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Parkinsons, Lymphoma and Cancer

My husband  83 was ill for the first time since University. Almost lost him due to vitals shutting down from septic condition. Lost 20 lbs in just a short time. Spent some time in hospital.   Was diagnosed with NHLymphoma.

After rehab return home etc He had  extreme mobility problems.  A neurologist in hospital was able to diagnose his condition as Parkinson’s not caused by the Lymphoma. He has improved with the medicine except for weakness and fatigue . The doctors said it is possible to have two illnesses.

I am his caregiver now and am glad I am able to  do it. My question is are there others in my situation dealing with Parkinsons and cancer.

The chemo was very difficult . He is in partial remission Refuses more chemo but will take an alternative treatment if it comes up.  He has had to stay with a walker. Is not great about exercise.

Appreciate any advice.

In any case thanks for being there.


Yes – there are certainly other people who share a double diagnosis of Parkinsons and cancer. `Rest assured your husband is not alone!

Given your husband’s challenge with lymphoma, the one  decision he can make that will improve the quality of his life immensely is to exercise. Unfortunately it appears exercise is not his cup of tea.

There are various forms of forced exercise that can help move the lymph congestion out of his body. Various forced exercise machines have been invented and can usually be found at health clubs. Research clearly shows forced exercise offers people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s significant relief.

There are a wide variety of alternative treatments that are helping many people get well. For a start, I suggest that you listen to my recent radio show with Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options:

Why? She has made fascinating discoveries about Parkinsons as well as cancer.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease