Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease


Emotional Freedom Technique is not the only recovery method I find useful.  The others are 2 publications by the Parkinsons Recovery Project…your site of course, John Coleman’s methods, EFT, Noel Batten methods, and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s writings.

The most profound  site is the Parkinsons Recovery Project.  Free downloadable books at this site make the most sense.  You cannot just skim over them. I read the 2005 or so editions and follow closely all updates.

I was treated in 2005 using Yin Tuina with great success.  The  western ways of dealing with PD symptoms involves focus on the physical/chemical.  They have ignored the psychological. I can manage the physical, but head work is by far more exhausting.   The  Parkinsons Recovery Project wont be accepted for another 20 yrs or more probably.   But there are people who have recovered  and improved with their philosophy and much difficult introspection.

I loved your most recent radio show on Tai Chi. I do T’ai Chi Chih, an even more PD friendly tai chi for some that has only 20 movements

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