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You must be most certainly aware of Dr. Mukesh Paneri,an ayurvedic doctor from Ahmedabad, India. His website is

He claims to have cured more than 50 patients from Parkinsons Disease and 122 well on their way to recovery. I would like to know how genuine and authentic are his claims before progressing further. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.



I have been trying to arrange an interview with Dr. Paneri for a year but I have thus far not succeeded. I have talked with several people who have received his treatment. Results of my investigations to date are reported in my book, Pioneers of Recovery.

This is the first I have heard that he reports specific numbers of persons who are symptom free. It would be wonderful if he is now meticulously tracking the recovery of his patients.

My own feeling about “cures” is that no one else cures us of anything. We cure ourselves. I do know from my interview with Nathan Zakheim (who reports a full recovery from Dr. Paneri’s treatments in Pioneers of Recovery) that Dr. Paneri uses an Ayurvedic approach which requires a very strict dietary intake of food. His treatment involves much more than simply taking herbs or supplements which he sends his patients from his clinic in India.

He is the fifth generation in his family of people who have worked with people with Parkinson’s. You are clearly dealing with someone who has intimate knowledge of the symptoms. I understand that he does consultations with his patients by phone.

I do not know whether the claims you report above are “valid” or documented. I have talked with people who have used his services who report feeling  better as a result. I suspect that like all possibilities, some people respond favorably to his therapies and some do not. I have no direct evidence to this effect. I only have results of my own investigations on many other therapies and treatments.

Everyone has to find the path of recovery that works for them.  I have not found a therapy yet that has a positive impact on everyone. I do know that if you commit to working with Dr. Paneri, you have to have a strong commitment to get better and you must be willing to make significant changes in your diet and life style. I suspect a reason people do feel better is because they begin to watch the food they eat much more mindfully.

If you decide to receive his treatments, please let us all know how it turns out! We would all love to hear from you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. I have taken Dr.Paneri’s herbs for 4 moths straight and my tremors are worse. I just read about a woman who found out after taking his herbs for over a year and was found to have heavy metal toxicity, which could have been there before, but She claims she had the herbs tested and they were found to have high levels of mercury, lead and arsnic. I was full of lead toxicity when I found out my Diagnosis of PD, so I will have to stop the herbs, I can’t take the chance of recontaminating myself.

  2. My husband has been recently diagnosed with PD and we are looking the possibility to have a consultation with Dr Paneri.
    I am particularly intrigue for the peoples stories about their recovery. Have you contacted any of the patients that claim have been cured by him?

    I am really looking for advice for specialised centres in the UK or any other Country to take my husband. Any advice?

  3. Hi:

    I have reached out to Dr. Paneri several times to be a guest on the radio show but have never received a response. I did document one story of recovery in the first Pioneers of Recovery book, a man who I believe married into his family! I have not heard from anyone else who has seen a full recovery, though I am told there are others. I have made a valiant effort to document other stories with no success.

    I have concluded that there are many factors that influence the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease so it helps to begin understanding the factors that cause the symptoms Many influences can be present and interact with one another. I interviewed Dr. Ivy Faber on the radio show recently who offered a fresh perspective on how to identify possible causes of the symptoms. You can listen to the radio show anytime as it was recorded. What in the World is Wrong with Me?

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Jump Start to Recovery

  4. I am a U.S. Physician of Indian origin, whose parents hailed from Kerala, the cradle of the best Ayurvedic treatment in India. I had Dr.Paneri and his claims reviewed by another Indian MD living in a town close to Dr.Paneri’s clinic site. I did so, since I myself came down with late onset Parkinson’s and was curious of Dr.Paneri’s claims since none of the reputed and fully-trained Ayurvedic practitioners ever claim that their main treatment herb (Mucuna Pruriens) with very strict diet (almost vegan) and superb daily massages, yoga exercises and meditation will ever CURE Parkinson, but can arrest the disease. NIH/Pubmed has a couple of studies on the dopaminergic effectiveness of Mucuna Pruriens. The main advantage of Mucuna is that there has been no recorded incident of dyskinesia among those who remain on that herb’s pulverized seeds taken three or four times a day dissolved in hot water and consumed when it becomes tepid etc.
    Back to Dr.Paneri: my physician (regular MD) assured me that contrary to traditional as well as all new Ayurvedic practitioners graduating from Indian Colleges of Ayurveda (with degrees such as the basic BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences) or a post-graduate degree such as M.D.(Ayur)., Dr.Paneri will never divulge the constituent herbs or metals (usually forbidden, except in very rare instances). In Kerala, Ayurveds almost never use metals and all registered & licensed Ayurvedic practitioners are required to fully disclose to the patient in writing ( if requested, the names of herbs used with its Latinized botanical name). My Indian Physician who investigated Dr.Paneri’s claims, advised me to stay from him because of his obsession with secrecy, unwillingness to disclose the contents of his medicines, and not being able to talk to any one who has been CURED of Parkinson’s Disease by Dr.Paneri though he continues to advertise such claims. If anyone, buys his medicines, I would recommend having them assayed by a reputable laboratory for the presence of heavy metals. BUYER BEWARE! Regret errors of spelling, grammar etc., as this site did not allow me to go back over my draft to correct!

  5. Thank you, Chandra, for your post about Dr. Paneri and Ayurvedic medicine in general. I appreciate the warning about the metals, and the secrecy factor being unusual.


  7. I went to Dr. Paneri’s website and filled in the registration form. In reply I received an email saying he would send medicine in return for payment. I then replied asking if there was also a special diet I would need to follow. There was no reply. I asked again, and again no reply. Not a good sign if he is unwilling to communicate to advise me of necessary dietary requirements.

    Perhaps it was just as well in view if the other comments here. Thanks to the other commenters for their information.

  8. We went to his clinic in Ahmedabad, my god, google map shows wrong location, it was a nightmare finding his location, looking at us he knew we were Indians residing in a foreign country he asked 18,000 rupee for 10 months of treatment. Which was way higher for any local Ayurveda treatments. He must have asked more money because of our nationality

  9. my father is taking his medicines for the past six months for pd. but no improvement. now i am shocked to know that his herbs contains metals. please inform me whether there will be any side effects if we discontinue them now all off a sudden and also i want to know what will be the effect of the medicines he has taken so far?

  10. I wish I came here before I sent money and got some medicines from Dr. Paneri. Anyway I did not start taking them yet. Where can I get them tested for metals? Can you suggest any labs in Portland OR that would analyse these medicines for metals? The doctor is not very communicative for sure.

  11. It is usual practice in India, to make such false claims & advertise them with fake stories of recovery. No one is afraid of the law since they have people backing them at all levels. There were self claimed doctors who ” discovered medicine for AIDS” and sold them to make huge money & they also did there advertising using fake recovery stories. People are not believing traditional Ayurveda hospital such as Kottackal etc since they don’t claim that they can ensure 100% recovery. Public should understand that when it comes to Ayurveda treatment ,if cure is not guaranteed by reputed institution, the claim by others can only be totally fake with making money only in mind. There are others operating in various parts of India claiming medicines for various illness especially those associated with old & aged people. To sum it up, as it is said it is our beliefs which cures & if we have faith in us, we should only opt for traditional & reputed institution & follow there routine rather than fall prey to people making fake claims & instant relief…

  12. Hi

    I should have read all these comments about dr. paneri before making an arrangement to go to his clinic in Ahmdabad, India next month. I was in a panic mode to try something as my western meds have been losing effectiveness and side effects were getting too much. Dr. paneri offered me in house treatment for a month for $6000 when I asked him if I can go see him for evaluation. I found that he jacks up his service fee when he knows someone is from US or any ‘wealthy’ country. This was told by an Indian woman who was making an arrangement for my flights and the hotel in Ahmdabad. She contacted dr. paneri’s clinic to check if they could provide me the accommodation for my one week stay in the city. (I had responded dr.paneri that i could not afford $6000 treatment but want to have a face to face consultation before having the medicine and go stay for a week). The Indian girl came back with his response that if I only stay for a week for consultation, they provide me accommodation for a week for $2100 (this does not include consultation fee or medicine, just for the room). According to this Indian woman, dr. paneri said he would give lower price if the patient is from India, not from overseas. Unfortunately, I have made all arrangements to go see dr. paneri next month to get his evaluation and possible medicine, but now I am not sure if i should buy his herb medicine. Nathan Zaheim, one of the recovery pioneers whom i talked to recently strongly recommended me to get dr. paneri’s treatment. He is symptom free to this day after Dr. paneri’s treatment. I am so lost in this…Any suggestion if you were in my situation? This is a pricey trip , am I taking a too much risk?

  13. My grandmother is suffering from PD. I was googling abiut the disease and came across Dr Paneri and thought of going to him after watching the recovery stories. But after reading all this comments i am confused whether to go or not.. If any of you had gone there then plz suggest me what to do. And if there is any other alternative available of Dr Paneri…

  14. i have started dr. paneris treatment in november 2014.met him once.when i started treatment i had motormotion.but now it is almost subsided.stiffness also subsided to a large extend.i do not notice any side effects till date.i dont know whether it is a treatment of symptoms or i am gradually recovering.but finds usefull.he is charging rs.2500 per month for medicines.i dont think it is on the higher side.i am 59 years.working.slight balance problems which gradually reduces. mobile.9349617261

  15. I am just 20 years old extremely scared because of facing with parkinsons symptoms since the past 4 months.. I had been so much active and used to hit the gym and lift heavy wieghts.. Still.. The docs dont diagonise me, They say i am so young.. God knows what..Can Dr. Paneri cure me of his drugs even before i am oficially diagonised.. Please help.. M so young 😰

  16. Hi: Unfortunately more and more young people are showing neurological symptoms. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Know that there are many therapies that are helping people reverse their symptoms. First, it is helpful to assess the cause of your symptoms. Second, it is critical that you take full control over your recovery program. Only you can heal yourself.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  17. Greetings. Has anyone had any further experience with Dr. Paneri to report, good or bad? Did anyone ever get an analysis of his herbs for presence of metals?


  18. Hi, my dad is taking Dr Paneri medicine over a year now. Along with it dad is on Sandopa also. However I have to admit though I didn’t see any improvement in my dads condition. But condition has not deteriorated. Only thing that due to Sandopa, after effects are showing up greatly. With my many interactons with doctor Paneri. I find him introvert. He claims that he has cured people upto 70-90% . While I find solace in the fact that Parkinson is not curable but certainly it is treatable. But the fact is Dr Paneri medicines do not show any significant effect atleast till 1.5yrs of treatment. Post that , only faith remains. Parkinson certainly require multiple therapies at different stages. There is no one medicine for Parkinson.

  19. Dear Dr Saheb.
    can you provide me some contact nos of patient whos is taken treatment from your hospital.

  20. Hi! My dad is suffering from Parkinsonism from the past 10 years. He is not yet diagnosed. Can anyone please tell weather Dr Paneri’s curing claims are true and correct. Does his medicines contain metals?

  21. Hi I was making inquiries about Dr Paneri’s treatment and find that the testimonials are not recent and there is no update from anyone who had given testimonials. I am very concerned to hear that the medicines contain heavy metals. I know that some Ayurvedic medicines especially those with names beginning with “Rasa”. Can someone give an update or a positive experience with Dr Paneri.

  22. Hi Has anyone used the Parkinsonism Care Pack from Planet Ayurveda in India. They claim that they are FDA registered and their formulations are chemical free? They also have a representative in US. Thanks.

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