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Foot Whisperer Randy Eady Inspires a Successful Experiment

I must tell you about a foot whisperer experiment I carried out today after listening to the foot whisperer Randy Eady on your radio show. I knew the hands and feet mapped onto large areas of the brain but had no idea that this was such a dynamic mapping. When I felt my sine met level go low, instead of taking another I got up onto my feet. I stayed on my feet for 1 hour and 20 minutes walking, kicking a ball, throwing a ball, dancing whatever I could think of as long as I stayed on my feet and I was fine. Eventually I got bored rather than tired and took another tablet. This kicked in within a few minutes. Great because my medication lasted an extra hour and 20 minutes and would have been longer if I hadn’t got bored.

This explains to me why the exercise bike doesn’t help me walk, why I can’t easily walk after a long swim and why I’m in trouble if I need to get up in the night. And why if I sit down at a friends house for hours in the evening I have trouble leaving!

I for one am going to get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so when I have to sit. Maybe in a marginal situation like Parkinson’s the brain needs very frequent reminders from the feet. Thank you Randy!

I do think my two biophotonic treatments have a role in this improvement also.


Foot Whispering or Fitness Program?

Do you elect to access recovery through Randy Eady’s foot whispering or through the Delay the Disease fitness program? You will have to make a choice at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit regarding which of these two options you will learn much more about. As you can see below, they are offered at the same time!

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Randy Eady


 Barefoot Doctoring:  The Heart of Foot Whispering and Perfecting Posture

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         A Parkinsons Specific
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Parkinson’s specific fitness
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