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Power of Hormones

Dear Robert,

Apparently it is not only toxins that can make our lives uncomfortable.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March this year. I had rigidity in my legs and was shuffling.

I have had to increase the Sinemet dramatically following a five day stay in hospital with a very bad infection.

I saw the Neurologist and I asked for medicine to help me through the night as I was devouring the Sinemet. He was reluctant to give more medicine and agreed to give sleeping tablets.

He asked me to visit again after three weeks but, not to take any meds’ for 6 hours prior to the appointment. He wanted to see my symptoms.

He was unable to find any symptoms of Parkinsons.

He asked me so many questions in an attempt to understand what he was dealing with. I had been taking seratonin for depression for 2 years prior to the diagnosis.

Extra seratonin can interfere with the production of Dopamine in the Brain, I may not have Parkinsons!

How about that?



There are over 40 hormones involved that have to be balanced in the body each and every moment. Your story eloquently illustrates how dopamine is only one of these many hormones that are critical to sustain life.

I am so happy to hear that your symptoms are resolving. It doesn’t get much better than that, eh?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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Progesterone Cream and Parkinson’s


I really wanted to do the tracking info before tomorrow’s memory training. How do I do it?

I am happy to have finally joined Parkinson’s Recovery. I have been trying alternative methods for years and I realized quite some time ago after seeing various practitioners and doing online research, including your newsletter which is great- that it is a combination of diet, exercise, etc. that may be different for each individual’s recovery. I had worked on diet especially because a naturopathic doctor had told me how important it was to balance my ph.which was dangerously acidic. I tried diet, yoga, supplements, etc. for @ 6 months and was doing somewhat better symptom wise but still was not able to balance my ph. I realized after buying a friend with hot flashes progesterone cream that I too was in need of the cream

I think sometimes as a pder we block all feelings and symptoms into, one category –

“It’s pd that is making me feel this way.”

After using the cream for a week I was surprised by my dyskinesia reduction, I had been “flopping” violently sometimes for more than an hour with every going off/coming on medication withdrawal and dosing. Now about 3 weeks into the use of the cream which I felt my body just soaking up and screaming –

“Finally! you figured it out”

I am down to minimal flopping. Also I have gotten my appetite back and have gained 4.5 lbs since starting the cream. Another pleasant suprise is my ph has been balanced both urine and saliva 7 out of 9 days past.

This is one of the reasons I am very interested in the memory training. I had no idea that memory training could influence hormone balancing. So I have been improving rather quickly over the past 3-4 weeks. Today, after trying some of your exercises and listening to and trying some of the have you considered ideas I have so far had a “flopless day”

It could be the placebo effect as I usually react positively to new ideas or treatments rather quickly but I want to believe it is more than that. I am excited about having all of this information in one central location and being able to track my progress as I have a habit when I have been going through a bad time to feel helpless and give into negative thinking.

Your website has restored my hope in recovery – if I can just stay disciplined enough to visit everyday – I know that is the trick. I had been falling a lot since December and have really been in a funk lately and realized I hadn’t done any yoga for the past 5 months, making excuses to not do much at all besides eating healthy sporadically and cutting down on my medication, taking more mucuna than sinemet, etc.

So, the cream gave me a real jump start and I feel with a combination of things that I can recover. Anyway I hadn’t planned on such a long letter but sometimes you wind me up and on I go. Well thanks again for all your doing and I hope to get an answer soon to my question about the symptom tracking.



You can track your symptoms whenever you are inspired. You first have to register which means you have to provide a user name and password and that is all there is to it. No names are requested since tracking is entirely anonymous.

Symptom tracker is free. After getting a baseline, you get to see a plot of how your symptoms shift over time. Most people are unaware of their improvements, so this is a way of celebrating your progress.

To register at symptom tracker visit:

First register, and then you are good to go.

Anyone can join Parkinsons Recovery and participate in the memory exercises this month. Membership is free for thirty days if you sign up by July 30th so anyone who wishes can participate in the memory exercises.