Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Michael gave permission to post this fascinating perspective about possible underlying meanings behind the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

I am beginning to seriously consider 
that the symptoms of Parkinson’s 
are part of a trance.
I am experiencing many moments these days
where I sense I can step out of this box
called “Parkinson’s”.
I am able to feel a little bit 
of what it might be like
to step out of this box 
stronger than that…
I can feel what seems like 
an eery state of resignation.
This resignation feels like 
something I “signed up for”
a long, long time ago
in a galaxy far, far away.
It seems as if at some point this lifetime,
I became resigned to not growing…
to not evolving…
beyond certain notions of Life…
beyond certain notions of how far 
I could possibly evolve this lifetime.
These limitations
(like any limitation) 
are clearly regarded 
as comfort by the ego
and that comfort is palpable to me.
I am beginning 
to sense the possibility
that the symptoms of Parkinson’s 
are simply one possible configuration 
of limitation that I asked to have put in place
when my evolvement reached a certain point.
When I reflect 
on where my consciousness was evolving to
before the symptoms of “Parkinson’s” seemed to occur…
one could say that I was living way out on a limb.
Way outside of societal norms.
Way outside of what’s “normally” accepted.
For most of this life, I have played the “black sheep”.
However, when I reflect on what life has felt like
since subscribing to the symptoms of “Parkinson’s”…
it feels as if my expanded consciousness 
has placed itself inside 
a much more societally accepted framework/box called…
severely debilitating illness.
While many of the people who know me
feel sad or sorry about what I seem to be going through…
there’s a subtle way 
that other people’s sympathy
coupled with my being physically limited
by the symptoms of “Parkinson’s” right now
somehow kind of keeps me a good boy…
a better citizen of the matrix…
keeps me from being more able to disturb or upset 
other people’s status quo apple carts.
I can also detect an identity present:
Hey! Remember Michael?
He got so close to “the mountain top”
but just before the summit
he got sick and finished out his life
identified with the body as Self
because he was unable to evolve
beyond a certain point in consciousness
that partly displayed itself as the illusion
of the symptoms of “Parkinson’s”.

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