the client into deep alignment with Source Consciousness. From this still point, it is possible to re-discover pure harmonic resonance with the sound wave of your Soul, yielding well-being on all levels.

Along with Harmonic HealingTM sessions, I will also offer Mentoring, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation Support, Compassionate Counseling and private Vocal EnergeticsTM sessions. My usual fee for Harmonic HealingTM is $200 an hour; the other sessions run $125 an hour. If necessary, I will offer a sliding scale. If anyone is called to work with me, we will negotiate an arrangement that works for both of us.

Samples of my work can be found on my website at .
Feel free to contact me at 808-987-8099 or to schedule your
session now.

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