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Healing from the Inside Out

Do bodies always “fall apart” as we age? Unavoidable challenges are confronted with aging but recent discoveries offer ways to address them successfully.

1. Circulation is compromised with aging. Capillaries that carry blood and nutrients to the cells and remove toxins become narrower until circulation is log jammed.
    Therapies exist that open up the capillary passageways, making  it possible for cells to be adequately nourished and cleansed of  toxins.

2. Most stem cells we have at birth do not die off as we age. They become dormant.
   Therapies exist that transmit a peptide to activate dormant stem cells.

3. Memory lapses and dementia are often confronted with aging. Recent studies report ways to reverse dementia never imagined a decade ago.
    Therapies exist now that reverse the debilitating challenge of dementia.

4. Immune systems become compromised with aging. Energy levels tank.
   Therapies exist now that rejuvenate and regenerate energy at the cellular level. 

Introducing my new online course, Healing from the Inside Out, lays out new discoveries backed by research that reverse the effects of aging and avoid chronic health challenges. I preview everything I personally do to remain healthy and happy.

Visit the link below for more information and to register:
Healing from the Inside Out

Parkinsons Recovery

Interested in Healing Parkinsons Disease from the Inside-Out?

Healing Parkinsons Disease

This is a heads up that enrollment for the June class of Jump Start to Recovery has only two (2) enrollments available as of today. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants. It is certainly early to enroll in a June course, but the programs always fill up early. The Early Bird discount is still available

There is no other program like Jump Start to Recovery. The concept is to take control over your own recovery. Once you are in the drivers seat, recovery begins to unfold effortlessly.  The focus of the program is to release and remove all of the reasons why recovery may not be happening for you at the pace and way you want it to unfold.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Secrets to Healing: Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

Are Answers are “Out There” Somewhere?

Many people who experience symptoms of Parkinsons Disease engage an aggressive search for ways to reverse them.  Secrets to healing are somewhere “out there” in the universe. The belief is that most of the good answers are difficult to find. The journey for the right answers is much like a treasure hunt for a treasure that is buried in a secret vault – a Fort Knox of sorts that locks up all the answers for reversing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Sometimes the journey involves finding one solution after another. When one
solution fails to produce desired results, a new solution or therapy is pursued.
Some people chase after dozens of therapies. Results are often disappointing time and time again. The search for answers “out there” is exhausting!

Research can and does make a difference. Being better informed can and does make a difference to recovery. That is why I maintain the massive body of resources on options for recovery on the many Parkinsons Recovery websites I subsidize.

But, there is a downside to a search “out there” somewhere for answers. It activates a continuous infusion of adrenaline. Adrenaline rushes are stimulating. They energize the body into action. The downside to adrenaline rushes is that the body has no energy or resources to produce dopamine. What is needed to reverse symptoms is to maintain a delicate balance of dopamine and adrenaline.

Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

There is a companion approach to a search for answers that offers the promise of marvelous results.  Think about recovery as an opportunity that is always moving toward you. It is not something you have to discover by searching long and hard in places far away.

One of the seven secrets to healing a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease is to
listen to the messages your body is always trying to communicate to you.  The body has a memory of the perfect state of wellness and health. Disease is not the body’s natural state. Health is.  the body is always striving to reverse any disease process that causes neurological symptoms.

Your body is giving you important information every day. Perhaps your intuition tells you to stop dying your hair or stop using a particular shampoo or stop using laundry detergent that is toxic. Perhaps you always tend to discount the instincts about recovery that you get  every day. When you begin to trust these instincts you may marvel at how much better you begin to feel.

  • Finding natural ways to die your hair is not a solution that is “out there.” It is right here!
  • Finding a natural shampoo without toxins is not a mysterious solution that is “out there” somewhere. It is right here!
  • Changing your laundry detergent is not a task that can be performed only by a rocket scientist.

You can do it – right now.

The reality is that recovery is staring you in the face every day. Your job is simple. Pay attention. Act on any and all intuitions that you get when you listen to your body.

The body has all the resources it needs to maintain the delicate balance of adrenaline and dopamine. You usually have to make some life style changes to give the body the support it needs. When the body has the resources it needs to maintain balance, symptoms will melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The answers have been staring you in the face all along. They are not “out there.” They have always been moving toward you.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing  

One Way to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease from the Inside-Out

Everyone in a body journeys down an unpaved, rocky road of healing. The journey inevitably involves encounters with disease in one form or another. Diseases play a central role in healing.

Many people fear disease. They get angry because they became ill. Like it or not, we have to get sick so that the body can build up the immune system that is needed to fend off threats in the forms of toxins and bacteria.

Some people have an abundance of cancer cells. Others have blood pressure issues. Still others confront the the unexpected and unwanted symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps you are one. Others have not been diagnosed. Everyone with neurological challenges - whether diagnosed or not – is unsure about which path to take and what choices to make. There are so many.

People make one of three choices in response to the neurological imbalances.

  1. The first choice is to ignore the symptoms. Most people do this. I have. If you wait, who knows. They may disappear.
  2. The second choice is to shut the discomfort down. Terminate the pain. End the agony. Better to silence the symptom right now for they may get worse. This choice usually involves treatments of one form or another that must be continued for a lifetime. Treatments for symptom relief can empty your pocketbook.

The third choice involves listening to the wisdom of your body. This is the choice that offers the promise of lasting healing.

Listen to Your Body to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

To listen to your body – you have to ask your body specific questions like:

  • “Ok soul mate. What in the world is up? Why do you keep screaming at me?”

Make no pretense here. Your body is your soul mate for life.

  • “Is all of this discomfort really necessary? What are you trying to tell me?”

If you want to know the best choice to make, listen to the answers you get when you ask your body questions like these. For most people, answers come in the form of raw intuition. Instincts that emerge from our gut are precisely the insights needed to succeed. Your body is the one doctor you can always trust.

When we make sound decisions for our health, symptoms often get worse before they get better. When the response given is a direct response to the needs of the body, healing will unfold. This is not to say the road to recovery will be a smooth ride.

When the right choices are made we will feel lighter. We will get more energy.

The body is always trying to get your attention when there are imbalances. Pay close attention to the information your body is giving you. It is always trying to get your attention. When you do not listen more symptoms occur. The symptoms themselves are clues as to the underlying reason for the discomfort.

May your experiences today invite a new relationship with your body. Discomfort is one way to engage a deeper part of yourself. Listen to the reasons your body is out of balance. Trust your raw instincts. Respect the wisdom of your body to know the right path to take and the best choices to make. Your body has been and will always be your best friend. Leaning how to Listen to your body is one of the seven secrets to healing.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets of Healing 

Healing Parkinson’s Disease

After ten years of interviews with hundreds of persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s I am well aware that most people would prefer to mask their symptoms. Some people even prefer to hide out in their homes. All interest in going out on the town vanishes. Why?

Many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – but not all – are difficult to hide. Other people tend to notice a face that has no expression. Other people tend to notice tremors, awkward mobility and freezing when those are the presenting symptoms for a person
with Parkinson’s symptoms. I say – so what?

Why? Yes – Parkinson’s symptoms are more “public”. Yes – symptoms can be horribly debilitating.

Rather than focusing on your own symptoms take a day or two to pay closer attention to other people; friends, family and strangers. Do most other people look
healthy to you? Certainly some are, but my casual observations of people as I walk the streets of my hometown of Olympia is that most people look unhealthy to me – even young people.

They may not have tremors, but their energy levels seem horribly depleted to me. The skin of many people looks sickly. Many look very sick to me. Wouldn’t you agree?

A surprising number of persons these days also have waste sizes that are too large for their bodies. For many reasons, more and more people are gaining too much weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that a vast majority of persons with Parkinson’s  symptoms do not tend to be overweight.

I would argue that you are in a much better situation for one important reason. Given that it is impossible to ignore Parkinson’s symptoms you acknowledge your body is out of balance. Right now it needs a little extra attention and a large dose of loving care.

People without any symptoms that “show” like tremors or gait problems tend to be in denial. They hold out the false expectation that their health problems will magically vanish tomorrow. Since they are not doing anything about their poor health, it will inevitably deteriorate.

In the wash, symptoms that are visible to you and others are a reminder to focus on a healthy lifestyle so that the symptoms can be reversed. The mere fact you are reading my blog today is a strong indication that you have set the intention to heal. Setting the
intention carries you 90% down the road to recovery. The good news of the day is that you are doing something about your health.

And what about others without Parkinson’s symptoms? A vast majority of other people without Parkinson’s symptoms are in denial about  their poor health. They are taking no positive action to heal, unlike you.

Celebrate the exciting expectation of recovery. Other people can choose to get sicker. You are making the much wiser choice to heal.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



Healing Retreat Hawaii

Now that we are in the midst of the holidays – have you been wondering what exciting adventures you can have this coming year?  Do you need a jump start to your program of recovery? I have the perfect answer for you -a Healing Retreat in Hawaii.

Bianca Molle and Judith Lynne have created an amazing experience for persons looking the healing experience of a lifetime.  This is hard for me to believe, but they actually have a few spots left.  I suggest you contact them and register right now before your space is filled.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery

1. Experience Hawaiian healing sounds and movements and visit sacred sites guided by Judith Kahealani Lynne. You will learn effective techniques for enhancing your voice and a simple process for quieting the mind and cultivating an experience of connection and optimism.
2. Practice qigong for vibrant wellness with Bianca Molle. You’ll be provided with daily practice and the tools you can take home with you to begin or deepen your own healing journey.3. Rediscover nature as TEACHER and HEALER as we absorb the offerings of sacred sites and the marine world.


  • -expand movement of the body via qigong and using salt water pool and ocean swims
  • – return home with a ready-made qigong practice program for body and mind
  • – incorporate vocal techniques that improve ability to communicate effectively
  • – experience a meditation practice that has a direct effect on body, mind, spirit
  • – rediscover and recharge a new confidence for healing
  • – daily group practice sessions for Wisdom Healing Qigong

Personal attention with a maximum of 14 guests

Post-retreat follow-up group session

There’s still room for a few more. Contact Judith at
808 987 8099 or 503 858 3004

Diagnosed with PD in 2009, Judith has an inside understanding of the experience of solo traveling as a PWP. A longtime student and practitioner of The Path of Aloha, she has found the teachings of her Hawaiian elders especially helpful for meeting the challenges of living a full life partnered by Parkinson’s. She feels that her sound healing protocols have helped to stabilize her condition and minimize her need for pharmaceuticals. Her DVD, VOCAL ENERGETICS is scheduled for release in early 2014. Currently residing in Portland, OR, Judith considers Hawaii the home of her heart and soul. 


Soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, former Marin, CA schoolteacher Bianca Molle, serendipitously found herself at a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat. Little did she realize that through the regular practice of this beautiful body/mind discipline she would find relief from her Parkinson’s symptoms, eventually leading to dismissal from her neurologist’s office. She has since written a book about this experience. REBOOT AND REJOICE is now available via Amazon and on Kindle. Bianca has a website at where you can view her blog and learn of her coaching and consulting offerings.

Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Holidays are a time of feverish activity and stress for many persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s. The Parkinsons Recovery Holiday Healing will settle down all anxiety provoking stresses of the holidays to a place of centeredness, balance and harmony. When stress flares, symptoms flare. Eliminate stress and most symptoms vanish.

Click on the purple arrow below to hear live streaming of the Parkinsons Recovery Holiday Meditation to reduce stress:

Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Click on the link below to hear the Holiday Healing Meditation from Parkinsons Recovery:

Holiday Healing Meditation

Nancy Welch’s new book, Medicine and Meditation, Conversations on Mindfulness in the Management of Chronic Pain and Illness, has just been published. It is a true gem. Nancy and I conducted a series of interviews with people who were national experts on meditation. Some of you may have listened into some of these interviews. The book captures the wisdom of the incredible people we interviewed.

The print book is $14.99 and the download is $9.99. For further information and to order, visit:

Full Recovery from the Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Hi Robert,

You have been incredibly on point with regard to healing and recovery, although I am not one hundred percent sure how it is I recovered. I know that you have recently expressed the direction I went. I think the study of neurophysiology and quantum mechanics as it applies to neurology forced me to go back and re-learn the mathematics necessary to visualize quantum theory. Furthermore when I would go walking I would of course contemplate these principles. This is a little difficult to explain but it was like a light came on. This event was not sudden but involved significant time with daily study and contemplation although that is not what I intended.

In those days the talk of any sort of psychic change or shift in consciousness would have been met with laughter, however those concepts are steadily becoming more talked about especially from evolved teachers like yourself. Although not advised I quit taking all of my PD meds which included a lot of sentimet and mirapex. It was difficult for a few days and I was still shaky.

I applied a lot of other things that I had learned including detox, no refined foods, organic fruits and veg’s and a great deal of exercise. Then the symptoms dissipated completely.

Robert I think if there is an effective way to release our minds from the conditioned way of perceiving information or reality as we have learned it is much easier to experience more constructive thoughts. Our new found way of experiencing life is where healing and recovery reside because there is this all important element of belief that plays a vital role.


On Top of PD – Cancer – What Now?


I have been quite silent………….diagnosis breast cancer in June and debilitating backward on PD recovery…….




I am so sorry to hear the bad news. Sometimes our bodies keep giving us signals that something is seriously out of balance.

The question really does turn on where you place your attention and your thoughts moment to moment. If the attention is placed on what is broken in your body, you will be in fear most of the time, or at least – that would certainly be the case for me. If you find yourself in a suspended state of fear, it will be most difficult to heal.

I think there is a different response – one that leads you into a sustained state that promotes recovery. This response focuses on the truth that your body knows how to heal itself. This response focuses on what you need to do for your body to help it heal. In other words, this is likely the same path you were on as you have already recovered  75% from the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

What in particular does this mean for you in terms of taking action?  There are certainly many answers to this question. There are of course excellent medical doctors who are experts at treating cancers. Other options are also available to you.

I would recommend you listen to my radio show from last week when I interviewed Dr. Ivy Faber. She is a naturopath doctor who offers her perspective on healing and wellness which focuses on what is needed to help the body heal itself.

Of course, there is always Jump Start to Wellness where you can get help with  helping yourself heal. We will be in San Diego this year in October.

The radio show link is here:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Pioneers of Recovery
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Meditations for Parkinsons

Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

Hi Robert,

I have been continuing to follow your work and today I just felt compelled to write and convey my deep appreciation for you. Your work is invaluable and the information you provide is the most probative for anyone interested in recovery from Parkinson’s and other forms of chronic illness. I know that I have already indicated my appreciation in times past but I felt the need to do so again.

Robert, before I was diagnosed I was a mess, my hands, legs, head and entire body would shake. I have never been fond of doctors and always felt it would somehow subside, I finally went to see my general physician who said I had some sort of advanced PD, he recommended me to a neurologist who told me the same. Not wanting to accept this PD business I just continued to ignore it, then one day I was with my children at the mall and fell down a long flight of steps and unable to get up.

Still resistant I did agree to talk with Abraham Lieberman and he and I wrote back and forth for a long time, he agreed to treat me at no cost but I would of course have to get to Miami, instead he procured an appointment with Dr. Jankovic at Baylor University. They examined me for 4 hours and the diagnoses was the same. I started the medications that improved my condition substantially.

The long and short of it is I no longer have any symptoms of PD nor do I take any meds. This was the result of about three years of research and slowly making changes in all aspects of my life. I do have a good understanding of why and how I recovered however articulated this might not be so easy, it was not simply changing modalities but the capacity to perceive life and my existence in a way that is contrary to all I have been taught and conditioned, changing my perspective was not an easy feat but when that occurred I realized that healing and restoration was possible.


Positive People Positive Results for Parkinson’s

Below is an e mail I received from Rose with encouraging news of recovery from the symptoms of Parkinson’s from a “healing.”





P.S. The deal of a lifetime to join us on the Parkinsons Recovery cruise to Alaska expired February 12th. Meet other people on the road to recovery.  Take advantage of free Parkinsons Recovery workshops on the cruise.

Psychic Healing for Parkinson’s?

I am always on the lookout for ways people with the symptoms of Parkinsons can feel better and get relief from their symptoms. No possibility goes unnoticed. No option is left unexamined. On the radio program this week (Thursday at 11:00 am pacific time) a psychic gives a reading to me!

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. I put myself on the line and ask a psychic from New York City, Lenore, to give me a reading. I will play the reading on the radio program Thursday.

Oh, and by the way, I did not edit anything out! You will hear the full reading from start to the end.

If you are curious whether a psychic might be a resource for you, join us Thursday. You will learn a lot about you can make wise choices for yourself by asking your body for guidance.

Listen to Parkinsons Recovery on Blog Talk Radio

Power of the Mind to Heal


I am so glad to have found your website! I came across it through Google last week and have subscribed to your daily newsletter and have received 3 so far! They are awesome!

I have a diagnosis of early PD. Very early. But I am intrigued by the power of the mind to handle my recovery and total deliverance and healing from symptoms and PD! I am young in my quest. Can you please tell me how or where I might find your thoughts on how this works? You know, putting into practice whatever is necessary for my body to begin healing itself? What is the process? What other parts need to happen?

I am anxious to learn more. Can you please direct me, help me?

Thank you so much for all you do!



Thanks so much for your thoughtful letter. It makes my day! You will find a constant stream of support for your recovery at Parkinsons Recovery. There are numerous sources of support.

You will see the stream of my thinking about all aspects of Parkinson’s symptoms from entries in the newsletters and my weekly radio program. If you listen to this week’s radio program, you will be inspired about the prospects for leading a full life. You can always call in to hear the program (347-945-5358) or listen on your computer by visiting :

I also post answers to questions I receive on the Parkinsons Recovery blog  as you see here at

I have published one book which address the underlying issue of transforming thought forms which is entitled Five Steps to Recovery. I had intended to finish my own book about Parkinsons (The Road to Recovery) this past month, but day to day business interfered. This book will be released soon.

Always remember that the body does know how to heal itself. It is truly the miracle of all miracles.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Dystonia and Parkinson’s


Hi Robert:

I was just wondering if you know anything about the “healing crisis”  and Parkinson symptoms  and also about the diagnosis of  dystonia?

Keep up the great web site.



About the “Healing Crisis”

I see with great interest that you place the words “healing crisis” in quotes. We may have different interpretations of the meaning for a healing crisis. Here is mine.

When issues come to a head, symptoms flare up and become especially challenging. It is the body’s way of sending us a strong signal that something needs attention. The message is:

If you keep on the way you are going, things are going to get worse. Please pay attention.

What causes the crisis? At the top of the list floats two causes I have witnessed often and that I have seen in myself.

1. Negative thoughts recycle continuously through mind tripping. We are not able to turn the channel off without help.

2. The suppression of feelings which we would prefer to numb and/or ignore.

What symptoms can be expected with a healing crisis? Anything goes here. Think like your body thinks.

How am I going to get her attention here? Do I need to make the existing symptoms dramatically worse so she will notice me? Or, should I manifest new symptoms, pains and discomforts so she will be more likely to notice me?

The body makes a choice and wham. You feel worse. What happens feels quite horrible of course.  You are spun into a desperate state. In the end a healing crisis is a very good thing. We are afforded the opportunity to make some changes in our lives and urged to take action now because we feel so lousy. A healing crisis makes it possible to move on to the next level. After a long absence, we finally return home to our own soul.

Second question: Diagnosis of dystonia

I do not diagnose. I am not a medical doctor. I am not qualified to diagnose anything. I am not saying this for legal reasons. It is true. I do not have a clue how a medical doctor might “diagnose” dystonia which happens when the body has too much medicine.

I do not think in terms of diagnosis. The focus that makes a difference to healing is to be attentive to the messages that our bodies send to us.

I do have a strong sense of what the virgin symptoms of Parkinson’s look like, feel like, taste like and smell like for people who are not on any medications. Movements that are associated from being over medicated are markedly different from the virgin symptoms of Parkinson’s.

When a person takes medication, the levels of medication are fluctuating minute by minute. There will be times of the day when a person is over medicated and times when they are under medicated. If you ask you body at any given moment of the day whether it is over or under medicated it will give you the answer. Think of it as a daily unfolding drama which never ends.

The word dystonia itself is a noun – which makes the problem seem static. The term also invites in negative thought forms. The term itself calls in the false belief template that you can not recover. The false belief that Parkinson’s is “degenerative” is given acknowledgment and weight. This thought process constructs a road block that obstructs the healing process.

Focus on the challenge of balancing the over 40 hormones in the body and your body will love you for it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery