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In several of your articles about Parkinson’s, it is stated as fact that by the time one experiences the first symptoms of Parkinson’s, 60-80% of the brain cells in the Substantia Nigra area of the brain have been destroyed. If this is a medical fact then how does it stand to reason that the body is merely out of balance or suffering from toxins?

I believe that the body can be out of balance but has it suffered the reality of irreversible damage?  It is important to have a positive outlook but I also think it is important to be realistic.

I hope I do not sound overly direct because I appreciate all you are doing and have found much of your information to be thought provoking and helpful.

Thanks,  A.G.


The estimate that 80% of the dopamine producing cells have been destroyed comes from autopsies of people found to have degradation in the substantia nigra. A startling proportion of persons are misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s – estimates vary from 25% to 33%. It is a tough diagnosis to make and it is easy for doctors to miss the mark on this call.

This means that although the person has symptoms that are like the symptoms of Parkinson’s, they are not being driven by a dopamine deficiency. It may simply be that the myelin sheath coverings around the neurons are clogged by toxins or obstructed by trauma to the tissues. Or, other factors may be at play.

I personally believe that we find ourselves trotting down a dead end alley much too often if the “problem” of Parkinson’s is defined as a dopamine deficiency. The body can always produce sufficient dopamine under the proper conditions. And, the body can always generate new cells and rejuvenate itself. Healing becomes possible when the symptoms are viewed in a broader context of health and wellness rather than death and destruction.

At the most basic level, all healing rests on the foundation of thought forms. When we focus on what is not possible, nothing becomes possible. When we set out intention for change and renewal, anything is possible.

You encourage me to edit my own writing. I think it is a mistake to focus on the cells that have been destroyed in the body. Cells are being born every micro second.  The body can reconstruct anything – cells, neural pathways, tissues – you name it. When we focus on what has been destroyed, we have sunk into the negative thought form trap which leads us into nagging thoughts that recovery is impossible. This is why work at our Parkinsons Center in Olympia now focuses on releasing negative thought forms and why I wrote the Five Steps to Recovery.

Thanks for the reminder. The body can and does rejuvenate itself.

Robert Roders, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. Dr. Rodgers,

    Your reply to A.G. is so on target with my husband and my thinking and observations over the past 25 years! As you know from the interview we held in March (on our history and supplementation use to find improvements), we firmly believe rejuvenation of brain cells of all kinds occurs and our bodies DO have the capacity to heal. We have come to this conclusion from what we OBSERVE and MEASURE in our own circumstances!

    For instance, Judd continues to reflect periodic “NORMALCY” in speech, which if it is done part time we have to ask what could make it happen full time? His strength, stamina, and clarity of thinking all reflects fluctuations based on nutritional and environmental enfluences. We have OVERCOME life threatening episodes of swallowing shutdowns. We know his bodie’s energy cycle and glutathione levels is very much a key factor to finding the ultimate answers.

    To the question of “irreversibility of damage”…our personal thoughts are that the repairitive effects are directly in proportion to the DEGREE of approaches made in nutritional support and detoxification – we simply don’t have the means yet to find HIS levels/array of support needed to accommodate such repair. In other words, in Judd’s case, his body is still “overwhelmed” with needed repair and no doctor exists who has the means to define the degree of such needs – so supporting the body functions in all applicable areas you are researching makes sense to us.

    We have witnessed/worked long enough in a consistent manner to be totally confident that early on, to achieve the best outcome, individuals must understand the concepts and specific ACTIONS/OPTIONS available. Recognizing that “irreversible” is not a law written in stone but a tendency toward negative belief by those who deal with negatively focused people. We can all make a difference by SHOWING THE POSSIBILITIES, to whatever degree possible!

    Thanks for this forum of learning and sharing!

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