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Parkinsons Recovery- Excessive Weight Loss

Parkinsons Recovery– Excessive Weight Loss


I have a concern with excessive weight loss over a long period of time. Believe me when I say that I eat like a hungry farm animal. Even so, I am 20 pounds under my normal weight of 160. I am also experiencing weakness in my legs mostly in the hamstring muscle group.

Have you come across ways in which people have found an antidote to excessive weight loss whether it be a product like an enzyme for better food absorption, or foods/food supplements that have proven to add muscle mass? Is it mainly a protein deficiency or can fat absorption be part of the issue too? Am I eating foods that I should stay away from? What have you learned from folks who have been able to add weight and gain strength too?

Here is my typical diet:

Breakfast: Mung beans with either quinoa, millet, or wild rice with celtic sea salt and coconut oil.Eggs with gluten free rice flour bread

Lunch: Usually lunch meat consisting of turkey, ham, roast beef on the rice bread or alone. Sometimes a meat or turkey burger – The mung bean/ grain option

Dinner: A protein of fish, fowl , beef or lamb with any number of steamed vegetables. Occasionally rice or white potatoes.

Other options during the day or night might be hemp protein, chlorella, spirulina, Green Vibrance, shake. An assortment of fruits usually apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, berries. Almonds and wall nuts also.

Oils: high quality fermented cocoanut oil, some salmon oil too. Very little of any other kind.

Probably eat too much sugar in the form of gluten free cookies, poured honey over almonds, wall nuts, toast, or rice crackers. I will dip into the organic berry jellies a bit. I am not sure if I am overdoing it. Beer and wine in social situations are a possible concern too.                                                                         

Thank you



Keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor so anything I might suggest is purely from a research perspective. I have several lines of investigation you might want to pursue:

First, your diet is awesome. Your body loves everything you are eating. You might consider using red potatoes rather than white.

Second, The high energy in the nutritious foods you are eating is clearly not being absorbed by your digestive system. You do not mention probiotics which are essential requirement for a healthy digestive system. These are the “good” bacteria that your digestive system needs to perform its function. There are many different types of probiotics. Do some research here and see what your intuition guides you to do.

Third, I do not see many fats listed. Listen to my radio show with naturopath John Briggs which I aired several years ago. You will have to keep scrolling back to find his show.

Dr. Briggs talks about the importance of fat in the diet. Myelin sheaths which provide insulation for the neurons need fat to remain vibrant.

Fourth – and this may be a key – you may have an infestation of candida (yeast) infection. Candida gobble up sugar and create digestive issues in the body. Candida drive us to eat a lot of sugar which is their lifeline. Listen to my radio show with Lidia Epp who resolved her own neurological symptoms by eliminating the overabundance of candida in her body. Candida is not necessarily just found in the digestive system. It leaks out into all the tissues and cells of the body (including the neurons).

Fifth, your output of energy is greater than the input (provided through food). It is likely that the mitochondria (at the cellular level) are compromised. You might consider giving them a little extra boast through a supplement called ribose. This might be something your could discuss with your doctor. Compounding pharmacist Randy Mentzer discusses
the mitochondria challenge and the benefits of ribose during my radio show interview with him last year.

These are a few new areas to investigate to address your excessive weight loss. Speaking purely as a researcher l would look outside your diet as the source of the weight loss and muscle atrophy.

Parkinsons RecoveryRobert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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Natural Remedy for Parkinson’s Weakness

I have been talking with a member of my audience for several months now who has been telling me about a profound weakness he feels throughout every muscle of his body. He has been experimenting with various therapies to see which ones provide relief. I get the benefit of periodic reports on his progress.

He called today with a very heightened sense excitement. Why? A sure fire remedy had been found.

He discovered eating something every two hours did the trick. I asked if it mattered what he ate (thinking that healthy food would certainly make a difference). His answer?

It didn’t matter. Just eat something every two hours.

You are probably thinking this is too simple to be true. Certainly eating more frequently can’t be the solution to a long standing symptom like weakness? All I can report to you is that it works for him.

Why not give it a try if you experience weakness? We all have to eat. Just eat something more often.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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