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Ayurveda for Parkinsons Disease

Listen to the recording of a most amazing program on Ayurveda for Parkinsons disease offered by Sunday Connections host Judith Lynne. Judith’s special guest is Julie Abbruzzese, Lic. Acup., yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner, who  talked about her experience of working with clients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Julie says,
“Regardless of the triggering incident or factors there are ways to minimize the progression of the “disease”, and ways to alleviate some of the difficult side-effects of western treatment. I AM NOT ADVISING ANYONE TO GO OFF THEIR MEDICATIONS, I AM ONLY RECOMMENDING CERTAIN LIFESTYLE INCLUSIONS THAT TRADITIONAL EASTERN SYSTEMS HAVE USED FOR UP TO 1000 YEARS.” 
Julie discusses the pathology and presentations of Parkinson’s and addresses the ways that Ayurveda for Parkinsons disease as well as Oriental Medicine can help meet the conditions of Parkinson’s. She also provides a list of nourishing, strengthening foods along with a typical daily routine that includes daily breathing exercises, 15-60 minutes of easy walking, yoga, swimming, anything that gets you to move, and warm oil massage of feet/scalp. To hear the program visit:
Also in honor of the International Day of Peace and the Autumnal Equinox, Judith Lynne  leads a special meditation for Peace. This will be an opportunity to deepen our spiritual practices with a form of mindfulness meditation, which is known to lower pulse rate and blood pressure, reduce stress, focus the mind, slow breath rate, increase oxygenation to the cells of the body.Julie Abbruzzese is a Licensed Acupuncturist and teaches yoga on Cape Cod near Boston, Mass. She is a practitioner of both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, both with and without needles. Her consciousness work is with Matrix Energetics and Access Consciousness. Her ayurvedic studies were at Kripalu and her yoga is in the tradition of Iyengar.
Judith Lynne is a spiritual journey coach, meditation teacher, sound healer living in Portland, OR. Her work and contact information can be found at
Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

Ayurvedics as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

I am french (29 years old) and have problems related to my nervous system, similar to essential tremor but with minor symptoms. I have tremors only sometimes and little ones, but I am scared that it will get worse in the future.

I am following an ayurvedic treatment with Doctor Joshi who has clinic in Nagpur (maybe you know) and I think  it is good. I saw on the internet about Doctor Paneri in Gujarat in India who claims to have great results with neurological problems.

My question is simple. What you think about his approach. Is it serious?


One of the interviews in Pioneers of Recovery ( is with a man Nathan Zakheim, who used Dr. Paneri’s ayurvedic approach to heal. He is symptom free today. I have some evidence that the ayurvedic approach can be a huge benefit to people.

It takes a huge commitment to pursue this approach. The dietary requirements are very strict. I have known of people who tried the ayurvedic approach, but abandoned it because of the strict dietary requirements.

I personally believe that the root of many symptoms lies in the gut. Getting your digestive system back on line and fully functional is a key to being able to fully and completely recover. Ayurvedics is an excellent approach to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Paneri’s family has treated people with neurological problems for many generations so he is certainly no “fly by night.” Know that there are also many experienced ayurvedic practitioners in the US, Canada and other countries as well.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Problems with Balance, Walking, Talking and Sweating


I have had Parkinson’s  since 2008. I am now taking amantrel-100 2 tab and pramipex-0.5 2 tab daily.

I still have a balance problem, a walking problem. Turning is also a problem – especially to the left, dryness in mouth, problem of pronunciation of some words while talking. excessive sweating at the left side of forehead is remarkable since 2005.  I also feel pain at neck below head backside of ears.

Kindly help,



You have a series of symptoms which is typical of people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It is likely that the cause is multi-faceted.

First, there is an Ayurvedic doctor in India, Dr. Paneri from Gujarat, who sees people with Parkinson’s exclusively and is getting remarkable results. His website is:

Second, check the side effects of the drugs you are taking. It is likely some of the problems you are experiencing may be simply the side effects of the drugs. You may want to talk with your doctor about adjusting your medications.

Third, I suggest that you focus your attention on finding doctors and health care practitioners who can help you detox the toxins in your body, I am guessing that toxins are a primary cause of your symptoms. You may well have an abundance of heavy metals and pesticides that have accumulated in your body.Once they are removed your symptoms may well subside.

There are many ways to detox – just check around and find an approach that appeals to you. I have been using
zeolite personally with great success – but there are many other excellent methods that are effective as well.

You can get a wide variety of suggestions on detoxes from my new book which is described at:

Know always that the body knows how to heal itself. We just have to give it a little extra loving kindness and attention sometimes.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Parkinsons Disease Progression

Below is a letter I received from Dirk who describes the exciting progress of recovery of his wife. Please take not that “progression” in this case – as with so many other stories I document here on the Parkinsons Recovery blog -  is toward recovery, not deterioration. Veronika is clearly on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

.Dear Robert,

You are doing a great job. Compared to a year ago, Veronika is doing somewhat better. She has more energy, the lip curling disappeared, her arms are moving better when walking, so we are optimistic and believe that the turnaround – similar to Nathan Zakheim – is forthcoming but might be a year or two away. [Nathans’ story of recovery is documented in Pioneers of Recovery].

Our diet is 70% raw and we bought recently a water ionizer (Kangen Water) that might also help with her osteoporosis.

She is now for one year on Dr. Paneri’s medicine. A friend of ours from Vancouver, who has also PD and is on Dr. Paneri’s medicine, confirmed that it is working. Last winter – because of a postal error – he was for one month without ajurvedic medicine and felt lousy and as soon he got new supplies his condition bettered. He went last summer over to India and spend a few weeks around Dr. Paneri. He told me that he met quite a few patients who were definitely on the road to recovery.

I am doing everything I can to help her and get her body in a condition to heal itself. But there are still some issues from her abusive childhood experiences that might be the root cause of her PD. Earlier this year we were listening in Puerto Vallarta to your interviews
[] and I have to dig those ones out again, that were dealing with psychological damage.

It is too bad that – so far – we were not able to attend one of your seminars [Jump Start to Wellness]. But we will make it one of these days.

Thank you  again.



Parkinson’s Supplements


You must be most certainly aware of Dr. Mukesh Paneri,an ayurvedic doctor from Ahmedabad, India. His website is

He claims to have cured more than 50 patients from Parkinsons Disease and 122 well on their way to recovery. I would like to know how genuine and authentic are his claims before progressing further. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.



I have been trying to arrange an interview with Dr. Paneri for a year but I have thus far not succeeded. I have talked with several people who have received his treatment. Results of my investigations to date are reported in my book, Pioneers of Recovery.

This is the first I have heard that he reports specific numbers of persons who are symptom free. It would be wonderful if he is now meticulously tracking the recovery of his patients.

My own feeling about “cures” is that no one else cures us of anything. We cure ourselves. I do know from my interview with Nathan Zakheim (who reports a full recovery from Dr. Paneri’s treatments in Pioneers of Recovery) that Dr. Paneri uses an Ayurvedic approach which requires a very strict dietary intake of food. His treatment involves much more than simply taking herbs or supplements which he sends his patients from his clinic in India.

He is the fifth generation in his family of people who have worked with people with Parkinson’s. You are clearly dealing with someone who has intimate knowledge of the symptoms. I understand that he does consultations with his patients by phone.

I do not know whether the claims you report above are “valid” or documented. I have talked with people who have used his services who report feeling  better as a result. I suspect that like all possibilities, some people respond favorably to his therapies and some do not. I have no direct evidence to this effect. I only have results of my own investigations on many other therapies and treatments.

Everyone has to find the path of recovery that works for them.  I have not found a therapy yet that has a positive impact on everyone. I do know that if you commit to working with Dr. Paneri, you have to have a strong commitment to get better and you must be willing to make significant changes in your diet and life style. I suspect a reason people do feel better is because they begin to watch the food they eat much more mindfully.

If you decide to receive his treatments, please let us all know how it turns out! We would all love to hear from you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinsons Disease Treatment: Who can Help Parkinsons in India?


My distant uncle got this problem. He is
in India do you know any medical centres in
India/Singapour any country near to India
that can cure it. 


There is a clinic in Ahmedabad India
that has helped people with Parkinson’s
for many, many generations. They use
an Ayurvedic approach and emphasize
getting the digestive system back on
track. They also grow their own herbs. 

I have had interviews with some people
on the United States who have received
assistance from this clinic and report
encouraging results.

I encourage anyone else who has had
experience with Dr. Paneri’s clinic  to
put their two cents worth and tell us all 
about your experience! 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

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Toxins in the Body

The Ayurvedic approach for eliminating heavy metals and toxins from the body  is to support the organ that does the proper work in the first place. The following is taken from an interview I recently had with Nathan who is a strong believer in the Ayurveda approach for eliminating toxins from the body.

“When a person is ill their breath can become sort of foul. But that’s not the case when they’re healthy. Similarly, what we’re talking about here is that some organ is not producing healthy elements that are supposed to be transferred to the brain.”

“The brain is supposed to be filled with nutritious, beneficial gasses. Those gases can become polluted due to stress or injury.”

“The organ producing them will produce contaminated substances which then go on to cause a great deal of difficulty in the form of shaking because the corrosive material starts eating away at the part of the brain that produces movement and starts creating involuntary ones.”

“Most doctors would not agree that the problem is in the stomach. Ayurvedicly speaking, all diseases come from the stomach.”

I should also mention that Nathan once suffered from an advanced stage of Parkinson’s but is symptom free today. The Ayurveda approach certainly worked for him.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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