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Adrenals and Blood Pressure


I am really interested in the Aquas with reference to my blood pressure issues that I continue to wrestle with. Do you know anyone else with PD that has this problem?

As I understand it, approximately 10 % of PD patients have orthostatic hypotension which, incidentally, is a big fat problem and treatment for sucks due to lack of interest I suppose.  I have some theories – for me I believe it is due to medication as well as long term stress and anxiety leading to Adrenal issues.  As you know, the adrenals are key in regulating blood pressure.  J.B.


Orthostatic hypotension is defined as a drop in blood pressure during relatively quick changes in body position that occur; for example, when shifting from a sitting position to a standing position. You ask if I know of anyone else with Parkinson’s Disease who has this problem.

I have seen every imaginable symptom a person can possibly have who has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. So, the answer is yes and my answer would  be yes to virtually any symptom anyone could list.

I totally concur with your assessment of the problem. A huge factor that contributes to the symptoms of Parkinson’s is stress. This is well documented in the literature and confirmed through my own Pioneers of Recovery interviews.

The adrenals are responsible for the production of adrenaline which our body requires to help regulate blood pressure and help us cope with stressful situations. When stress runs rampant throughout our body our adrenals become exhausted, literally. They poop out and are no longer able to perform their job adequately.

The resolution lies in bringing the adrenals back on line with proper diet and exercise. Specific supplements can be very beneficial to healing adrenal dysfunction. A daily meditation practice can also help.

The Aquas are a homeopathic approach that was designed to hydrate the body. It is logical to conclude that blood pressure abnormalities will be ameliorated in a body that is better hydrated. There is no specific research evidence to prove this is the case when using the Aquas however, but it seems to be a logical consequence of better hydration to me.

I will find some doctors, naturopaths and other health care professional to interview so we can all get some specifics on how the adrenals can be healed. Once healed, the blood pressure problem should resolve.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery