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It would be great if possible to list the chronological order of recovery I understand it maybe different for different  people but if there’s something you can list as reference that would be great.




In my opinion the best approach is to track your own symptoms over time rather than trying to compare your recovery process to the experience of other persons. This is why I make available the Parkinsons Recovery symptom tracker to track your symptoms over time. Symptom tracker is free:

Parkinsons is a multi-dimensional illness. The recovery process depends on the primary causal factors that are aggravating symptoms. There is often more than one factor that requires your attention. People who hold out the hope that there will be a single solution are usually disappointed.

I have however heard stories from some people of full recovery after one treatment (of one type or another). Often, such cases are related to removing toxins of one type or another. Most people who have issues with toxins however find that the process of elimination requires time, patience and dedication.

Many people seem to find relief eventually when they find success with resolving their anxiety and stress issues. Most people report that the road to recovery is packed with good days (and weeks) and bad days (and weeks). Because a primary factor for most people is trauma, the person usually finds that they feel much worse before they begin feeling much better. This is known as a healing response.

Many people believe that they should always feel better after a body therapy such as energy work or tai chi or chi gong. As the energy system is activated and “stuck energy” is moved out, the person often feels sluggish, tired and – for lack of a better description – lousy.

Give yourself permission to sit with whatever feelings emerge.  They are smacking you in the fact to be released. Once the trauma is released, you will feel much lighter. You will have more energy. You will feel a profound sense of relief.

In summary – there is no such thing as a template of recovery. The only common factor for all persons on the road to recovery is knowing that the body does know how to heal itself. It just needs a little help remembering how in the case of Parkinson’s.

Robert Rodgers
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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