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Magnesium and Potassium

The following is a comment I received from an individual who “unsubscribed” to my Parkinsons Recovery newsletter today:

“I have enjoyed reading your posts, but my neurologist determined I did not have Parkinson’s.
Symptoms (muscle twitches) were apparently due to Potassium depletion and low Magnesium caused by Blood Pressure drugs and also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (numbness in hands). Symptoms are mostly gone now.”  

Magnesium in particular is a fundamental building block of the body. Deficiencies cause a myriad of symptoms. I suggest you do something very simple. Try eating foods that are high in magnesium. 

Remember Popeye the sailor man? Popeye ate spinach and he was certainly strong. Spinach is enriched with magnesium. Black beans and pumpkin seeds are good bets too. Of course, magnesium and potassium supplements can also be tried as well. 

How about this strategy for a self test:  If your symptoms improve, chances are good they may be aggravated or even caused by something as simple as a magnesium and/or potassium depleti0n.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery