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An Encouraging Update on Voice Profiling to Treat Parkinson’s Symptoms

Here is an exciting update from Sharry Edwards who has been a guest on my radio show several times this year. Sharry is the world leader in developing the frequency based technology of voice profiling to diagnose and treat chronic conditions.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Another person who listens to your show, Marian, was seen at our Clinical last week [Sound Health]. Her ability to smell has returned. Her toes are uncurling so that she can walk again Her face, that was paralyzed, has feeling again and her tremors have diminished.

Sharry Edwards
Sound Health

Able to Smell the Roses Again – Finally!

Dear Robert,

I write to you on behalf of my mum, Carol, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s just 3 years ago.  She has asked that I carry out her correspondence since she feels she becomes anxious when working at the computer (may be a symptom of her Parkinson’s?).  At the time of diagnosis she was led to believe life was all down hill from there on and felt very scared, vulnerable and of course depressed.  She is reluctant to start on dopamine medication as is the type of person who looks toward trying more natural therapies where possible.


It was only by accident that while browsing the internet one evening she stumbled accross your web site (we’re from England, UK) and the rest is history. From listening to your weekly programmes, she has grown in confidence.  The incredibly useful information and advice you give is made all the more inspiring by your optimistic and encouraging style.


She has also been inspired by two guests in particular on your programmes – John Coleman and Sharry Edwards.  She followed advice regarding the potentially irritating affects of wheat and since giving up wheat/gluten 6 weeks ago she has noticed she has started to regain her sence of smell.  Only this morning she remarked how she was able to smell the roses in her garden for the first time in years!


After listening to your most recent programme on voice anlysis, my mum has decided to take the wonderful oportunity to download the Parkinsons Voice profiling software programs for free to process her own voice profile.


Once again, a big thank you for all your hard work and encouragement – it is very much appreciated –  please keep it up!


Rachel and Carol.

You can access my explanation of voice profiling below in the most recent radio show that was aired this week. Since airing the show, I have heard from one individual who has taken the voice profiling classes offered by Sound Health. She reports the classes are very challenging and demanding – much like earning an advanced degree. She also reports it has been a fascinating journey of discovery.

The show below previews an offer from Sound Health that expires June 15th. Be sure to listen now if you are drawn to learn more about voice profiling.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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Golden Opportunity to Learn Voice Profiling

During my radio show on April 13, 2011, Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options extended a very generous offer to make available the Parkinsons  software programs that are needed to do your own  profile analysis for a modest registration fee to Sound Health Options of $40.

I predict voice profiling will be the diagnostic tool of choice in the future. This offer is thus a golden opportunity for anyone who is motivated to learn how to do voice profiling.  Sharry explains that instead of getting someone else to perform expensive diagnostic tests to determine what is out of balance in your body, you can learn how to do voice profiles on yourself, your family members, your friends – whomever.

There are now a number of people who have been trained and certified to do voice profiling. You can certainly always employ someone else to do a voice profile for you. The advantage of learning how to do it yourself is that you can do regular analyses to determine what happens to be out of balance in the moment.

I have been learning how to do this myself. I will discuss the results of my own voice profile on the radio show today, June 1st. at 3pm pacific time.

During the show I will take you through the steps you will have to take to get yourself up and running to do voice profiling on yourself. Should you be interested in exploring this as an option? Listen to my radio show to decide whether this is an option you might want to pursue. You will have to decide now because Sharry’s offer will only be extended until June 15th.

Below is the link to the application. You can also call Sound health and enroll directly: 740-698-9119: Parkinsons Order Form.xlsx

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Exciting Discoveries from Vocal Profiles of Persons with Parkinsons Symptoms

Sharry Edwards and Dr. Roman Chrucky, MD were my guests on the radio show today and what an incredible show it was. Sharry has been doing voice profiles for persons with Parkinsons for several months now, as has Shawndeya Costello at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit. With a critical body of data available, Sharry has done an analysis and found some fascinating deficiencies and factors that are common to the people studied. This show is well worth taking an hour and a half to hear. It could well change your life.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


Voice Profiling at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

Last week I posted the presentati0n by Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options on using voice profiling to diagnose and treat Parkinsons Disease.  What follows is a video taken at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit of a brief over by Shawndeya Costello who devoted three days to doing free voice profiles for participants at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit and Jump Start to Wellness.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

[flashvideo filename=videos/shawndeya.flv image=videos/shawndeya.jpg /]

For more information about Voice Profiling, visit Sound Health Options.

How Voice Profiling Determines the Cause of Parkinson’s Symptoms

In this amazing video, Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options explains how voice profiling has revealed fascinating insights into the various reasons people develop symptoms of Parkinsons disease. This presentation follows up voice profiles Sharry did for four guests on one of my Parkinsons Recovery radio shows last month. Sharry has identified amazing commonalities across the persons she profiled during the show.

Even more interesting is her analysis of the reason Michael J. Fox currently experiences the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Are you at all curious about the cause of his symptoms? You can get the answer by watching this video.

Sharry takes you through the process of voice profiling step by step. She also offers an amazing explanation of the many reasons symptoms can evolve and  what you can do about them when they do.

[flashvideo filename=videos/SharryEdwards.flv image=videos/sharry.jpg /]

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Voice Analysis Reveals a Groundbreaking Discovery about Dopamine and PD

Everyone who attends the Parkinsons Recovery Summit March 7th will have the opportunity to get a voice analysis done which will reveal a comprehensive view of the sources of imbalances in your  body.What is a voice analysis and how can it help you get well?

Listen to my radio show this week with Sharry Edwards who has been working with bioacoustic technology for 30 years. Her approach for analyzing the harmonics of the voice makes it possible to ascertain many levels/layers of causality that conventional medicine has not been able to discern.

The good news does not stop here. Sharry Edwards has now had a chance to analyze the vocal matrix frequencies of the four volunteers from the Parkinsons Recovery Radio from last month’s show who volunteered to have their voice frequencies analyzed.

Her analysis showed that one particular element of the dopamine biochemical cascade came forth as the clear pivotal protein for activating dopamine. I believe her  preliminary findings will fast forward research light years ahead.

You can hear Sharry discuss her findings by connecting to her live presentation at 3 pm pacific time (6 pm eastern time) Wednesday, February 23rd. You can also get any and all questions answered  by connecting to the presentation through your computer. And, you may be able to see the actual results of an analysis done on your own voice.

The invitation from Sound Health follows.

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