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Wilson’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease

This is what happened to me. Copper was my kryptonite, zinc and prenatal vitamins my antidote! So grateful.
I saw a movement specialist last month, she was shocked. I’m improving everyday. It’s weird. It’s actually more uncomfortable to reverse. Nerve pains all time in arm.

I’m attending mjf MVP dinner awards in NYC in April for my fund raising efforts. I will continue to support mjf foundation. I experienced Parkinson’s first hand and drastically. I’m so grateful it’s reversing. I think God is trying to get my attention to help others!

It was water heater and recirculating pump grounded to copper piping. I’m getting genetic test for wilsons disease. We think I’m heterozygote for Wilson’s who was ingesting too much copper.

My great grandmother was crippled in month. Great, great grandma died at 40 unknown liver problem. So glad got my little boys checked. Vitamins got their copper down too. Husbands fine that’s why looked into genetics!

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