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What Causes Falls?

Do you have problems with balance that result in falls occasionally? You may suspect the problem is a dopamine deficiency. I suggest an alternative cause – food poisoning which results in a plethora of bad bacteria in your gut.

The energy running through various meridians in our body is what keeps us alive. All of the meridians that connect to the head and brain are the digestive meridians – stomach, small and large intestine. Focus on getting your digestive system back on line and your balance problems should resolve.

Lightheadedness is a common symptom of food poisoning, that stems from the symptoms of nausea, fatigue and/or dehydration.People with food poisoning may also experience dizziness that presents as a symptom a day or two (or much sooner)  after becoming infected.

One such food poisoning is listeria. Symptoms may include fever, aches, stiff neck, headache, lost balance, mental confusion, and convulsions. Please note the symptoms of “lost balance.”

There is a natural remedy for food poisoning you have likely never heard about. I certainly knew nothing about until I had a serious bout with food poisoning recently.

It is called “Activated Charcoal”, a nonprescription supplement available in health food stores and supplement outlets. This is a natural treatment that has highly absorbent capabilities. For this reason, it is mostly used in various detox programs and  to get rid of harmful substances like food toxins.

Although it is a natural remedy there are side effects. These need to be investigated before you decide to take it. Also, be sure to check with your doctor before deciding to give it a trial run.

I personally wanted you to know about it because it helped reverse my dizziness and reclaim Rock Solid Walking after experiencing a scary assault of food poisoning. I took an activated charcoal capsule for 3 weeks or so afterward and now take one capsule when I eat out at a restaurant.

This may be a simple solution to a very troublesome symptom. Check it out!

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery
Rock Solid Walking



Update from Christian Hageseth

Robert and I have recorded interviews three times in the past:

  1. September 2016: Five years no medications. Parkinson’s improving. How I had gone for 5 years without meds and was doing well using exercise and yoga
  2. January 2017: Wholistic (or holistic) how different PWPs approach their treatment.
  3. October 2018: Shifting the Parkinson’s disease mindset.
  • This is my fourth appearance on the show today, and I still hold to my beliefs.  
  1. EXERCISE. EXERCISE, EXERCISE. I cannot exercise as hard as I did before. Gradually I had to walk more and jog less. Could only 3 – 4 miles.
  2. More convinced than ever that MINDSET/ATTITUDE is the key, PARKINSON’S IS A CHALLENGE, NOT A CURSE.  When I was formally diagnosed, I was 70 years old. Life expectancy for me was 84.1. Well, now I’m 82.4. In a year and a half, I will have reached my life expectancy.
  3. YOGA remains critical.
  4. WAIT UNTIL you really must take Levodopa. Levodopa induced dyskinesia (LID) is a real deal and can be disabling. Google it on YouTube. 
  • Let’s look at my life since we last met, year by year.

2018 – I shot a video titled So High So Low for the “I HAD A DREAM PROJECT” where I hiked a three mile walk trail and climbed a thousand feet. 


That year I also went to Uganda to demonstrate the practices I used to manage so long without meds. (Robert, this is quite a tale, plus I have pictures.)

  • 2019 – After directing the local Parkinson’s support group, I resigned so new blood could take over.

BUT: New symptoms emerged that I didn’t know about:

  1. Anomia: a language specific disturbance arising after brain damage whose main symptom is the inability of retrieving known words. But it’s not dementia!
  2. Pseudo Bulbar Affect Crying or laughing excessively upon feeling any deep feeling.
  3. Dysphagia: difficulty or discomfort in swallowing as a symptom of disease. It starts out with mucus as postnasal drip. Get to an OT!
  4. Oily, flakey skin
  5. Sleep disturbances. Fall into deep sleep in the middle of the day. And then don’t sleep well at night.
  6. Pain in bed at night. Interfered with sleep.
  • 2020 – It was a remarkable and horrific year. PANDEMIC!

No more yoga classes! No gym with weightlifting. Social interaction approached zero. 

  • 2021 – Then, a condition worse than Parkinson’s emerged: Major Depression.

March 2021 – Fell and shattered right knee – 16 days in hospital.

July 2021 – Fell and broke my right hip.

August – Severe depression, I became suicidal.

September – Chose to have a course of electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)

October- It worked, and my PD improved a lot.

The falls were due to the antidepressant I was taking may increase fall for people with Parkinsons.

LESSON: Make sure you MD goes through all meds in case a med might make falling more likely

My story with Depression

Family history is strong.

Parkinson’s did not cause my suicidal depression, genetics and environment did.  Antidepressant medication failed to work and led to my falls!

2022 – I returned to my new normal. And that’s where I am today. I just have more symptoms and feel weaker.

I followed up with PWPs who I have advised in the past.

It became clear to me: I want to coach people with PD. 


Teach PWPs how to become a “Bad Ass with PD.” 

No more withdrawal and depression.

My PD website:  

Robert, I want to come back with a program I have just developed to make being a person with PD and their caregiver have a better relationship. 

New website 

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery

Solutions for Parkinson’s Symptoms

On Parkinsons Recovery Radio today. Fred Phillips offered his insights into how he gets immediate relief from a variety of his Parkinson’s symptoms.  His solutions for Parkinson’s symptoms are novel and profound. Do you ever have difficulty when walking with:

  • Freezing?
  • Standing up?
  • Shuffling?
  • Slowness?
  • Leg Cramps?

If so, I strongly recommend that You listen to my interview with Fred today. Click the arrow below to hear the replay. Fred has discovered some powerful, yet simple solutions to these
symptoms that have helped him enormously.

One of now over 70 pioneers of recovery I have hosted on Parkinsons Recovery radio, Fred also previews his 10 step protocol for recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease




Use This Fantastic Technique to Improve Balance

Have Issues with Balance and Mobility?

Here Is A Simple And Effective Strategy

 Watch this 2 minute YouTube video posted by Steve who has Parkinson’s symptoms for a tip that:
  • Is simple to do
  • Can be done right now
  • Requires no practice
  • Involves no training program
  • Is free.

This is by far the best idea I have heard about in a long time that helps improve balance and enhances mobility. I suspect it is effective because it opens up energetic meridians throughout the body that have led to poor posture and drained your energy.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia, Washington

Shoes for Balance Problems

What Shoes Tell You about Balance Problems (and Possible Back Pain)

I have a suggestion that will eat up 15 seconds of your day. That is not a bad deal, right? Better yet, what you discover in these 15 seconds will very likely reveal the actual reason for any balance issues (or back problems) you may currently be experiencing.

Convinced to do it? I hope so.

Examine how the heels of your shoes are wearing.  (OK. Maybe the task is a little longer than 15 seconds if you have to take off your shoes, but not much longer). If the heels of your shoes show more wear on the outside than inside, it probably means your hips are misaligned. Your balance will be compromised. Worse, your back may be screaming out in pain whenever you take a step.

I know just about as much as you do about hip misalignments. How do I know wearing on the heels of shoes tell all? In my earlier years I had severe back pain. My solution initially was to see a chiropractor. Did the chiropractor observe me walking so the problem could be evaluated? Nope! All he did was look at the bottom of my shoes.

Here is a picture of the shoes I wore at the time.

Shoes Robert Rodgers wore when a PhD Student at Michigan State University
Shoes Robert Rodgers wore when a PhD Student a Michigan State University

You probably first noticed that these shoes have not been polished.  Well, hey. I was focused on earning my PhD, not on making sure my shoes were polished.

What I want you to notice is the wearing on the outside half of the heels on both shoes. I was placing most of my weight on the outside edges of both feet when walking and running rather than the inside edges. Centered balance is achieved when we place more weight on the inside edges of our feet than the outside. The foot is built to withstand more weight there.

Years pass. Check out what the heels of my current shoes look like today.

Wearing on Heels of Robert's Shoes Today
Wearing on Heels of Robert’s Shoes Today

First, notice that I wear shoes today that do not have to be polished. I still did not polish shoes after I finished graduate school so I now buy shoes that do not need polishing.

Second, notice that the wear on the bottom of the heels is more even – not perfect by any means – but a lot better than shown in the first image of shoes from graduate school days.

How does the wearing on the soles of my shoes “tell all” today?  I have no back pain.

In summary, if you are having balance problems, examine the heels of your shoes. The cause of the problem may well be rooted in a misalignment of your hips.

I have just developed a program that offers a wide variety of strategies, tips, suggestions, therapies and programs that bring hips back into perfect alignment. Click on the link below for the inside scoop on my new program. 

Many options exist to bring hip problems back into balance. If your hips are not in perfect alignment today (by inspecting wearing on the heels of your shoes) rest assured that you hips eagerly await your tender loving attention. They do not want to be out of balance any more that you do!

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

P.S. A chiropractor did not solve my back problem. I figured it out all by myself.

Balance Problems: An Eloquent Solution

Balance Problems

Most people figure that solutions to balance problems must be difficult, painful and tedious. Surely it must take months and months to address balance problems successfully. Right?

In the following video I present one eloquent suggestion that will lead you to a very different conclusion. Solutions to balance problems are actually easy when you  realize that you had the solution in your  hip pocket all along.

For information on the Walk with Ease and Confidence program visit

Improve Balance. Prevent Falls.

  • Are you having difficulty with maintaining good balance?
  • Have you fallen in the past or fear you may fall in the future?

I have exciting news for you.

A new, easily accessible resource that addresses these concerns is – at long last – now available.  The Parkinsons Recovery Walk with Ease and Confidence membership documents the strategies, “steps”and programs  you can pursue that improve balance and prevent falls. The ideas are presented in the forms of text, clips of interviews from
Parkinsons Recovery radio shows, videos taken at the various Parkinsons Recovery Summits and YouTube videos.

Why Did I Create This New Resource?

I have hosted hundreds of radio show guests on Parkinsons Recovery radio shows over the past 10 years. My guests have discussed amazing strategies and fascinating programs to improve balance and prevent falls. These suggestions and ideas have always been (and will continue to be) accessible for free.

I realized recently that most people with mobility issues do not know about these solutions. How could this be so? The suggestions and strategies I have meticulously  documented over the past decade are, practically speaking, inaccessible. There is so much information scattered all over the place it would take months to locate the information you need.

Until now.

I have dedicated my time this year to extract audio clips from radio shows, edit videos from Parkinsons Recovery Summits and select posts from my blog that have offered solutions for improving balance and preventing falls. The content is now organized in one place for easy access – the new Walk with Balance and Confidence membership.

Here are a few of the topics that are covered in my new program:

  • How to Prevent Falling Forward
  • Two Exercises To loosen Rigidity
  • Practical Ways to Improve Arm Swing
  • How to Improve Your Posture
  • Strategy to Unlock Freezing
  • Strategies to Avoid Freezing
  • A Vitamin that Prevents Falls and Improves Overall Balance
  • How to Hard Wire Your Brain to walk effortlessly
  • How to make dopamine naturally
  • How to prevent falls
  • Mobility Issues Caused by Metal Amalgams, Jewelry and Toxic Exposure

Click on “Improve Balance and Prevent Falls” below  to learn more about my new membership program.

Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

A Novel Solution for Falls and Balance Problems

Many of the therapies I have identified in my research over the past six years require a minimum level of functionality. We know exercise helps many people with their recovery, but if a person falls repeatedly and has balance problems, exercise may not really be a viable option. Moreover, if movement is problematic, it is very challenging to reverse any symptoms that might currently be experienced.

On my radio show today (Wednesday, April 4, 2012) Physical Therapist Cindy Horn discusses a solution she has recently invented: Balance Based Torso Weighting Technology. To watch a video demonstration of this custom weighted jacket, click on the link below:

After watching the video, be sure to listen to my interview with Cindy Horn on the radio show Wednesday at 3 pm pacific time (6 pm eastern):

Call in during the show if you have questions!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery


Balance Problems

I am doing better with the Parkinson’s. I wish I didn’t have a balance problem when I walk. I am walking with my mother in the morning 2 miles. My equilibrium is off, but it is better now that I am walking.

Do you have any ideas how I can help myself. The tremors are so much better since I do not have stress in my life.


Isn’t it so sweet to honor and acknowledge the profound impact stress has on symptoms and – better yet – to see what happens when you succeed in reducing stress. That is certainly cause for celebration. Congratulations.

Your general question regarding balance problems is one many people can relate to. Obviously I have no idea what is causing your specific balance challenge and even if I did, I am not qualified to suggest a remedy since I am a researcher (Ph.D.) not a medical doctor.

If I were personally experiencing balance problems, I would pursue the checklist below:

First, am I taking any medications whose side effects cause balance problems? If so, I need to consult with a compounding pharmacist who might suggest to my doctor an alternative medication that does not have balance problems as a side effect.

Second, I have personally experienced ear problems throughout my lifetime – infections, difficulty hearing from one ear, etc. I might suspect that the balance problems are centered in problems I have with my ear. I have recently regained significant hearing in my bad ear by eliminating  fungi and bacteria that were hanging out in my inner ear.

Third, I would explore the deeper meaning of my balance problems:

  • What is off balance in my personal life?
  • What is off balance in my work life?
  • Am I being jostled from one assignment to the next, or one task to the next without being able to complete any task satisfactorily?
  • Do I always feel suspended in a state of rushing from one unfinished task to another?
  • Am I doing what gives my heart and soul pleasure?
  • Am I always doing what I am told to do rather than what I want to do?
  • Is there someone in my life who is continuously knocking me off balance?

Depending on the answers, I would make some changes to correct the imbalances in my life.

Fourth, I would strengthen my grounding – which is my connection to mother earth. Right now you are not grounded. With electrical outlets there is always a grounding line which connects the electricity to the ground. That is also what humans must do to maintain balance and energy.

We are out of balance because  most of our energy field floats primarily around our head, not our feet. You will want to even out the distribution of your energy field so that there is a solid foundation around your feet. Right now your field probably looks like an upside down triangle (with the point of the triangle at the bottom). You will want to shift that triangle 180 degrees so that the flat side of the triangle is at the bottom (at your feet). Pay more attention to your feet!

We believe grounding is so important that we teach people grounding techniques in our Jump Start to Wellness events. People trained in energy healing are good resources that can give you techniques that will be helpful.

May you feet land solidly on the ground and may you find balance harmony throughout each passing day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease