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I heard the interview with Dr. Hickey. Very impressive. Some of the health care practitioners I have worked with specifically to rid my system of heavy metals all shy away from intravenous chelation. I have used various highly touted products. The process is very slow and I am not sure that they are strong enough to pull the metals out of the deep tissue including the bones. In your opinion from all of your interviews and readings is intravenous chelation the most effective, the quickest way to get rid of metals in all body tissues including the central nervous system? My patience is at a low point.

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I have the same problem with impatience Kevin. Can’t this release of heavy metals happen now? Unfortunately,  the true answer is that it is likely to take time and patience.

Chelation simply means to claw out the heavy metals from the tissues and bones of your body. You put in your  body something that has a positive charge. This attaches to the heavy metal which has a negative charge. The  heavy metal toxin is eliminated through your liver, kidneys and bowels.

I have heard from a number of people on their experience with chelation therapy. Some report positive results. Others report that the treatment was horrendous. It triggered a worsening of symptoms. I understand that most doctors (whether MDs or naturopaths) are very cautious in the chelations they prescribe for people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons for this reason. This explains your own doctor’s hesitancy to use IV chelations.

I understand it is helpful to assess precisely what heavy metals are at issue in your body. Different chelating  agents are needed depending on the metals that are at issue. I would suggest that you work with your doctors to assess which heavy metals in particular are problematic for you. As you now know from listening to my radio show with Dr. Hickey, there are serious issues with the current medical tests used to assess the presence of heavy metals.

I personally think the diagnostic tests that are most revealing are bioenergetic testing, hair analysis and  voice profiling. I have interviewed experts who discuss the benefits and outcomes of all three diagnostic approaches.

Naturopath doctor Ivy Faber from Canton, Georgia has been a guest on my radio show who uses bioenergetic testing. She has done those tests on myself. They are really quite amazing. Compounding Pharmacist Randy Mentzer from Olympia, Washington discussed hair analysis for heavy metal testing during my radio show with him. Sharry Edwards has been a guest on my show several times. She diagnoses heavy metal toxicity using voice profiling.

In summary, if this were me, I would step back and go through a series of diagnostics using several assessments that are different than the tests that you have already had done as a reliability check. Once you know what you are dealing with, a chelation approach can be designed that will be effective. It may still take time and patience!

In summary – it is a process which can be slow, tedious and frustrating. In my personal opinion, everyone in a body should be chelating the toxins using one approach or another.

Hang in there. There are many approaches to detox. Some actually makes things worse. When you land on the chelation approach that works for your body, I predict you will be very pleased with the outcome.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkisnsons Disease

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