Thanks for Being There

I just received this letter which literally made my day. I am taking in the praise as I post it here on the blog. Learning how to receive is healing on many fronts. (I have added links to the work that is referenced.)

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Dear Robert,

After listening to a number of your recent teleseminars, I would like to express my appreciation for your work.  I am also writing on behalf of Roy who has the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease, for your excellent work, interesting teleseminars/radio programs, and above all, the encouragement and hope you bring to all those who are suffering from PD.

As a direct result of listening to your programs, Roy is having his mercury amalgam fillings replaced by a natural substitute and has also begun to use the Ayurvedic herbs provided by Dr. Paneri, and as discussed by Nathan Zakheim in one of your interviews.  Furthermore, your weekly online programs have reinforced our conviction that maintaining a positive approach is paramount in achieving recovery.

We encourage you to keep up the very important work you are doing in providing both hope and concrete means of improving what can otherwise be a very difficult condition to face.



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