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Spam is commercial email or unsolicited bulk mail also called junk mail) which has not been requested by the recipient. Parkinsons Recovery does not condone or engage in Spam and does not tolerate Spam of any sort.

Individuals who enter their email address on the Parkinsons Recovery web site to receive newsletters and the monthly magazine, participate in programs, purchase products  or for any other reason give Parkinsons Recovery permission to send information about Parkinsons Recovery programs, products and services using the email provided. In the interest of protecting your privacy, Parkinsons Recovery does not sell, share or trade our subscriber list with anyone for any reason. You may unsubscribe to our newsletter and magazine at any time.

All personal information you give us (such as your name, e mail, address, phone, etc.) is never sold or given to any individual or organization for any reason. We treat all personal information we have about you through correspondence or through your participation in our programs to be strictly confidential.

We do occasionally write about stories of recovery or personal challenges in our posts, newsletters and books. We always obtain your permission to post any information you submit to us and when it is posted, we display  your first name only.  Your location and e mail are not revealed unless you give us explicit permission.

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  1. My dad has Parkinson’s. He is off all mess since they did more damage to his body. He is very stiff and can’t sleep. I was thinking of hypnotis. What are your thoughts.j

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