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Tremor Treatments, Best Parkinson’s Diet and More

Here is a short list of questions I answered during the program today on tremor treatments and more:

  • What are the best techniques to reverse Parkinson’s?
  • Are probiotics and prebiotics helpful?
  • What about juicing to remove heavy metals like lead?
  • How about taking mucuna for tremors?
  • Is there anything that will stop my tremors?
  • Where does one start when deciding to travel down the road to recovery?
  • What about taking lots of supplements to address the symptoms?
  • I am doing all of the therapies that people say will calm tremors but they continue to increase. Can you recommend a tremor treatment that will help?
  • Is  ketogenic diet useful to address Parkinson’s symptoms or are there other diets that are better? I am confused. There are so many opinions out there!

Additional Parkinsons Recovery Resources Discussed During the Program

The second Jump Start to Recovery Course convenes August 1st for 8 consecutive Tuesdays.
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Heavy Metals and Parkinson’s Disease

Naturopath Doctor John Coleman ND from Australia discusses the connection between heavy metals and Parkinson’s disease symptoms.  While heavy metals can be a factor, John emphasizes the initiating connection of symptoms to trauma (whether physical, emotional or mental).

The Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery course introduces ways of identifying the causes of Parkinson;s symptoms and therapies that offer ways to release trauma and stress that continually “feed” the symptoms.

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Dehydration, Toxins and Parkinson’s

I have noticed that when I drink more water I begin to feel really lousy. I get more headaches, have low energy and feel like I have the flu. Parkinson’s symptoms are problematic as it is – and now this.


I suspect you may be experiencing a huge detox effect from becoming better hydrated. The symptoms you list are all the symptoms that are typical of detoxes. This suggests toxins may be the pest causing the neurological problems you currently experience.

You might consider getting an assessment of toxins of some sort or another – perhaps bioenergetic testing or voice analysis or hair analysis. You may have already had some assessments done – but they might not have picked up the true culprit which can show in the form of heavy metals of one type of another or pesticides. I aired a radio show with Dr. Joe Hickey, MD, several months ago who offered some fascinating perspectives on diagnostic assessments for heavy metals and detox protocols that succeed for people with Parkinson’s.

If the diagnostic assessments show toxins  – then a strategy would be to set in motion a detox program to release toxins gradually and safely. The hydration is obviously a key but some toxins need a little extra nudge to leave your body. They do not exit willingly unless gently encouraged.

If the nudge is too aggressive you can pay dearly for the consequences. You certainly want to be rid of the toxins, but not at the expense of feeling lousy for months on end.

I have received a number of reports from people who report a worsening of symptoms when their detox programs are begun. This may be due to an inadvisable protocol or to a detox program that is too aggressive. It is best to proceed with detox programs slowly. Do not expect immediate relief. Working with a health care practitioner who is an expert on safe and gentle detoxes also can be very helpful.

People often assume that because they are feeling worse, the detox program is making the situation worse. They thus decide to abandon the detox program.  Instead of giving up, I suggest that you recognize that toxins are an issue.  Search for another detox protocol that offers a more gentle release.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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Heavy Metal Chelation

I heard the interview with Dr. Hickey. Very impressive. Some of the health care practitioners I have worked with specifically to rid my system of heavy metals all shy away from intravenous chelation. I have used various highly touted products. The process is very slow and I am not sure that they are strong enough to pull the metals out of the deep tissue including the bones. In your opinion from all of your interviews and readings is intravenous chelation the most effective, the quickest way to get rid of metals in all body tissues including the central nervous system? My patience is at a low point.

Thank you for all you do.  



I have the same problem with impatience Kevin. Can’t this release of heavy metals happen now? Unfortunately,  the true answer is that it is likely to take time and patience.

Chelation simply means to claw out the heavy metals from the tissues and bones of your body. You put in your  body something that has a positive charge. This attaches to the heavy metal which has a negative charge. The  heavy metal toxin is eliminated through your liver, kidneys and bowels.

I have heard from a number of people on their experience with chelation therapy. Some report positive results. Others report that the treatment was horrendous. It triggered a worsening of symptoms. I understand that most doctors (whether MDs or naturopaths) are very cautious in the chelations they prescribe for people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons for this reason. This explains your own doctor’s hesitancy to use IV chelations.

I understand it is helpful to assess precisely what heavy metals are at issue in your body. Different chelating  agents are needed depending on the metals that are at issue. I would suggest that you work with your doctors to assess which heavy metals in particular are problematic for you. As you now know from listening to my radio show with Dr. Hickey, there are serious issues with the current medical tests used to assess the presence of heavy metals.

I personally think the diagnostic tests that are most revealing are bioenergetic testing, hair analysis and  voice profiling. I have interviewed experts who discuss the benefits and outcomes of all three diagnostic approaches.

Naturopath doctor Ivy Faber from Canton, Georgia has been a guest on my radio show who uses bioenergetic testing. She has done those tests on myself. They are really quite amazing. Compounding Pharmacist Randy Mentzer from Olympia, Washington discussed hair analysis for heavy metal testing during my radio show with him. Sharry Edwards has been a guest on my show several times. She diagnoses heavy metal toxicity using voice profiling.

In summary, if this were me, I would step back and go through a series of diagnostics using several assessments that are different than the tests that you have already had done as a reliability check. Once you know what you are dealing with, a chelation approach can be designed that will be effective. It may still take time and patience!

In summary – it is a process which can be slow, tedious and frustrating. In my personal opinion, everyone in a body should be chelating the toxins using one approach or another.

Hang in there. There are many approaches to detox. Some actually makes things worse. When you land on the chelation approach that works for your body, I predict you will be very pleased with the outcome.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkisnsons Disease

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Problems with Balance, Walking, Talking and Sweating


I have had Parkinson’s  since 2008. I am now taking amantrel-100 2 tab and pramipex-0.5 2 tab daily.

I still have a balance problem, a walking problem. Turning is also a problem – especially to the left, dryness in mouth, problem of pronunciation of some words while talking. excessive sweating at the left side of forehead is remarkable since 2005.  I also feel pain at neck below head backside of ears.

Kindly help,



You have a series of symptoms which is typical of people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It is likely that the cause is multi-faceted.

First, there is an Ayurvedic doctor in India, Dr. Paneri from Gujarat, who sees people with Parkinson’s exclusively and is getting remarkable results. His website is:

Second, check the side effects of the drugs you are taking. It is likely some of the problems you are experiencing may be simply the side effects of the drugs. You may want to talk with your doctor about adjusting your medications.

Third, I suggest that you focus your attention on finding doctors and health care practitioners who can help you detox the toxins in your body, I am guessing that toxins are a primary cause of your symptoms. You may well have an abundance of heavy metals and pesticides that have accumulated in your body.Once they are removed your symptoms may well subside.

There are many ways to detox – just check around and find an approach that appeals to you. I have been using
zeolite personally with great success – but there are many other excellent methods that are effective as well.

You can get a wide variety of suggestions on detoxes from my new book which is described at:

Know always that the body knows how to heal itself. We just have to give it a little extra loving kindness and attention sometimes.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Story of Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease by Detoxing Lead, Arsenic and Mercury

Joan has given me permission to post this most remarkable story about her recent recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Hello Robert,

It has been a while since we communicated but with reasons. Shortly after you were here in Lexington, I went somewhere into a tremendous panic situation finally diagnosed as “Panic Disorder”. As usual, I wanted NO DRUGS and it took a bit to locate natural products to manage and stop this thing! It was not a kind place to be and it took a grave toll on me. So………I got SERIOUS! I wanted NO MORE OF THIS AND NO MORE PARKINSON’S DISEASE!

I searched for and found a Medical Doctor who practiced natural therapies……yes “cures” and “recoveries”! Thank God he is only a short 30-minute drive from me in a lovely small town called Midway, Kentucky. His clinic is Midway Center for Integrative Medicine, 129 Winter Street, . He has helped me, Robert!

I went to him with HOPE and came away with real facts for recovery. He diagnosed me  with LEAD, ARSENIC, AND MERCURY poisoning in my whole nervous system from simple blood tests and I am NOW ON MY WAY TO RECOVERY!! When I said to him,

“You mean I do not have Parkinsons?!!”

His reply was direct and loaded with impact! His reply,

“Don’t put a label on it!”

He placed me on a full detox program with nutritional supplements to increase my health that had been so damaged by doctors who only treated my SYMPTOMS and never the CAUSE!! I have seen seven neurologists in seven years of dealing with this horrid “disease” who all ended up with the same position. MRI, Cat Scan, and diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. When I finally asked the last one at the University of Kentucky Neurological Institute to do a toxicology test, she refused saying it would do no good because I have the disease. THIS IS SAD!! So many people……..such a dastardly disease……….and with doctors who won’t even TRY to step outside their boxes of comfort and paychecks!!

On March 23 I went to Dr. Roach the first time. He did blood work and diagnosed the CAUSE of my nervous system that was a mess from being attacked by poisons. He started me on certain few supplements ahead of getting the results back from the Lab and I began to FEEL BETTER inside a week! Just FEELING BETTER increased my HOPE and my TRUST in a Doctor was finally beginning to grow. See the comparisons listed here in less than two months recovery!!!


• wheelchair bound and I was seriously considering a nursing home
• basic frozen body, total weakness, inability to move at all most times
• severe toes spasms and cramps
• tremors so massive my body, at times, would violently shake to almost injury
• slurred speech and drooling
• unable to stand or walk beyond 10 feet
• been to emergency room for panic attacks and inability to move while standing
three times since September 2009
• disinterest, not able to even go to Christmas with my family
• all the other stuff that goes along with this “disease’


•  No wheelchair since April 20! Though for very long days I take it in case of need
• freezing gone……….some minor feelings come and go throughout the day and
getting better; toes improved 60%; mild weakness
• tremors down to ZERO!
• No slurred speech; no drooling
• I walk everywhere……….even though it is often painful and at times I have to sit a
bit longer than I want to give my body time of recovery from the minor freezes
• on my first visit, Dr Roach told me (on my 3rd visit) that he thought my IQ was
really low………but on this 3rd visit April 20, he said my brain is “just fine!’


Robert, he says 6 months to two years should see me recovered! I WILL TAKE THIS DIAGNOSIS ANY DAY!!


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Heavy Metal Poisoning and Parkinson’s Disease

The link of an article below is about a man who had heavy metal poisoning and was able to heal completely after heavy metal chelation.

I believe that most if not all people with PD or most diseases are caused from toxicity of some kind, and if they can chelate or detox their body, it will allow the body to function as it was designed to do and heal.

I am on my 3rd day of heavy metal chelation, so I will keep you posted on my progress.

I just thought you might have an interest in this article to give people with a PD Diagnosis more hope.

Take care,


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Heavy Metal Chelation and Parkinson’s

Cruise is coming up, isn’t it?  Wish I could have joined you, but had other obligations to pay for, one is my upcoming heavy metal chelation.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been testing for heavy metal for over 7 years now and nothing ever showed up on lab tests.  I kept having a nagging feeling that a big part of my symptoms were caused from heavy metal poisoning, but I couldn’t get anyone to prove it.

I kept searching and found a naturopathic doctor who consented to another urine test, but this time he used the chelating agent MDSA to pull the metals out of my tissues.

The results confirmed my feeling of years.  Extremely high levels of Mercury, Lead and Uranium.  He said in all of his practice, he has never seen such high levels and promptly started me on a heavy metal chelation.  I’m now on a two week regimen to support my organs from permanent damage prior to the chelation.

He said that while he can’t promise a definite correlation of symptoms and heavy metals, he does feel there is a huge relationship.  He also so that he can’t promise complete relief of symptoms after chelation and removing these heavy metals from my body, but he said he feels confident that my symptoms will improve, and my symptoms shouldn’t worsen and my body should be allowed to heal, once the mercury is gone.  He said that with my levels of metals, it may take up to a year to completely chelate.

I will keep you posted.  I just thought you might be interested in knowing my most recent finding, and possibly an option for some of your other followers.

Again, thanks for all you do and continue to do.  You are amazing!  Such a gift to humanity, not only those with a PD diagnosis.

Take care,


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Intoxication with Heavy Metal as a Possible Cause of Parkinson’s Disease

A neurologist recommended in the year 1998, that I should be medicated against my tremor, but I said no thank you to his offer, as I preferred to be better diagnosed before starting medication.

The following year my symptoms increased, as I became more rigid and my tremor got worse and I therefore was easy to persuade by a new neurologist to try anti-Parkinson medication. Shortly after, I was scanned for Parkinson’s disease and the result was compatible with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the early stage.

Anti-Parkinson medication helped to decrease the symptoms, but soon I experienced more severe symptoms. At first I thought that it was the disease becoming more severe and this was confirmed by my neurologist who told me that it was unavoidable.

After one year on medication my neurologist recommended that I stopped medication before the next consultation. This became the start of a new phase in the way I coped with my disease, as without medication, I experienced that:-

–     The medication can result in abstinences when the medication is stopped.

–     Many of the symptoms, that I thought were Parkinson’s symptoms, were in reality side effects of the medication.

Therefore I decided to accept the symptoms of the disease instead of being burdened with adverse side effects of the medication. The outcome of this choice forced me to search for factors, which had influenced my symptoms.

In the year 2001 I was tested for Heavy Metal Toxicity in a private clinic in Aarhus, Denmark by Dr. Bruce Kyle ( and I was diagnosed with a combined toxic overload with mercury and copper.

I was treated at Dr. Bruce Kyle’s clinic with the Chelating Agent DMPS, with Vitamin-C infusions and different kinds of antioxidants and nutritional support. At the same time I had my amalgam fillings removed and had non-toxic, non-metal composites instead. This was done by a dentist with extra education in safe removal of amalgam. I also use saunas, which help detoxification by sweating out the toxins through my skin.

After some years of undergoing detoxifying treatments, I had fewer tremors and was less rigid, but I still suffered from fatigue. Allergic reaction against metals was suspect, and I undertook a MELISA-test.  (

My test showed an allergic reaction against gold, nickel and cadmium and treatment protocol was removal of a dental gold crown, which was replaced with plastic.  Now, I try to avoid nickel and to eat more organic food to avoid cadmium. Luckily I have been rewarded for my efforts as my fatigue has decreased.

Today I can honestly say that testing and treatments for my chronic cumulative toxicity has been successful for revealing some of the causes of my Parkinson’s disease. However, I still have slightly high levels of copper left and in Autumn 2006 and Spring 2008 tests show that I am also burdened with lead and aluminum.

I do not dare to think about how my life would have been without detoxifying treatments!  When I look at other patients with Parkinson’s disease who are getting worse, I have even more reasons to be thankful for my health, which continues to improve as time goes on.

Where do these Heavy Metals come from?

In my case, mercury and copper were likely to have come from my amalgam fillings. Copper-amalgam contains a high percentage of copper and I had many fillings in my milk teeth. Even later in school I had many cavities, which were restored with amalgam. The dentist said that I had weak teeth.

As an adult, I have only had one cavity, so I might think that my parents were not good at helping me with tooth brushing and perhaps also the school dentist has been tempted to do fillings, which were not necessary as she was paid for the amount of pupils’ cavities that she restored.

In addition I have in my job as a veterinarian, been exposed to many thermometers, which sometimes break and where the mercury ended up in the bottom of the car. Veterinarians were not properly informed that this could constitute a health hazard at that time.

Moreover Mercury can come from vaccinations containing the preservative Thiomersal (ethyl-mercury). Mercury might also come from environmental pollution and intake of fish. Copper might come from use of copper spiral (anti contraceptive) and from drinking water and food. The Danish Agriculture Production uses 200 tons of copper yearly and this copper could be assumed to spread to the environment and end up in drinking water and food.

When a person is burdened with mercury toxicity, then the excretion of copper is decreased.

My toxicity burden with lead might perhaps come from common environmental pollution. My toxicity with aluminum probably came from years of injections with aluminum containing products against dust mite allergy.

My nutrition today contains more antioxidants (nutrients which protects the body against free radicals and oxidation), more vegetables (raw vegetables are chosen) and more fruits.
I have stopped eating unhealthy fats such as margarine, hard fats, corn oil, soy, sunflower etc. I try to eat more of the healthy fats such as fat fish (salmon), linseed, olives oil, nuts etc.

I take antioxidants as nutritional supplementation, also a multivitamin mineral pill without iron and copper, extra vitamin C and E, Lipoic acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba and Coenzyme Q10. I also use DMSA for mercury, copper and lead chelation.

Concerning the nutrition I would recommend the book by Jean Carper – “Your Miracle Brain.”

Physical activity has been an important part of my life. At the beginning of my disease I walked without swinging my right arm and I stumbled rather often. After years training trying to walk normally with swinging my right arm, I have succeeded, but only when I am not too stressed or exhausted. The principle is like this, if I can walk one step with swinging the arm, then I can also walk 3 steps….. or also walk 5 minutes…or 5 kilometres and so on.

I also use visualization when training my movements.

People, who do not realize the effects that Parkinson’s disease has on their own body, often have problems understanding how demanding it is for a Parkinson patient to cope with conscious movements. Even something as banal as cleaning your shoes on a doormat is not necessarily functioning automatically but needs mental work, like steering a toy car with a joystick.

It is very common that a Parkinson patient with time develops a forward bending posture and some years ago I had thoracic Kyphosis and could not wear any of my shirts anymore. A physiotherapist has taught me some physical exercises, which I since have done every day.

Today my back is straight again, which makes me happy. People, who are happy, often have a straight posture, while sad and grieving people often have a crooked posture. By choosing body posture you can also indirectly choose your emotions.

I enjoy sending a signal that I am bubbling with joys of life.

I try to avoid, if possible, all kind of stress. Now I choose calm classical music instead of rock; I value tight relationships instead of having a circle of acquaintances with ‘small talk’ and I love being out in nature instead of taking city walks. It is a pleasure for me to do meditation and to sing.

I have also improved at listening to the signals from my body and I take care to rest and sleep when needed.  I have also improved at learning to avoid doing things, which I dislike and instead I do things that make me happy.

When being diagnosed with a chronic disease the patient often goes through a life crisis and so did I. The crises made me more religious and I learned to pray to my God from the bottom of my heart – this has given me spiritual power to cope with life and the new circumstances.

‘Where there is willpower, there is a way to go.’ This phrase was said about me by a good friend, as a way to express how I cope with my disease.

Years ago the neurologists said several times that I had got Parkinson’s disease and that this disease is chronic, impossible to cure and progressive. I thought that it might be like this for other patients, but that it would not be like this in my case. By working and studying a lot and sometimes by choosing blind paths, I have succeeded in finding a tiny little path out of my disease. Today I have fewer symptoms than in the year 1998, which means that the expression ‘progressive’ cannot be used generally about all patients with Parkinson’s disease.

I retired in the year 2001 when I was 44 years old and although it was really a hard time, today I feel that I have a good life. To my co-patients I will say:-  “Search for knowledge and keep on trying to search for new possibilities.”

Generally I recommend neurological patients to be tested with a chelating agent for chronic toxicity with heavy metals. If this is diagnosed, then it is possible to de-toxify, which can give hope to a future of increased health and decreased neurological symptoms.

If you want more information about toxicity with heavy metal and Parkinson’s disease then use the Internet.

Thank you for reading my case-story and I wish you all the best.

Hanne Koplev

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Epinephrine, Novocaine and Mercury Amalgams

Today, I had two old, mercury amalgam patched gold crowns removed. They said they took out a LOT of Mercury amalgam from under the crown.  They will replace them with Zirconium crowns that the man who analyzes the Clifford tests suggested to my dentist.  That man at Clifford would also be very interesting to interview. He has a wealth of info about compatible dental materials.

Another issue is the difficulty that epinephrine can cause.  One woman new to our support group never had a tremor until recently when she was given pain killer containing epinephrine and she has not stopped having tremors since that dental appointment.  Another woman said her “Parkinson’s” began at a dentist appointment. Our group leader asked his dentist who had been to a special conference where they said not to use Novocaine with epinephrine with people who have neurological challenges.  Another man was given a copy of the printed info that comes with both kinds of pain killer. Today my dentist gave me plain Novocaine without epinephrine.  After 2 hours of sitting while they worked I was shaky all over but it did go away.  It felt like it might be my body adjusting to the big clump of amalgam leaving.  I feel much better tonight.

I strongly feel people with Parkinson’s or a pre-disposition (heredity) should be informed about this issue and choice.  My dentist said they keep both kinds of pain killer available because there are people who are sensitive. (Also, the dermatologist uses pain killer with epinephrine and could be asked to use a non-epinephrine alternative.)

What are others learning about this issue?


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