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Gastroperesis and Parkinsons Disease

One item I would like to see addressed is a condition called gastroperesis.   I am told I have this condition due to my Parkinson’s.  Medication is not possible due to this condition.  How prevalent is this condition, diet, possible other medications.  Your input would be appreciated.


One possibility you might explore with your doctors is whether the gastroperesis (which is a partial paralysis of the stomach and inability to digest food)  is presently caused by any medications you might be taking. If that is the case, a solution for the problem can been found.

A second possibility is that your digestive system does not welcome food because it is unable to process it. Explore the possibility that your gut does not have sufficient good bacteria needed for digestion. Probiotics may be a solution to consider. I personally think everyone should be taking probiotics.

A third possibility is that the myelin sheaths around the nerves that control your stomach muscles are compromised. Are you
getting enough fat in your diet?

A fourth possibility is that there is a deeper meaning behind what is happening to you. Is there something in your life you have simply not been able to digest, perhaps a job or a family member or a friend or an experience which is unpleasant or …? If we look for the deeper meaning behind what our bodies are telling us, we will understand the message our  body is giving us and solve the problem.

A fifth possibility is that there is something you are putting in your body that your body can not tolerate. Perhaps it is allergic to this substance (a food, supplement or medicine) or perhaps the substance is toxic for one reason or another.  You might get a little mileage out of investigating more diligently what your are putting into your body.

A sixth possibility is that there is a virus that is jamming up the system. I will be releasing soon discoveries I have made about natural treatments for viruses.

Finally, you can always pursue holistic diagnostics that pick up what is happening here. There is voice analysis and bioenergetic testing  and other holistic diagnostic approaches that might provide you with valuable insights into the root cause of the problem. Some of my radio show guests have discussed holistic diagnostic options (Sharry Edwards and Ivy Faber to name a few).

I personally do not get any mileage out of any diagnosis. They focus on what is wrong. Your body can heal. Focus on the reality that
your digestive system will come back on track once the imbalance has been remedied.

Your body is trying to tell you something. It is actually working perfectly. Just listen to what your body is trying to tell you and you will be able to solve the problem yourself.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease