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Gift of Hope

The following e-mail made my day today! I received Melanie’s permission to post it. I am practicing how to better to accept and receive compliments.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

I’ve been reading your book “Road to Recovery” and it’s wonderful, a wealth of information.  You have done so much for humanity, especially those who have an illness and have been given a doom and gloom diagnosis, as most doctors do.  You have given “hope” to the world and that is everything!!!!!!!!!!! I will be eternally grateful to you Robert for giving me the life giving “hope” needed to move forward at a time when I had almost resolved to give up.  You’re the BEST.  The medical profession needs a lesson on how devastating it is to have hope taken from you, with that gone, you are doomed to failure.

Thanks again for all you do.  Your contribution to a world of people with devastating health challenges (and steadily increasing) is HUGE!!!!!!! I truly believe your work is deserving of a Nobel Prize.

Thanks for the gift of life,


Walking and Balance Problems

Today, I was looking for new inspiration and direction. My walking and balance is a little more wobbly, but the feeling on my left side (once quite numb) is much better in the last month now. So, in a way, I feel that I am doing better. I no longer feel like I have two different sides but have one body. I can make my left hand do things like brush teeth and type. (Having Parkinson’s does not make you ambidextrous; it is just that your non-sided hand must help out if it need be. There’s no comfort in that: it doesn’t have the coordination that the sided hand does, if that is the one that is affected). I hope that this (one-body experience) is part of my recovery. I want to work harder on my health, as I keep thinking of the interview of the woman who had deep stimulation (not the poetry writing lady, the one before that). She said if she had it to do over, she would have given the alternative therapies a better chance.

Searching around the recovery website, I read many blogs as well as listened to past interviews and this week’s interview, which included mention of stiffening in the chest related to the breathing. Taking your suggestion of working on one symptom, I decided to compensate for my shallow breathing for a week, moment by moment. I’m always deflated, and I know that I have not been getting enough oxygen. Starting that, I decided as well to root out one thought form that may be contributing to this condition. I thought that it would take some time to discover one, but it came up immediately. The woman with the CORD therapy said, in general, that Parkinson’s people have a reality print of
‘I can’t quite do this, or measure up’.
I understand that. I can affirm, I can do this, I can, I can–anything. Believe me, this is a different type of energy to have within myself, though I have accomplished a lot in my life. Idid it by simply pushing. I want my brain to learn something new here of real confidence.

I found a boost in this story from my own saved archives.

This story makes you think about your potentials, as the woman in the story did. She went to college in her 60s and got the geology degree that she always wanted. I can at least accomplish everything that is before me this week. Thanks for your site again. I’m working on getting it to two other people with Parkinson’s.