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Fire Opal and Bach Flower Essences

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for writing that recent email with affirmations and meditations on “recovery now.” It is exactly what I needed to keep my mind thinking “recovery”.

While I’ve had to just live with my symptoms sometimes, I’ve also made some good strides with the Bach flower essences–just two of them. I saw a list of 17 essences (in boiled liquid form taken in drops) in a book on detox by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald. For my use selection, I used the light chair/heavy chair method, mentioned by the psychic woman a few weeks ago in your interviews, naming each one and then seeing what the chair response would be rather than figuring out intellectually what me emotional symptoms were. From her, Lenore, I learned that the universe is made a certain way, meaning that our steps are just before us. Although I’ve noticed these flower essences in my reading for some years, I knew nothing about them and didn’t care to–too complicated! When they were needed, I learned enough about them in just a few days to employ them exactly as I need them for benefit. A woman in a chat room I visited was schooled in Bach, and I asked her the questions that I needed to. I read on websites suggested by Fitzgerald and found a documentary about Bach on youtube that is out of this world. The universe is made a certain way.

I have a stone collection and inherited some of it from my Grandfather’s collection in 1998. I had put an opal near my computer monitor, just because I like having favorite rocks around. On a particularly difficult day, I  thought, “doesn’t this stone have some particular type of energy? I wonder what it is.” (I used to be into the energy of stones). I looked for it in Love is in the Earth. Sure enough, this particular stone is called “fire opal”. It doesn’t have irridescence, but it is bright orange. The last item mentioned in the reference as far as energy is concerned was (is used) “to assist in the recovery from Parkinson’s disease.” This didn’t surprise me because “the universe is made a certain way.” What did surprise me was the language of “recovery from Parkinson’s disease,” language like you use, while this book is from 1995! I’ve decided to sleep with the opal, having it near my pillow.

I work in a church as a music director, and my symptoms are quite public. It was a victory for me tonight to take part in an annual potluck, be sociable with a strong enough voice, get up from the table, walk, return, and eat without anyone seeming to notice symptoms. All I ever say to questions is, “I have some problems in my nervous system, and I hope to recover.” Tonight, there were no questions. I know that I have emotionally changed for the better, and that has helped everything.

For those who might have questions, the Bach flower essences affect the emotions only with no guarantee that physical healing will result. It was Edward Bach’s genius to notice that one’s emotional disposition has a lot to do with the course of physical healing. This was observed when two people would have the same disease or two returning British soldiers would come back from WW I with the same type of injury. One would heal easily and rapidly; the other would have a difficult time in the healing of the same problem! Bach took his research into the emotional dimension of his patients to try to help those who had difficulty in healing. I am grateful to him.

I am also grateful to you for setting a style of research into the Parkinson’s recovery field.

Thank you.