My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s back in 2008. Something has been happening that I do not understand. What happens, looks like a seizure to me. His eyes are wide open, head back, jaw locked wide open and gasping for air. His body is also rigid during these “episodes”. It lasts an extended amount of time. He currently lives in a VA Nursing Home and has been rushed to ER multiple times now when this happens in “respiratory distress”. They usually end up putting a bipap oxygen mask on his face. The only thing I have seen shorten the length and severity is when they give him a low dose of Adavan (muscle relaxer). Can you please tell me what this “episode” is. Is it a tremor? Is there anything that I can look into to help him?

I am a researcher, not a medical doctor, and as such am not qualified to diagnose your father’s situation. Sounds like he is under great medical care however.

I would recommend that you listen to a radio show I aired with Dr Bruce Fife ND, who discussed the usefulness of coconut oil as a natural treatment for preventing seizures according to recent research.

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Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
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