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Seven Secrets to Healing

What are the secrets that solve the mystery behind healing chronic diseases? How can you heal from the inside out so that disabling symptoms are reversed and imbalances in your body restored?

When we become ill we lose energy and get depressed. The gut instinct is to
find treatments that offer a promise of making symptoms magically disappear. There are certainly medical options that are no secret to anyone which do offer temporary
symptom relief. If you are searching for quick fixes to your illness you will not find them in my new book. Why? These quick fixes are not secrets!

What are the seven secrets to healing illness? I am confident you would never
guess the seven secrets because the path to authentic healing is unknown to most people.

  • Is one of the Seven Secrets to Healing all about the importance of eating a healthy diet? No! Certainly eating the right food is one of the pillars of maintaining good health and helping heal chronic diseases. But, this truth is no secret to anyone!
  • Is one of the Seven Secrets to Healing about the importance of getting regular exercise? No! Certainly exercise is also one of the pillars of reversing illness but this tidbit of wisdom is no secret to anyone.
  • Is one of the Seven Secrets to Healing all about the role stress plays in creating illness? No! Certainly stress plays a foundational role in creating and sustaining chronic diseases but researchers have already published hundreds of books that reveal this truth. The connection between stress and illness is no secret to anyone. .
  • Is one of the Seven Secrets to Healing all about the impact of economic hardship on a person’s overall health? Duh? Now, no one would ever find this observation to be a secret to healing.

OK. Enough. My point is simple. You will be surprised by the Seven Secrets of healing because they are indeed exactly that – secrets. Until now.

The truth is that the body can reverse any illness and heal any disease as long as the condition has not progressed to the point of no return. How do you make this happen for yourself? It happens by healing from the inside out rather than dampening symptoms from the outside in. Take the revelations of the seven secrets seriously. You will be dazzled to discover the results.

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Seven Secrets to Healing

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery