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Apraxia of Eyelid Opening


Thanks Robert Rodgers for the push you gave me to take control over the Parkinson-disease that came into my life two years ago.

The most problem I have is with the apraxia of my eyelids. With a little wind or cool air on the bicycle my eyelids drop down and I have to open them with my left finger. Luckily at home and driving a car this problem does not occur.

Do you have any experience with that problem? I really hope you have!

Thank you so much for your mails.

You do great work!



I have not talked with anyone with a similar problem, so I do not have any great suggestions for you from my research. I am posting your question here on the blog, hoping someone out there might have a great suggestion for you.

One possible factor to consider (among others) is that the apraxia can be triggered by the side effects of Levodopa withdrawal (or perhaps modifications to your dosage). Several case studies suggest that withdrawal from Levodopa can cause the symptom of eyelid apraxia. Does this at all resonate with you?

With a little luck, this posting will trigger a comment or two from others who may be experience a similar challenge so you can get help in figuring out what is causing the problem.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery