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Mucuna as Treatment for Parkinsons

Question: What are your thoughts about using the mucuna to
treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s?


There is an upside and a downside to taking Mucuna to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The Upside

Macuna bean (or Mucuna Puriens) is derived from a plant
that grows
in tropical climates. The Mucuna herb has been used
for generations in India and other eastern countries
to treat
Parkinson’s with varying success. Mucuna is by no means
a new revelation.

People use Mucuna in part because it does not have the side effects of prescription medications.A number of people in my global audience who take prescription
medications for Parkinson’s have been pleased with the results they
get from taking Mucuna.  Others  have succeeded
in reducing the dose of their prescribed medications or
even weaning themselves off prescription medications altogether. 

No changes in the dosage of prescription medications should of course be made without consulting with your doctor first. Even though it is not a prescription medication, it is also just as important to consult with your doctor before taking any natural herb supplement like Mucuna to boost dopamine.

The Downside

It is clear from talking with other health professionals that
Mucuna is not a cure nor does it provide relief
for everyone. After all, if Mucuna were a panacea
everyone with Parkinson’s would be taking it and no one
today would be suffering from its symptoms.

Many people think of Parkinson’s simplistically as a
deficiency of dopamine. In fact, the “disease” is
described by most health care providers as such.
The truth of the matter is that
reasons for
the symptoms of Parkinson’s are far, far more
complicated than this simple explanation. 

Symptoms of Parkinson’s are affected by an imbalance
of over
39 different neurotransmitters. When you take
Mucuna or any dopamine supplement for that matter
you are making a decision to
focus on a tiny fraction
of the problem. 

The body is making fine adjustments to the production
and distribution of hormones continuously, second by
second, minute by minute.
Consider the maze of
complicated adjustments your body makes to produce
and distribute the other 38 neurotransmitters when you take
any dopamine lookalike.

Ingesting a single synthetic hormone once a day creates an instant
adjustment the body must make to the delicate balance of hormones
in the body.
The “adjustment” that comes from taking a dopamine
supplement (whether prescription or a supplement like Mucuna)
is crude.The body produces and distributes hormones continuously each and every second of the day.

Do the math.

If the choice is between relying on the  body or any dopamine supplement I
am betting on the body any day of the week.

A second challenge you will encounter if you decide to
take Mucuna – and keep in mind this
may be a good
choice for you – is that you are giving your body the
signal it does not
need to expend the energy produce dopamine
on its own.
Think like your body and you will understand
the long term consequences of what happens when
you take a dopamine producing supplements.

Here is the decision sequence:

1. Your body is busy with the work of adjusting and balancing hormones
which, after all, is one of its functions.

2. An external source of domaine mysteriously
appears in the digestive system.
There is suddenly and
unexpectedly an
external intrusion into the body.

3. The body begins to ponder: “Who is in charge here?” A critical function of the body is suddenly and unexpectedly being handled by an external intervention.

4. The body then concludes:  “If someone else is doing my job, why should I bother?”
Isn’t this just anyone of us do  when someone else takes on the burden of  doing
a job you thought was our responsibility? I mean, if someone else wants to do the work, why not let them?

A reason cells in the substantia nigra die is because
dopamine is being supplied by an external source.
that produce dopamine are no
longer needed since the supply is provided by an external source.  You either use it or lose it. In this case you lose it.
The body eventually surrenders responsibility for producing dopamine.

Prescription medications and Mucuna  are different delivery systems for
dopamine. For most people higher doses have to be take to experience symptom

John Coleman ND points out that most of the Macuna bean
that is packaged and sold in the marketplace is not actually
“natural.” It is a processed. The Mucuna pill capsules
are manufactured and refined, purified and converted to
powder. John Coleman ND has also observed in his clinic that
some forms of Macuna  induce the “same adverse effects as synthetic
levodopa if consumed in large quantities over a long period.

Coleman offers a different recommendation for his clients.
He suggests you hydrate your body by taking a
natural homeopathic remedy. The body has an easier
time producing and balancing hormones when the cells
are adequately hydrated.

Mucuna may provide welcome relief in the short term.
But if it is used as a lifetime remedy your body’s
incredibly intricate
system for monitoring
hormones will be short circuited. Sensitivity of
the monitoring system is degraded and the system
itself is eventually disabled.

Your body gradually gives up its mandate at birth to maintain
health and wellness. You eventually begin to feel lousy.

Why not give your body a chance to do its work whenever
possible? Wait. Be patient. Ask the most important question of all:
What is causing your symptoms?

Once you identify and address the cause, you will not necessarily
begin feeling  good every day. Some days you will may feel lousy.

Helping  the body re-remember how to balance hormones is not an
easy task but the rewards are worth it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery

Empower Recovery

In his second book, “Parkinson’s Empowerment Training” author Karl Sterling goes deep into exploring many areas that will help a person with PD to empower recovery, improve the quality of movement, cognition, memory, and life itself.
You will encounter suggestions in my interview with Karl that will provide techniques and methods that offer the opportunity to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.

He addressed ways to empower recovery including:

  •  Power of hope, empowerment, and beliefempower recovery
  •  The two step process to maximize neuroplasticity
  •  How to get sustained sleep at night
  •  Benefits of using Power Plate and whole body vibration
  •  The multifaceted roles dopamine plays in the body
  •  Techniques to improve memory and cognition
  •  Methods to Improve Gait and Mobility

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia Washington

Cure for PD

Two questions which a similar theme follow:

Hello Robert,

I have just listened to your podcast “what is the biggest roadblock to recovery“. You talk about reversing symptoms or finding compelling relief of symptoms ~ Would you liken this to a cure for PD?

I am writing because my husband, 44 yrs old has a hand tremor & we are concerned that he has PD. We are in the process of finding a neurologist to evaluate him and give us some direction. This is an absolutely frightening experience for him/us. I appreciate any information you can provide.


I am suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 8th year. How can the the Parkinson’s disease be cured?


Speaking as a researcher who focuses on identifying the factors that cause neurological symptoms and natural therapies that help to reverse them, I never think in terms of a “cure” for anything. In general, this term is typically used when a treatment resolves the symptom completely. I know of no such intervention that works this “magic”.

The term “cure for PD” conveys a static condition. If the body is “cured” it is set in “concrete” so to speak. Once “concrete” is cured – it is hardened. The body is fluid and dynamic. Symptoms come and go for everyone – those with Parkinson’s symptoms and those who do not have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The body is always communicating to us what is out of balance. Instead of thinking of tremors as a “problem”, think of them as a message your husband is receiving from his body. In many cases, the body is simply releasing trauma – which it does successfuly by shaking (or tremoring).

You can certainly suppress tremors with medications which is an option many people prefer. There are also natural therapies that are helpful in suppressing tremors which I have document in my recent book “Treatments for Tremors“.

As you already know from listing to my recent radio show What is the Biggest Roadblock to Recovery? I believe the most formidable roadblock to recovery is a failure to recognize the impact of trauma has on the ability of the sensitive neurological system to function.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

Do You Have a Systematic Recovery Program?


Do You have a systematic recovery program? 

Is a Recovery Program Realistic?

Our experience in working with persons who have Parkinson’s has convinced us that there is no standard protocol that is the panacea. Of course, there is no “cure.” Factors that cause the
condition are multi-faceted so it depends.

We do know from a thorough review of the research that the symptoms can be caused by heavy metals, pesticides, chemical toxins, pathogens, trauma and stress. A variety of natural therapies are available to address each of these threats to the healthy function of the body.  We encourage each individual to investigate the therapies that are available
depending on their own individual needs and preferences and the primary factors that are causing their symptoms. 

  • Whole body detoxes are critical.
  • Strengthening the immune system is a must.
  • Reducing inflammation is important.
  • Nutrition is essential.
  • Adjusting the hormonal thermostat is important.
  • Exercising the body and the mind makes a huge difference.
  • Laughter every day helps.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


The First Secret to Reversing Parkinson’s Symptoms

I have been focused as a researcher for the past decade on discovering the causes of Parkinson’s symptoms and, just as importantly, discovering the therapies that help reverse them. I must confess that what I believe now to be the ways to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms are very, very different from what I thought a decade ago.

For starters, most people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease focus on what substances they can put into their body to ease the symptoms. There are loads of choices of course, ranging from prescription medications which must be prescribed by a medical doctor to natural herbal remedies and supplements that you can obtain from a health care practitioner or from your health food store.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these approaches. I cover them in detail in Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. They may give you your life back.

The first secret of seven that I discuss in Seven Secrets to Healing is that it is much smarter at the outset of your journey down the road to recovery to focus on getting the “bad stuff” out of your body rather than putting anything else in (no matter how “good” the stuff might be).

Please do not feel as though you are being singled out because I am saying you have “bad stuff” inside your body. Everybody does! We live in a toxic world. Everyone has heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria inside their body. The miracle of the body is that it is able to eliminate enough of the bad stuff to keep our delicate organs and other body equipment functioning. When the neurological system becomes challenged, it is more likely the case that there is an overabundance of bad stuff that has accumulated inside the tissues of the body.

The capacity of the elimination organs is constrained.  It cannot eliminate a pound of mercury in a day – obviously! Further, a component of whatever we put into our body – whether a medicine or a supplement or a food – has to be eliminated no matter how “good” we are convinced the “stuff” is that we are ingesting.

When Parkinson’s symptoms are present, I have concluded that the body is already overloaded with too much “bad stuff” that it is desperately trying to get rid of through one of the elimination organs: the kidneys, liver, spleen and colon.

The better choice is to set the intention to get the “bad stuff” out through detoxes and other methods before putting anything else in, One of the seven secrets to recovery from any chronic condition including Parkinson’s Disease is to purge first.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

Olympia, Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Seven Secrets to Healing

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

I am a subscriber to your Parkinsons Recovery emails.  I want to thank you for your innovative thinking about Parkinson’s disease treatment and I really appreciate your effort on our behalf.

I am 57 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 35.  I had this dis-ease for 22 years.  During this time, I have tried many, many natural modalities and I keep trying new ones all the time. The great news is that In still ride my horse, drive my car, hike, volunteer with a disability-awareness education group and keep on movin’. I did have a DBS implanted in 2003 which has really helped me.

As far as coconut oil – I tried it for 6 weeks but I did not notice any positive cognitive or physical improvement.  However, it did have a negative affect on my bowels.

Thank you for you positive message, Robert.



Levodopa Medication

A friend directed me to this Blog because I Have PD with tremors in my right arm. I have been taking Carbidopa-levodopa for two weeks and so far I have not noticed any significant difference.  Am I being too impatient?  



This is certainly a question that others might shed some light on. I have heard a wide variety of reports on the outcomes of taking this medication. Some people report feeling better within days. Others report it does take time. Still others report that the medicine had no effect whatsoever.

Huummm … what is going on here you are wondering? The factors that contribute to the neurological symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease are multifaceted, so depending on the primary causal factor that is involved in your case, this medicine  may or may not help.

Neurologists get a lot of information on your response to the medication so they are certainly a valuable resource to get an answer to your question. Clearly, your neurologist is the best guide here.

If you are interested in exploring other options that can be pursued (with or without taking medications) I invite you to explore the many fascinating topics that will be presented at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit this summer in Cincinnati. People are reversing their symptoms using a wide variety of approaches. A number of the contributors to Pioneers of Recovery who have reversed their symptoms will be offering workshops at the Summit.  The workshop topics reflect a wide variety of fascinating and very different approaches that are helping people with Parkinson’s recover.

The approaches that tend to succeed usually address the reasons for the symptoms in the first place. My research has uncovered there are many factors involved. The body is not a simple mechanism.  It really does know how to heal itself. It just needs a little extra help sometimes.

The people who are recovering are exploring a combination of treatments, therapies and modalities. If you have elected to explore one and only one therapy, I would recommend that you consider others as well. And of course, determining the root cause of the symptoms helps tremendously in identifying the treatments options that will help your
body heal.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease


What other therapies do you recommend aside from the food aspect?


The thrust of my research has been to cast a wide net to identify any and all therapies that help persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons. After five years of a focused search, I am happy to report that I have succeeded in identifying dozens and dozens of natural, safe and nonintrusive therapies that people with Parkinson’s symptoms tell me help them immensely. To my surprise, I have not found very many therapies that do not have a positive impact to some degree.

The nature of your question is tied to several underlying assumptions. First, you assume that Parkinsons disease is caused by one and only one imbalance in the body. I disagree. There are a multitude of factors that create neurological symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. For many people, more than one  factor is present. The particular therapies that can help will be driven by the conditions that are causing  the neurological symptoms. There are no easy solutions of fixes.

Many potential therapies exist that will and do help depending on the circumstances that are present. This was the motivating impetus to sponsor the Parkinsons Recovery Summit last week in Vancouver, Washington which was free.

Twelve different therapies were represented. Therapists volunteered their time to give free treatments and consultations to all who attended. It was a historic event for all persons currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Second, you assume that I have a list of therapies that people should pursue if they expect to get well. That is, you assume that I promote a program of recovery. I am well aware that some medical professionals offer a very  specific protocol to treat the symptoms and that some of these programs are successful.

I am not a medical care professional. I am a researcher. As such, my job is to find the people who are figuring out solutions that are working for them and let others know about it.

I have just finished updating my book, Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. The book offers a detailed description of the many therapies that are helping people who currently experience the symptoms of  Parkinson’s. If I were to offer a full and complete answer to your question I would now be writing a post that is 330 pages long – which is the length of the 2011 edition of Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.

Yes – there are many opportunities to get well. Seize the opportunities and you will begin to feel better day by day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Copper and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Lori sent me several messages from her i-phone about her remarkable recovery from the symptoms Parkinson’s disease. With her permission I am posting her correspondence to me below. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

My symptoms are currently reversing. My sons, myself and my sister tested very high copper levels.  Found out once started prenatal vitamins started improving almost gone after nine months .
Neurologist confirmed marked improvement! Work out alot. Eating better. Cut out diet coke addiction. Pray alot! My sons and I take zinc to chelate copper. Water tested positive copper. Copper pipes leaching copper.

It’s so weird! You have been so positive for me. Footdrop gone. Cogwheeling gone. Smile back:) Bradykinesia almost gone. Just action tremor.

They tell me I don’t have Wilson’s disease because cervoplasmin high too. They thought copper was elevated because of bc pills. But off them ordered own serum copper, i’m an OD, still high! My husband md, always said no resting tremor and he would notice it. Five doctors confirmed. Even went to cleveland clinic. Raised 7000 dollars for mjff.  Acceptted it. Something kept telling me have another baby. Got off meds. Started prenatal. Bam – got better. I’m supposed to be in that big mjff study. Called Cleveland. They said pd never gets better. Must be ingesting something.

I kept telling neuro that thought copper toxicity due chronic green hair when moved into house with copper pipes five years ago. Peds doctor helped me most because tested sons and high so he called toxicologist geneticist and metabolic.

I’m so scared it’s going to come back but I don’t think God does partial miracles.  My sister was higher than me. Currently get lots blood tests but say not Wilsons!

Thanks for positive vibes. Pd is so gloom doom. No hope awful, I think no one should not be given hope. People forget the God factor. Please post because if it happened to me it can happen to others.  My husband always thought h1n1 did it. But he sees what vitamins are doing for me, vitamins with no copper.

My handwriting is no longer small. Still trembles but so much easier.  I wrote and dated a journal so I can see the change.

Mirapex never really helped. It really only made a slight improvement in handwriting.  Never helped foot, smile cogwheeling or tremor. My doctors sill say I have PD and haven’t seen all improvement – think I’m nuts!

But pharmacy assured me mirapex er out of system. Completely done with it Nov 1, started to taper it Oct 21. started prenatal vitamins Oct 21. Noticed improvement. Started documenting it all on Nov 16th.  Haven’t seen neuro since nov 18th. I think they are going to be shocked!

Movement specialist said she never doubted my diagnosis, doesn’t want to see me til Feb. I’ve learned I have wrong doctors and the best peds doctor.

The thing that worried me was at 6 year old son started getting breasts. Doctor documented this. I researched crap out of it. It would come and go. Told peds everything, in youth elevated copper secondary sex characteristics. I started boys on vitamins. Youngest would not take them. I told doctor the oldest sons will be lower because been on vitamin. This turned out to be true. My husband’s copper level is normal.

I feel God put me thru this to help my boys! I’m planning to get prego once all gone . It will be miracle baby! It sounds unbelievable!

We have bottled water. Looking to get copper filter for shower! I would love to move but houses not selling.  We have a really nice house but I hate the copper pipes!


A Clever Solution to Walking and Parkinson’s Disease

Hans de Rijke from The Hague in Holland called in during one of my shows and told us all about how he overcomes any and all challenges with walking by bouncing a ball. Isn’t that clever?

Hans sent me a video demonstrating how this simple technique works. You are going to have to turn you head to the side to watch. Just count that as part of your day’s exercise program.

[flashvideo filename=videos/hans.flv image=videos/hans.jpg /]

Do you have a ball hanging around at home? Why not give it a try? Hans explains that no one takes notice of a man bouncing a ball down the street.  It  helps make you feel a lot younger than walking down the street with a cane.

The Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery program is all about helping you figure out ways you can get sustain relief from your symptoms. Join us in San Diego October 18th-20th.

Problems with Balance, Walking, Talking and Sweating


I have had Parkinson’s  since 2008. I am now taking amantrel-100 2 tab and pramipex-0.5 2 tab daily.

I still have a balance problem, a walking problem. Turning is also a problem – especially to the left, dryness in mouth, problem of pronunciation of some words while talking. excessive sweating at the left side of forehead is remarkable since 2005.  I also feel pain at neck below head backside of ears.

Kindly help,



You have a series of symptoms which is typical of people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It is likely that the cause is multi-faceted.

First, there is an Ayurvedic doctor in India, Dr. Paneri from Gujarat, who sees people with Parkinson’s exclusively and is getting remarkable results. His website is:

Second, check the side effects of the drugs you are taking. It is likely some of the problems you are experiencing may be simply the side effects of the drugs. You may want to talk with your doctor about adjusting your medications.

Third, I suggest that you focus your attention on finding doctors and health care practitioners who can help you detox the toxins in your body, I am guessing that toxins are a primary cause of your symptoms. You may well have an abundance of heavy metals and pesticides that have accumulated in your body.Once they are removed your symptoms may well subside.

There are many ways to detox – just check around and find an approach that appeals to you. I have been using
zeolite personally with great success – but there are many other excellent methods that are effective as well.

You can get a wide variety of suggestions on detoxes from my new book which is described at:

Know always that the body knows how to heal itself. We just have to give it a little extra loving kindness and attention sometimes.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
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Intoxication with Heavy Metal as a Possible Cause of Parkinson’s Disease

A neurologist recommended in the year 1998, that I should be medicated against my tremor, but I said no thank you to his offer, as I preferred to be better diagnosed before starting medication.

The following year my symptoms increased, as I became more rigid and my tremor got worse and I therefore was easy to persuade by a new neurologist to try anti-Parkinson medication. Shortly after, I was scanned for Parkinson’s disease and the result was compatible with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the early stage.

Anti-Parkinson medication helped to decrease the symptoms, but soon I experienced more severe symptoms. At first I thought that it was the disease becoming more severe and this was confirmed by my neurologist who told me that it was unavoidable.

After one year on medication my neurologist recommended that I stopped medication before the next consultation. This became the start of a new phase in the way I coped with my disease, as without medication, I experienced that:-

-     The medication can result in abstinences when the medication is stopped.

-     Many of the symptoms, that I thought were Parkinson’s symptoms, were in reality side effects of the medication.

Therefore I decided to accept the symptoms of the disease instead of being burdened with adverse side effects of the medication. The outcome of this choice forced me to search for factors, which had influenced my symptoms.

In the year 2001 I was tested for Heavy Metal Toxicity in a private clinic in Aarhus, Denmark by Dr. Bruce Kyle ( and I was diagnosed with a combined toxic overload with mercury and copper.

I was treated at Dr. Bruce Kyle’s clinic with the Chelating Agent DMPS, with Vitamin-C infusions and different kinds of antioxidants and nutritional support. At the same time I had my amalgam fillings removed and had non-toxic, non-metal composites instead. This was done by a dentist with extra education in safe removal of amalgam. I also use saunas, which help detoxification by sweating out the toxins through my skin.

After some years of undergoing detoxifying treatments, I had fewer tremors and was less rigid, but I still suffered from fatigue. Allergic reaction against metals was suspect, and I undertook a MELISA-test.  (

My test showed an allergic reaction against gold, nickel and cadmium and treatment protocol was removal of a dental gold crown, which was replaced with plastic.  Now, I try to avoid nickel and to eat more organic food to avoid cadmium. Luckily I have been rewarded for my efforts as my fatigue has decreased.

Today I can honestly say that testing and treatments for my chronic cumulative toxicity has been successful for revealing some of the causes of my Parkinson’s disease. However, I still have slightly high levels of copper left and in Autumn 2006 and Spring 2008 tests show that I am also burdened with lead and aluminum.

I do not dare to think about how my life would have been without detoxifying treatments!  When I look at other patients with Parkinson’s disease who are getting worse, I have even more reasons to be thankful for my health, which continues to improve as time goes on.

Where do these Heavy Metals come from?

In my case, mercury and copper were likely to have come from my amalgam fillings. Copper-amalgam contains a high percentage of copper and I had many fillings in my milk teeth. Even later in school I had many cavities, which were restored with amalgam. The dentist said that I had weak teeth.

As an adult, I have only had one cavity, so I might think that my parents were not good at helping me with tooth brushing and perhaps also the school dentist has been tempted to do fillings, which were not necessary as she was paid for the amount of pupils’ cavities that she restored.

In addition I have in my job as a veterinarian, been exposed to many thermometers, which sometimes break and where the mercury ended up in the bottom of the car. Veterinarians were not properly informed that this could constitute a health hazard at that time.

Moreover Mercury can come from vaccinations containing the preservative Thiomersal (ethyl-mercury). Mercury might also come from environmental pollution and intake of fish. Copper might come from use of copper spiral (anti contraceptive) and from drinking water and food. The Danish Agriculture Production uses 200 tons of copper yearly and this copper could be assumed to spread to the environment and end up in drinking water and food.

When a person is burdened with mercury toxicity, then the excretion of copper is decreased.

My toxicity burden with lead might perhaps come from common environmental pollution. My toxicity with aluminum probably came from years of injections with aluminum containing products against dust mite allergy.

My nutrition today contains more antioxidants (nutrients which protects the body against free radicals and oxidation), more vegetables (raw vegetables are chosen) and more fruits.
I have stopped eating unhealthy fats such as margarine, hard fats, corn oil, soy, sunflower etc. I try to eat more of the healthy fats such as fat fish (salmon), linseed, olives oil, nuts etc.

I take antioxidants as nutritional supplementation, also a multivitamin mineral pill without iron and copper, extra vitamin C and E, Lipoic acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba and Coenzyme Q10. I also use DMSA for mercury, copper and lead chelation.

Concerning the nutrition I would recommend the book by Jean Carper – “Your Miracle Brain.”

Physical activity has been an important part of my life. At the beginning of my disease I walked without swinging my right arm and I stumbled rather often. After years training trying to walk normally with swinging my right arm, I have succeeded, but only when I am not too stressed or exhausted. The principle is like this, if I can walk one step with swinging the arm, then I can also walk 3 steps….. or also walk 5 minutes…or 5 kilometres and so on.

I also use visualization when training my movements.

People, who do not realize the effects that Parkinson’s disease has on their own body, often have problems understanding how demanding it is for a Parkinson patient to cope with conscious movements. Even something as banal as cleaning your shoes on a doormat is not necessarily functioning automatically but needs mental work, like steering a toy car with a joystick.

It is very common that a Parkinson patient with time develops a forward bending posture and some years ago I had thoracic Kyphosis and could not wear any of my shirts anymore. A physiotherapist has taught me some physical exercises, which I since have done every day.

Today my back is straight again, which makes me happy. People, who are happy, often have a straight posture, while sad and grieving people often have a crooked posture. By choosing body posture you can also indirectly choose your emotions.

I enjoy sending a signal that I am bubbling with joys of life.

I try to avoid, if possible, all kind of stress. Now I choose calm classical music instead of rock; I value tight relationships instead of having a circle of acquaintances with ‘small talk’ and I love being out in nature instead of taking city walks. It is a pleasure for me to do meditation and to sing.

I have also improved at listening to the signals from my body and I take care to rest and sleep when needed.  I have also improved at learning to avoid doing things, which I dislike and instead I do things that make me happy.

When being diagnosed with a chronic disease the patient often goes through a life crisis and so did I. The crises made me more religious and I learned to pray to my God from the bottom of my heart – this has given me spiritual power to cope with life and the new circumstances.

‘Where there is willpower, there is a way to go.’ This phrase was said about me by a good friend, as a way to express how I cope with my disease.

Years ago the neurologists said several times that I had got Parkinson’s disease and that this disease is chronic, impossible to cure and progressive. I thought that it might be like this for other patients, but that it would not be like this in my case. By working and studying a lot and sometimes by choosing blind paths, I have succeeded in finding a tiny little path out of my disease. Today I have fewer symptoms than in the year 1998, which means that the expression ‘progressive’ cannot be used generally about all patients with Parkinson’s disease.

I retired in the year 2001 when I was 44 years old and although it was really a hard time, today I feel that I have a good life. To my co-patients I will say:-  “Search for knowledge and keep on trying to search for new possibilities.”

Generally I recommend neurological patients to be tested with a chelating agent for chronic toxicity with heavy metals. If this is diagnosed, then it is possible to de-toxify, which can give hope to a future of increased health and decreased neurological symptoms.

If you want more information about toxicity with heavy metal and Parkinson’s disease then use the Internet.

Thank you for reading my case-story and I wish you all the best.

Hanne Koplev

Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease


Emotional Freedom Technique is not the only recovery method I find useful.  The others are 2 publications by the Parkinsons Recovery Project…your site of course, John Coleman’s methods, EFT, Noel Batten methods, and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s writings.

The most profound  site is the Parkinsons Recovery Project.  Free downloadable books at this site make the most sense.  You cannot just skim over them. I read the 2005 or so editions and follow closely all updates.

I was treated in 2005 using Yin Tuina with great success.  The  western ways of dealing with PD symptoms involves focus on the physical/chemical.  They have ignored the psychological. I can manage the physical, but head work is by far more exhausting.   The  Parkinsons Recovery Project wont be accepted for another 20 yrs or more probably.   But there are people who have recovered  and improved with their philosophy and much difficult introspection.

I loved your most recent radio show on Tai Chi. I do T’ai Chi Chih, an even more PD friendly tai chi for some that has only 20 movements

Best regards


Medical Specialities for Parkinson’s

There are many alternatives to consider when searching for therapies and treatments that provide relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s. I will preview several by way of opening up ideas for where you can search to find relief.

One of the places that is familiar to most people today is western medicine, a specialty among many other possible specialties that can be considered. Western medicine treats symptoms with prescription drugs and surgery. This approach for treating illness has become a commonly accepted method of treating disease for about 100 years now.

It is losing some of its popularity because of the side effects of the medicines and the consequences of surgeries. It is important to remember,  however, that the mainstream medication specialty is precisely what some people need to jump start their recovery program.

Thank goodness the western medicine specialty is stringently regulated. Prescription medicines make molecular changes to the cellular structure of the body.  Most prescription medicines have significant side effects. This is why Federal Drug Administration (or a similar agency in other countries) legally regulates the prescription and sale of all prescription drugs. Stringent certifications are required for the medical doctors who prescribe the meditations and for the pharmacists who sell them.

The standard treatment approach in western medicine is to perform diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the symptom.  Unfortunately administration of the tests can of course take months and require considerable expense. Unfortunately, the diagnostic tests sometimes cause illnesses in their own right.

After determining a diagnosis, the standard approach is to prescribe medications or surgery. If the medications and/or surgery succeed in alleviating the symptoms, the treatment is declared a success. If  unsuccessful, the treatment is suspended in search of an alternative drugs or surgeries that are hoped will provide relief.  Sometimes medical doctors have to go back to the drawing board to consider other diagnoses. Some people have a long list of diagnoses for a variety of symptom sets.

The western approach to medicine works beautifully for some people and some symptoms. For other people and other symptoms, such treatments can be disappointing. Many people prefer this specialty over other alternatives. Others use both.

There are also a wide variety of other specialties that offer the potential to provide relief which rely on natural methods to heal the body. An  advantage of such specialties is that they have been practiced for many thousands of years with great success. The worst side effect you are likely to  experience when using natural therapies is improved health on some level.

The number of specialties other than western medicine is extensive: homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, meditation, energy healing, physical therapy, tai chi, chi gung, naturopathy, exercise, hypnosis, counseling therapy, nutrition, body work – you name it. This is the short list.  Most of these specialties have been practiced for thousands and thousands of years. The standard approach to illness in the United States was to use homeopathic remedies until the beginning of the 20th century, a time when most of us today were not living.

Many people get a huge advantage when they use a combination of specialties.  Why? When used in combination, the benefits from using the treatments from more than one specialty are usually synergistic.

In the countless interviews I do with individuals who have the symptoms of Parkinson’s I am overwhelmed with what people do that helps – not just a little – but a lot.

May you open the door to consider what all specialties have to offer. That is what I have been doing with my own research strategy and I am unearthing unbelievable discoveries which you can read about in the Parkinsons Recovery newsletters and hear on the Parkinsons Recovery radio program.

Join me with investigating other specialties that have the potential to help you feel a lot better. The people who are getting great relief from their symptoms are willing to experiment with many different specialties. The sky is the limit. The potential for healing is limitless.

Parkinson’s Supplements


You must be most certainly aware of Dr. Mukesh Paneri,an ayurvedic doctor from Ahmedabad, India. His website is

He claims to have cured more than 50 patients from Parkinsons Disease and 122 well on their way to recovery. I would like to know how genuine and authentic are his claims before progressing further. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.



I have been trying to arrange an interview with Dr. Paneri for a year but I have thus far not succeeded. I have talked with several people who have received his treatment. Results of my investigations to date are reported in my book, Pioneers of Recovery.

This is the first I have heard that he reports specific numbers of persons who are symptom free. It would be wonderful if he is now meticulously tracking the recovery of his patients.

My own feeling about “cures” is that no one else cures us of anything. We cure ourselves. I do know from my interview with Nathan Zakheim (who reports a full recovery from Dr. Paneri’s treatments in Pioneers of Recovery) that Dr. Paneri uses an Ayurvedic approach which requires a very strict dietary intake of food. His treatment involves much more than simply taking herbs or supplements which he sends his patients from his clinic in India.

He is the fifth generation in his family of people who have worked with people with Parkinson’s. You are clearly dealing with someone who has intimate knowledge of the symptoms. I understand that he does consultations with his patients by phone.

I do not know whether the claims you report above are “valid” or documented. I have talked with people who have used his services who report feeling  better as a result. I suspect that like all possibilities, some people respond favorably to his therapies and some do not. I have no direct evidence to this effect. I only have results of my own investigations on many other therapies and treatments.

Everyone has to find the path of recovery that works for them.  I have not found a therapy yet that has a positive impact on everyone. I do know that if you commit to working with Dr. Paneri, you have to have a strong commitment to get better and you must be willing to make significant changes in your diet and life style. I suspect a reason people do feel better is because they begin to watch the food they eat much more mindfully.

If you decide to receive his treatments, please let us all know how it turns out! We would all love to hear from you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinsons and Deep Brain Stimulation


I’m suffering from Parkinson since 97 & doctor has suggested DBS to be done. I find its very scary. Do you have any other option?



There are more than one hundred natural treatment options that have been reported to me that help people with the symptoms of Parkinsons get relief from their symptoms. Without any information about your particular situation, I do not know where to direct you. The variation in symptoms across persons with Parkinson’s is huge (which is why there are so many treatment options that have helped people).  

Take advantage of the information on the website ( Listen
to my weekly radio program at 11:00 am pacific time Thursdays. I talk about one modality or another that have helped people. Begin to experiment with what calls out to you. The people who get the  best relief typically use a combination of therapies. 

What will help you may not help another person, so forge ahead with your own investigation. Make some initial decisions about where to start. If whatever you try does not help, try something else. Having now interviewed many people, I can assure you that you will find a set of therapies and/or treatments that will provide you with relief.

I will be sure and put Deep Brain Stimulation on my list of topics to address on my weekly radio program.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Essential Oils Uses for Parkinson’s

Last Friday I interview Jean Oswald from
Rochester, New York who is a certified
aroma therapist and a registered nurse.
Jean provided a wealth of useful information
about how essential oils can be used to
provide relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Here is her answer to two of my questions:

What if an individual has problems with
rigidity of their muscles and it is very
difficult for them to move with ease. What
is an essential oil that might help relieve
that particular symptom? 

There are a few essential oils that could
be most beneficial for muscle rigidity.
Essential oils like Cedarwood, Frankincense
and Sandalwood are high in Sesquiterpene.
They cross the blood brain barrier. They are
going to be carrying more oxygen throughout
the body and helping with firing neurons and
relieving neurological symptoms.

Muscle rigidity in connection to that is
helped by Marjoram essential oils which are
very relaxing to the muscles and Basil which
is an anti-spasmodic.

Use them in a massage or put them directly
on the skin over the spine, on the soles of
the feet and specifically on areas of the skin
where the tension itself is present in the muscles.

I would recommend a blend, a lotion that
combines the Marjoram, Basil and other essential

How about the problem of tremors? What essential
oils might be recommended to relieve that symptom?

I would say Basil or Frankincense, the
anti-spasmodic oils.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinson’s Treatments: Macro Food and Amethyst Biomats?


I am a woman on a mission (to recover) and
just found out about something called amethyst
biomats. They are infrared and considered a
medical device, also expensive.

Do you know anything about them for Parkinson’s?
I spoke to a friend of my sisters who cured
herself from scleroderma with meditation, macro
food, and she told about this mat and she uses it.



I have a long list of therapies people with Parkinson’s
have told me helps, but this is the first I have heard
about amethyst biomats. Anyone else out there have any
experience with amethyst bio mats (or macro food
for that matter)? If so, please comment below!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinson’s Treatment Options and Parkinson’s Nutrition

Question (from Holland):

I use some times a week organic biological
soy sauce (tamari) and miso, a biological soy paste.
Can I trust this is MSG-free?

I read that nuts in the supermarket might contain MSG.
So biological nuts are MSG-free?


In the United States, they have a term “organic”
which is supposed to mean no additives of any
kind. I am guessing the term “biological” means
the same thing in your country. It is probably
healthy and safe, but we never can be 100% certain!

The truth is that most products in supermarkets
have MSG of one form or another, so you really
never know for sure. The more often you can
purchase food from local suppliers, the more
you can be certain the foods are additive free. 

Another subject: Aquas: 

I use them now for ten days and I feel very good.
I take them together with noni-juice, in the evening
with other fruit-juice. I started with one drop, then
half a drop (threw half a glass water away), then
again one drop, after some days two drops, last few
days I try three drops. I feel emotionally very well
and optimistic, enjoy more of life.


Glad to hear the Aquas are helping. John Coleman,
ND, tells me that have been a big help to his
patients as well. 
Another subject: A Helpful Therapy that Contributes to
My well Being

I found a therapist that helps me to communicate
directly with my body. After a light head-neck-shoulder
massage she asks me to sit with my eyes closed
and concentrate on my body.

She asks what discomfort I feel, in what body part
it is located, and how long it is there. In a light
trance she guides me to the situation where the
discomfort started and encourages me to tell about
it and let it go.


This is truly fascinating. We all need to find
someone like this. Do they have a website? 

PS I was diagnosed PD in July 2007, I am free from
synthetic medicine. Still doing some professional work,
making long walks, go to fitness.

 Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery















Parkinsons Disease Treatment: Who can Help Parkinsons in India?


My distant uncle got this problem. He is
in India do you know any medical centres in
India/Singapour any country near to India
that can cure it. 


There is a clinic in Ahmedabad India
that has helped people with Parkinson’s
for many, many generations. They use
an Ayurvedic approach and emphasize
getting the digestive system back on
track. They also grow their own herbs. 

I have had interviews with some people
on the United States who have received
assistance from this clinic and report
encouraging results.

I encourage anyone else who has had
experience with Dr. Paneri’s clinic  to
put their two cents worth and tell us all 
about your experience! 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery