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Question (from Holland):

I use some times a week organic biological
soy sauce (tamari) and miso, a biological soy paste.
Can I trust this is MSG-free?

I read that nuts in the supermarket might contain MSG.
So biological nuts are MSG-free?


In the United States, they have a term “organic”
which is supposed to mean no additives of any
kind. I am guessing the term “biological” means
the same thing in your country. It is probably
healthy and safe, but we never can be 100% certain!

The truth is that most products in supermarkets
have MSG of one form or another, so you really
never know for sure. The more often you can
purchase food from local suppliers, the more
you can be certain the foods are additive free. 

Another subject: Aquas: 

I use them now for ten days and I feel very good.
I take them together with noni-juice, in the evening
with other fruit-juice. I started with one drop, then
half a drop (threw half a glass water away), then
again one drop, after some days two drops, last few
days I try three drops. I feel emotionally very well
and optimistic, enjoy more of life.


Glad to hear the Aquas are helping. John Coleman,
ND, tells me that have been a big help to his
patients as well. 
Another subject: A Helpful Therapy that Contributes to
My well Being

I found a therapist that helps me to communicate
directly with my body. After a light head-neck-shoulder
massage she asks me to sit with my eyes closed
and concentrate on my body.

She asks what discomfort I feel, in what body part
it is located, and how long it is there. In a light
trance she guides me to the situation where the
discomfort started and encourages me to tell about
it and let it go.


This is truly fascinating. We all need to find
someone like this. Do they have a website? 

PS I was diagnosed PD in July 2007, I am free from
synthetic medicine. Still doing some professional work,
making long walks, go to fitness.

 Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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