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Oat Straw Extract as Therapy for Tremors

Parkinsons Recovery– Oat Straw Extract as Therapy for Tremors

I purchased your book and have found it most useful.  My only symptom of Parkinson’s seems to be the tremors.  I could not take Valerian as it gave me insomnia. I am now trying oat straw extract and was wondering how long I should take it to see any possible results. Is it immediate or does it take  weeks or months?

Thanks you for any advice.


I have taken a few days to ponder on your question. I considered calling some of my resources who are herbal experts and ask them to tell me about about their experience with oat straw extract. Then I thought – no – that might well give misleading information.

Why? Because everyone’s body is different. It might take you several months to see a result from taking oat straw extract or you may never see a benefit while someone else sees a result within 24 hours. The  body mechanisms are truly complex. Underlying reasons for your tremor are likely to be entirely different from anyone else – whether they currently have a diagnosis of Parkinsons disease or they are experiencing neurological difficulties of one form or another.

Here is what I believe is true. Your body has the answer to your question. Your body is the expert here that is entirely trustworthy.

When I have a question such as yours, I always just ask my body. My body always gives me the correct answer.

Parkinsons Recovery- Oat Straw Extract Answers

  1. Should I take oat straw extract?
  2. How often?
  3. How much should I take each time?
  4. How long should I take it?

We can ask our bodies questions like these by testing our muscles. If the response is strong – our body is giving us a yes answer. If the response is weak, the answer is no. Your body will always give you a reliable answer to your question.

Why not ask your body and see what answer you get? You can ask repeatedly and see if you don’t get the same answer each time. If you are uncomfortable doing muscle testing on yourself, ask a health care practitioner to help you out. Many use muscle testing as a foundation of their practices.

If we rely on presumed experts to give us the answers, they will certainly give us the best answer they have – but they do not have any idea how any supplement – be it oat straw extract or another substance – will impact your body.

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Parkinsons Recovery is possible.