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I tuned into the recorded version of your interview with Leif last night. I could not listen to it for very long as the part where he experienced much difficulty moving around and talking, and when he apologized– it really bothered me. So I exited the show.

I can honestly say that he dashed my hopes somewhat. I felt somewhat frightened and depressed. I was  hoping  to hear the voice of the motivated, and strongly positive author, “Leif”. Didn’t  expect ‘off times”. It recalled to me  the supposed later stages of this condition, and of how dreary a future  this condition could prove to be for me. ( Now maybe I should have stayed on line and listened to all — but I couldn’t.)

However a good thing. It re- emphasized to me how very important it is for me  to listen to my own body and deal with it day by day, and not fixate on what may/may not happen to me in the future, down the road. Each case of Parkinsons Disease seems to be different depending on so many influencing factors. Everyone seems to go through this neurological condition differently.

Now for me after my diagnosis in’ 98 , I am fairing well, all things considered. But it takes effort to stay well and it takes time, and it takes attitude! I used to  receive mail from the Parkinson’s organizations here, inviting me to attend meetings having to do with: falling, drooling,  freezing, depression, suicide, support for spouses, making a will etc. Talk about gloom and doom. So I  unsubscribed to such mail.

I make a practice of staying away from websites, articles, presentations of the same persuasion, because they are NOT helpful at this time and may never be– who knows. It is just more positive for me to practice and adopt a lifestyle that channels my energy and thoughts in a more positive way, to surround myself with people and circumstances that celebrate life — sunshine, nature, spirituality, music, friends, travel, vegetarian food, exercise, breathing, laughing yoga. Some may say that I have my” neck stuck in the sand” , “to face the music”, “to accept my disease”. I think not.

In the days and weeks  following  my diagnosis in ’98, I spent many a day and dark hour, dwelling entirely on this “di sease”. I found myself buried  in a very dark place, a deep hole, thankfully I was able to crawl out. I  never wish to return there!

So sorry( my opinion), that Leif experienced  ‘off times’ during his talk, because he had a wonderful message to convey. I did read some excerpts from his book, and I do share in, and believe in much that he writes. Now maybe  the  rest of the show was entirely different, but….

Just someone sharing her thoughts having and dealing with” Parkinson’s” recovery.



What a fascinating report of your reaction to my interview with Leif this week, author of I Have Parkinsons But Parkinsons Does Not Have Me. Your experience is a true testament to how easy it is to be sucked into the dark and dreary negative belief template about Parkinsons that continues to linger out there in the ethers. As you so eloquently describe, it is so easy to be trapped by the negative belief template. Crawling out of it can sometimes feel like the challenge of breaking out of jail.

I think the actual experience of listening to my interview with Leif patterns your same experience over the years since your own diagnosis eleven years ago. Deep depression initially followed by a determination to engage the activities that help you feel great everyday. You are probably wondering what happened in the second part of the interview?

Leif took a mere ten minute break in the interview to meditate by breathing and grounding. His symptoms vanished. When you hear the second part of the interview you hear a voice of strength and power (though of course English is not his native language). It is a true testament to the reality that by setting his intent to move out of fear and paying attention to his body, his symptoms vanished in a flash. Healing happens in the moment. You do not have to wait years.

His symptoms were up during the first ten minutes of the interview because it was a stressful experience. After all, he was not just have a friendly chat with me. The interview was being recorded. Thousands of people will hear the interview. Once he was able to relieve the stress of doing the interview, all of his symptoms resolved.

Listening to the process of my interview with Leif is really the same experience you have had over the years as you successfully were able to shift from being trapped in the belief template of fear into a belief template of health and wellness. You both are doing quite well indeed now, but it was also a struggle for both of you in the beginning. I suspect this is a familiar process for many people.

If it ever feels right to you, you can always download the interview and fast forward the recording about 12 minutes. You will be delighted with what you hear in the second part of my interview with Leif.

Thanks again for sending in your thoughts. You have helped so many people by telling us all about your own experience with Parkinsons.

Here is where you can download the interview if you every decide to give it a second try:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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