One Man’s Story with Parkinsons

Dear Dr. Rodgers,
Just a note to thank you for putting out this program for Parkinson’s Recovery and the research that you are doing on it. I don’t know what I would do without it. You offer an alternative way of thinking. The path of recovery, as you said, is effortless. I have not found anything that hard to do. It may be hard to find out WHAT to do. I have come to the place of dealing with exercise. I found someone on-line to help me with that, at least help me to ease into weightlifting and bodybuilding again.
The person who asks what supplements to take haunts my mind. In this program, nobody is going to cure anything. What we are about is setting up the conditions for the body to heal itself, whether it is supplements, exercise, imagery, prayer, or counseling. Some of the resources will not be Parkinson’s-related but are good for the condition. My book on imagery for health by Belleruth Naparstek is excellent, but there is no mention of Parkinson’s in the book. All the principles and exercises can be applied to my or anyone’s condition of Parkinson’s.
As for me, I mention PD only when I have to refer to it to avoid ironing it in to my mind or anyone else’s mind. I have not told my closest friends. To those who ask, I say “I have a problem in my nervous system and motor control.” I avoid reading material on PD that does not have recovery as the underlying theme.

I already tried what I call “the medical model” for a year and a half: incurable disease with the cause not completely understood that will get worse. I received several healings by faith during that time, so I kept positive that way. However, I realized that I was living the medical model…and getting its results, too! I wanted something different, ways to help myself. Trying again, because my pastor told me to find a support group (which I didn’t want either), I found this website of Robert Rodgers on Parkinson’s recovery.
I thought that I should write this in case it will help someone.
Still going,

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