Protandim as a Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease


I was just given information on a new herbal product, Protandim.  I was told that this product has shown some positive results for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (which I am one as well as my sister).

Can you give me any information on this product in regard to  treatment for Parkinson’s Disease?  I eagerly await your response!



I entered a question about Protandim here on  the Parkinson’s Recovery blog August 2nd. To date there have been 19 comments.

Click on the category titled Protandim to the right of this page and you instantly be brought to the page which contains the comments. Be sure to click on the “19 responses”link at the bottom to see all the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Protandim as a Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. i clicked on protandim on the right as instructed to see the comments but it brings me back to the initial screen. I scrolled down to see the commemts but there’s no comment

  2. where are the rest of the comments on protandim. I don’t see them. Really interested in this info for a family member with PD. thanks

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