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Invitation to Join a Support Group for Parkinsons Disease that Focuses on Recovery

The 2016 Parkinsons Recovery Support Group

My new support group has a few slots open. You can join an amazing group of individuals from across the globe who are dedicated to exploring ways that help to reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s. Sign-ups include the bonus of free lifetime access to my new Jump Start to Recovery Course.

Sign Me Up to Participate

I hear countless reports from those of you who have been deeply depressed after attending a Parkinson’s support group. If you have set the intention to reverse your symptoms, it is depressing to connect with others who are convinced their condition is destined to “deteriorate” over time. You know this is not true, but no one else in the support group seems to agree with you.

The 2016 Parkinsons Recovery Support Group will convene for the first time next week and continue meeting once a month throughout the year. The persons who have enrolled in the 2016 support group live in countries across the globe.

We will connect by phone or computer each month at either of two designated times each month. For each of our 12 sessions I will report any new discoveries that have helped people get well. I will then connect with each of you individually. Lastly, I will open up the discussion for everyone to talk with one another. All sessions will be recorded for access at a later time.

Here is the greatest deal ever. When you join the 2016 Parkinsons Recovery support group, you will have the opportunity to enroll in my new online Jump Start to Recovery Course for free. I love the platform I am using to support the course because it offers access not just for a year but for a lifetime. How cool is that?

Some of you may already be registered for the course. Great. If you are not currently enrolled in the Jump Start to Recovery course, I will send you a link to register for free after you enroll in the 2016 Parkinsons Recovery support group.

Since you are located in very different time zones, I have scheduled two times each month for the support group to connect: The last Monday of each month at 12:00 noon pacific time USA and the last Tuesday of each month at 8 PM Pacific time USA. This way, everyone will have an opportunity to meet together for the live, in person programs. Sessions will convene starting this month and continue throughout 2016.

Interested? Registration for the 2016 Parkinsons Recovery support group is a mere $10 a month or $120 for the entire year (which includes free enrollment in the Jump Start to Recovery online course) Click on the link below to enroll.

Sign me up to participate in the 2016 Parkinsons Recovery Support Group

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease