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How to Raise Money Needed to Recover from Parkinson’s Disease

My grandfather has Parkinsons in its later developments. He’s currently in stoke hospital recovering from a recent fall. He’s pretty much fully recovered now and ready to be released, Unfortunately his care home wont take him back unless he has a properly fitted chair to get him around without falling over again. The chair costs around £3000 for the type that he needs. I’m trying to find a way to raise this money, I was hoping you might have some ideas as to how I might do it?


Sometimes people need a jump start to begin feeling better. Sounds like your grandfather may need just that. I typically do not work on questions about wheel chairs, since they invite thought forms which are negative and De-energizing. Sounds like in your grandfather’s case, a properly fitted chair might help improve his quality of life significantly so he can begin to feel better.

I believe the way to approach this type of challenge is to set up a website interface which makes it possible for friends and family to donate small amounts of money. A person may well be unable to pay 3000 pounds, but they can probably donate 5 pounds or 10 pounds. When you set up the website interface, you explain how the funds will be used and invite people to make donations of any size. Many small donations will eventually amount up to 3000 pounds. You will be surprised by how many people will be eager and happy to assist. The money goes for a very worthy cause.

A guest on my radio show, Sue Richards, who appeared on September 15, 2010 talks about her success with setting up just such a website to raise money she needed for her own recovery. It is not difficult to do. On the show Sue offered to help people who want to do this. I suggest you listen to the show and see if her approach calls out to you:

Scroll back to the show which aired on 9/16/10 with Sue Richards. You could probably raise enough in the short term to put a down payment down now – and could continue to raise funds over time until the chair is paid off. Everyone can contribute – if even 1 pound. It all adds up.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease