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My dentist of many years retired, & I needed dentist shortly before I moved to my present location.  When I explained that my unsteady gait was from Parkinsons Disease, he told me that he had cared for his mother who had had Parkinsons Disease. He said he did hours of research & found the most helpful thing was using magnets & good hydration.

He said  that he had a patient come in that shook so badly the walls were shaking.  He told her of the magnets & his research.  When she came the next week for a follow-up, he gave her magnets & had her put them on her forearms.  He said they had to be pretty strong.  He said in about 20 minutes or so her shaking had pretty much stopped.  He saw her  again about 6 months later, & she had a new car & was able to return to a fairly normal life. I assumed she was still on medications, but the tremors had stopped.  He told me to find the info on the Internet, or he & his wife would even make the 2 hour drive to my new location to tell me more about it.  I do not find that much about magnets helping PD.

Do you know where to find more information? Or do you know of anyone else having a good experience with them? When I left, he repeated to keep the magnets on the forearms & stay hydrated.



This is the first report of magnet use I have received. What an interesting story! Too bad you do not have the specifics. I could interview the people involved on my radio program.

First, I do hear over and over from people with Parkinson’s symptoms that good hydration makes a big difference. Some people are getting good results from taking a homeopathic treatment that was designed to help their bodies become better hydrated called the Aquas.

Second, magnets alter the field which surrounds the human body. I do know there are companies which promote magnets as a device to clear blockages in the human energy field and thus help to restore energy and heal illness. I do not have any evidence from people with Parkinsons on the effectiveness of such devices.

I do know that the many forms of energy healing (reiki, healing touch, energy healing, acupuncture, etc.) also help to clear blockages in the human energy field. Magnets are one approach to achieving this same goal.

The problem as I understand it is that if you get the poles reversed when you apply the treatment, the treatment can backfire. Instead of opening chakras and clearing the blockages, the chakras can shut down and blockages can be solidified. I have heard Barbara Brennan (a famous healer) warn against use of magnets because of the pole reversal problem. Apparently, use of magnets can either  work big time or backfire big time.

I have an intuition that in the years ahead, such machines will be much more sophisticated than today. I can also add that of the many therapies that we now know help give symptom relief, I know of no therapy that helps everyone. Just because it might have helped someone else does not mean necessarily that it will help you out.

Anyone out there have any experience with magnets as a treatment option for Parkinsons? Let us hear from you!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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