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Will Taking CBD Oil Reverse Your Parkinson’s Symptoms?

The truthful answer to this question about CBD is we really do not know. There is little research about it as a treatment for symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  It is a new development on the horizon of natural therapies. 
Some people do experience relief from their Parkinson’s symptoms from  taking CBD oil. Will you? Maybe. Maybe not. The only way to know for sure is to try it out and see if it helps. 
If you are thinking of trying it I recommend you consider products sponsored by a company (CTFO) that offers a high quality, organic, high concentration (1500 mg) CBD oil at the best prices I have seen anywhere. 
Aside from these advantages there is one reason why I have no hesitation to endorse their products. You have the opportunity to get a full 100% refund if taking CBD does not help. 
So, why not …
  1. Check with your doctor about taking CBD. If they give the OK.
  2. Purchase the 1500 mg bottle of CBD oil (it costs about $100).
  3. Take the entire contents over the course of a month (give or take). 
If taking CBD is helpful – hooray I say. If it does not offer the relief you seek, you can return the empty bottle to CTFO for a full, 100% refund. 
The company offers this generous guarantee because most people find CBD is helpful.  
There are many natural therapies that can be tried these days. Most require some degree of a financial cost. Not this one. You can discover if CBD oil offers relief from your symptoms without worrying you may be spending money on something which does not help.  
Want to know more about CTFO? Join me tomorrow when I host a Q&A program about this CTFO company that offers this generous 60 day refund. Here is the connection scoop: 
Date & Time: Thursday, August 30th at 12:00 PM Pacific
To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time:


If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 200414#If that number doesn’t work for some reason, here is a list of alternative numbers, including international numbers:  
Robert Rodgers PhD
Olympia Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
P.S. Important Qualification: CTFO only ships to addresses in the United States, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Sweden. Shipments to Canada are available only for topical CBD products at this time.
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Will CBD Oil Melt Your Symptoms?

CBD Oil for Parkinson’s

Will taking CBD oil offer relief from your symptoms? The truthful answer is that nobody knows that answer (not even you) until you try it. Here is a risk free opportunity to see if taking CBD oil might melt your symptoms.

For information about CTFO CBD products visit:

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CBD Oil and Parkinson’s Disease

Last week I hosted a Parkinsons Recovery radio show that highlighted a company (CTFO) that sells a high quality CBD oil at affordable prices. Since the interview I have received many inquiries from listeners asking about whether taking CBD can help their Parkinson’s symptoms. Naturally, each question differs in content, but the nature of the question is the same.

I am asked:

“I have (a list of Parkinson’s symptoms here) – will taking CBD oil help me?”

Because I have received so many questions like this I thought it prudent to post my response here.

Answer to the Question about CBD Oil:

There is no way to know whether taking CBD oil will offer you relief from the symptoms you describe. As a new therapy, there is very little research evidence. And with virtually all
natural therapies, I have concluded that any natural therapy (like taking CBD) will help some people but not necessarily other people who experience Parkinson’s symptoms.

There is little research evidence that uses Parkinson’s patients. Studies have found positive effects for the use of CBD on anxiety, stress and PTSD. You can review abstracts of these studies on (the US government’s index of scientific studies).

You can also access videos posted by persons with Parkinson’s symptoms on Youtube. Visit Search using the terms “CBD Parkinson’s” or variants thereof. The listing of videos will populate.

I encourage you to review what evidence does exist (however limited). Of course talk with your doctor about taking CBD before making a final decision.

If you decide to try it, I recommend you purchase CBD (preferably the high concentration
1500 mg CBD oil) from CTFO. Why? Because they offer a 60 day guarantee. You only have to
return the used bottle to them to claim a full refund if it does not help address your symptoms.

  • CBD products offered by CTFO have high quality.
  • They offer a high concentration 1500 mg CBD.
  • You cannot beat the risk free opportunity to see if taking CBD will help.

To summarize, no one can say whether taking CBD oils will help you or not. But, you can find out for yourself by trying it out. That is the “gold standard” test which will offer you a reliable answer to the question you have asked me to answer.

Click the link below for more information about CTFO products and the opportunity to order a bottle:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

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Source of High Quality, Affordable CBD Oil

I have been asked repeatedly over the last several years for a recommendation on a reliable, high quality, low cost source of CBD oil. The CBD marketplace has been crazy these last two years. Companies come and go. Some falsify what they have to offer. Some rip you off. I have been genuinely perplexed and confused about what source of CBD oil I could recommend with confidence.

Some companies sell CBD oils that are outrageously expensive with a very low concentrations (as little as 25 mg). Because CBD oils are a new and very popular therapy, most companies are selling CBD oils at outrageous prices. Great when CBD helps suppress symptoms. Not great when they are so expensive.

Thanks to a vigilant member of my listening audience – I have at long last identified a company that I feel comfortable recommending: CTFO. Click the arrow below to hear a replay of my interview with John (who I signed up as an associate with) and Brad (a representative of the company) about CTFO.

Just to be clear – most of my radio show interviews involve generic information about therapies and programs that help people address their symptoms. This interview focuses on information about a specific company that offers CBD oils. Click below to discover the CTFO products. The company sells a high quality, high concentration CBD oil at – most importantly – competitive prices.

Important Qualification: CTFO only ships to addresses in the United States, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Sweden. Shipments to Canada will be available soon.

I signed up for free to be an affiliate of the company because it enabled me to purchase the oils at an even better prices. You of course can do the same.

If you have been interested in CBD but have been hesitant to try it out because of the cost – consider ordering a bottle  from CTFO. They give you – get this – 60 days to try out their CBD oils. You can return the used bottle for a full refund. How cool is that? The risk to try the CTFO product out is minimal. Potential advantage is great.

The company suggests you order the highest concentration CBD oil – 1500 mg – so you get the best opportunity possible to see if it will help you. Of course, you should consult
your doctor before making any decision about how to proceed.
Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
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Consulting an Iridologist to Assess Causes of Parkinson’s Symptoms

Hi Robert

It’s me again! I have now seen an Iridologist twice and he has picked up on the spleen, which apparently is implicated in muscle and limb control. My Encyclopedia of Chinese Medicine book says:

“The Spleen, which is related to the stomach, opens into the mouth and controls the muscles and limbs The condition of the spleen is reflected in the lips.”

I just wondered if you or anyone else had any knowledge/experience of this?

I also have to say I found your CBD radio show interview fascinating. I already had some of this from hemp oil, but am keeping it’s use up my sleeve in case all my efforts to find the cause were to fail.

Many thanks for everything you do for us all.


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Using CBD for Parkinson’s

My radio show interview with Charlotte, one of the founders of Libre, a company that offers a legal form of CBD made from hemp, has inspired a great deal of interest from listeners in using CBD for  temporary relief from Parkinson’s symptoms.  As a follow-up to the radio show, Sherrie Chastain asked me to post answers to two questions about CBD that she has been frequently asked this past week.

Of course, Sherrie’s suggestions are for informational purposes only. You are  encouraged to consult with your qualified medical professional when it comes to making decisions regarding the use and dosage of any natural supplements such as CBD.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

At What Time of the Day Should I Take CBD ?

We recommend CBD be taken first thing in the morning when there is nothing in the stomach, unless there is an acid reflux issue and the amino acids in the hemp seed oil may trigger the acid reflux so use with some food to counteract the stomach acid. Taking CBD on an empty stomach will allow the body to process it faster because it is not metabolizing anything else at that time. It is recommended that one takes 10-15 drops from a 300 MG bottle, which 1 drop is equivalent to 1mg. 

Now, because everyone has a different metabolism, not everyone will get the same results. We recommend waiting 15-30 minutes to see how one feels after taking their drops. The Cancer Institute did a study and concluded that there is no way to take a lethal dose of CBD because it needs to build up in the body to make a reserve that the body can pull from, so it is ok to take more and in some cases more than 10-15 drops will be needed. 

How Often Should CBD be Taken?

This again has to do with metabolism and how much relief you get for how long. If someone takes approximately 12 drops, and they get relief in 30 minutes and it lasts 8 hours, then we know that for that person 12 drops every 8 hours is a perfect dose. 

Since CBD is a cannabinoid and our bodies are cannabinoid deficient, some people will use CBD hoping for a specific result. Then when the CBD goes into the body the endocannabinoid system may actually use it for something that the body feels is more important resulting in the feeling that the CBD is not working, because that particular symptom the user was looking for relief from was not helped. This just means the body needs more cannabinoids because the amount you are consuming is not enough to cover everything needed by the body. The Mayo clinic has a recommendation of 300 mg per day for Parkinson’s sufferers, which in retrospective these sufferers are very extreme cases which is why they are at the Mayo clinic. There are reports of relief from doses of 10 to 15 drops, which provides the data that everyone is different.

Sherrie Chastain

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CBD Legalities

Last week I aired a radio interview with Charlotte Clarkson on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. Charlotte is one of the four founders of a new company, Libre, that offers CDB extracted from the Hemp plant which makes it legal to purchase and use in all states.
The radio show prompted a rash of emails and phone calls to the company inquiring about  the legality of their CBD product in light of recent, misleading news stories that were posted on the internet recently. At my request, the company prepared and forwarded the following accounting of legal problems confronted buy some manufacturers of CBD in light of their misleading claims and lack of product integrity.
“We wanted to clear up any misunderstanding that the recent press has caused about CBD legalities with the FDA.
Erroneous information is spreading across the Internet about CBD being made illegal by the FDA. The truth is the FDA is cracking down on companies sending out CBD products that do not really contain CBD.
And the FDA is cracking down on companies saying CBD can heal disease because that claim alone makes CBD a drug and regulated by the FDA, when in reality CBD is a compound that our bodies have become deficient in. Our bodies actually make cannabinoids, see the article at the bottom of this email.
The articles circulating have the agenda to get people to sign a petition, and the title was written to grab attention and get people to read it.
The FDA sent out warning letters to companies that have CBD products that the FDA tested which contained no CBD, so they were warned against that.
Secondly, the letters warned companies that are claiming CBD can heal disease, which by making that claim it puts CBD into the drug category and can now be regulated by the FDA. The FDA warned these companies to stop those marketing practices.
CBD is a compound, like Vitamin C, Amino Acids, and many other nutrients and minerals that we as Americans understand the health benefits, however, we cannot say any of those compounds heal disease.
CBD that is extracted from cannabis is regulated and must be purchased in a medical marijuana state with a medical card. CBD extracted from hemp is legal under H.R 525.
Watch the video for the bill.
This following information can be found at the link below on the FDA website itself.
Notice the first warning on the list has a product called “CBDy CBD Supplement Tincture” with a label that says their product contains 200mg of CBD and when the FDA tested it there was no CBD found in the product.
You can see the actual letters that were sent, and they basically claim since the companies are marketing their product to cure disease since that is what is stated on their websites, then an IND must be filed with the FDA for drug approval.
This is a great article that talks about how the brain makes cannabinoids, so is the FDA going to regulate our brains?
For more informatioin on CBD and a link to a CBD that is extracted from Hemp, contains no THC, is tested with analysis available on the website, is GMO free and organic, visit
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CBD for Parkinson’s

I asked one of the founders of a brand new company that is producing CBD formulated from the Hemp plant a series of questions on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.  This particular show has elicited a great deal of interest in light of the recent research evidence on CBD to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. Here are the questions Charlotte Clarkson answered on the program:

  • Can one overdose on CBD?
  • How does one determine the optimal dose with respect to Parkinson’s?
  • How often are the quality tests performed (i.e. lab checks for toxins and such)?
  • Which product is recommended for Parkinson’s?
  • What is the cost?
  • Have you had very many individuals who have had any allergic reactions to the substance?
  • How does Elixinol compare to your product?
  • Is there any evidence that taking CBD over a prolong period of time will aid in re-generation of nerve  tissue or is it strictly similar to a pharmaceutical agent such that it only provides temporary relief with no healing properties?
  • What is the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil?
  • What is THC? Does it assist in reducing Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • Does CBD contain THC?
  • Organic hemp oil is available in a number of different outlets. What is the
    difference between organic hemp oil and Hemp CBD?
  • Does taking CBD make you sleepy or high?

Hear Charlotte answer all of these questions by visiting the replay play of my interview with her last week:

All About CBD on Parkinsons Recovery Radio

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington


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