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Treat the Cause – Forget the Disease

Naturopath John Coleman, ND, will be my guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio October 4th.  An overview of the program and a set of questions he will answer follow.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

There is a strong view among adventurous healthcare professionals that Parkinson’s disease is not a distinct, separate “disease”, but one possible set of symptoms arising from one or more causes that create a degenerative process.

Other “diseases” that may arise from these causes include Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Multiple System Atrophy, Motor Neurone Disease/ALS, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers, and many others.

When viewed in this way, likely causes become clearer and treatment options widen dramatically. Modern research is now showing significant benefits from “folk medicine” and “old wives’ remedies” like food choices, appropriate hydration, dancing, singing, gentle detoxification activities, self-love and meditation.

Let’s look at Parkinson’s disease as a set of symptoms, discover the individual pathway that led each person to this point, and deal with the causes to create

  1. What evidence is there for the idea that Parkinson’s disease is simply a set of symptoms rather than a distinct disease?
  2. What are the causes or processes that may lead to degeneration and diagnosis of a “disease”.
  3. How can we find the cause or causes for each individual when western medicine struggles to even diagnose Parkinson’s disease accurately?
  4. Are there some simple diagnostic tools to help us?
  5. Are there some general health-giving activities and choices that apply no matter what cause is discovered?
  6. You list three basic causes for all degenerative disorders. Can we talk about some basic treatment options for each one?
    1. Suppressed trauma
    2. Environmental toxins
    3. Stealth infections
  7. How much of the recovery process depends on the patient?
  8. You talk about some specific therapies in presentations – Aqua Hydration Formulasâ„¢ and Bowen Therapy. Is there any evidence supporting their use for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?
  9. “Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’” was published in 2005. Have you changed your views on any aspects of treatment since then?
  10. There is a lot of talk about the “Mediterranean Diet” for those with Parkinson’s disease. Do you think this is the best diet to choose?
  11. Research has been published purporting to show that coffee (3-6 cups daily) is protective against Parkinson’s disease (and a number of other conditions) and is a useful dietary supplement. Do you agree?
  12. If a person develops Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms, and/or is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, what are your top tips for moving forward towards good health?

Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Several years ago I received numerous requests from people with Parkinson’s interested in having an organized summary of Parkinsons Recovery resources I have generated over the past decade. I initially resisted this idea. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to write, edit and publish books.  Besides, all of the information is readily available on the websites maintained by Parkinsons Recovery.

Several people pointed out that the information is scattered all over the place:  radio shows from five years ago, blog posts written over the course of 10 years. To get some of the information you need, you have to listen to a series of one hour radio shows.

I was ultimately convinced by supporters and readers of my work and proceeded to write books which summarized the insights and information I had been documenting on my many websites. The premier book is Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease, with other companion books including Pioneers of Recovery, Five Steps to Recovery and Seven Secrets to Healing.  I have also released many books about specific therapies that help people find relief from their symptoms. They are listed on my Amazon author page.

How to Claim Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Many of my books are now available in public libraries, but not all libraries.  If you would like to read any of my books and it is not available on the shelves of your public library, you can always submit an interlibrary loan request through your local library. Interlibrary loan requests are free to submit in most libraries. Your library should be able to obtain the book from another library that has it. If your local library receives enough interlibrary requests for a book, the staff will add it to their permanent collection. This makes the book readily available to everyone  your community.

Help others by helping yourself. Claim the Parkinsons Recovery books you want to read from your public library.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


Treatment Options for Multiple System Atrophy

My doctor recently switched my diagnosis from Parkinson’s Disease to MSA (Multiple System Atrophy). Do you know of any treatment modality that is particularly successful for treating MSA?


There are many causes of neurological symptoms. I believe it is always wise to pause and consider what factors might be at the root cause of the symptoms that are currently experienced. As you will discover from stories of people who have reversed their symptoms, many causes can be the culprit. Some of these stories are reported in Pioneers of Recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


I recently started taking NOW brand Mucuna (120mg LDopa) along with my 1/2 Sinemet tablet in 4-hour intervals. Its been only 3 weeks, but I can feel the Mucuna working, even with the Sinemet dosage halved! I also ordered ZANDOPA from India. Can you comment on these 2 products?  




It is wonderful to hear that the source of mucuna (which is a natural source of dopamine) which you have discovered seems to be helping significantly. Hooray! From interviews I have done with herbalists, there are few, if any, commercial sources of high quality Mucuna that are available.

Andrew Bentely, a  herbalist who was featured in the 2009 edition of Pioneers of Recovery, reports that he does not prescribe Mucuna for his patients because he is unable to find a supply that is reliable. What he looks for is Mucuna that is grown in the wild which he has been unable to find anywhere in the world.

I have even had calls from some people who report that their supply of Mucuna had been working beautifully for them until they received a re- shipment – which fizzled. As you can see, reports are scattered all over the place.

I do not have any recommendations for a reliable source of Mucuna for these reasons. If sounds like your source may be a goldmine. I hope it continues to be useful.

One of the presenters at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit, Aunt Bean (Sandra), will offer a workshop where she will give point by point instructions on how to make their own dopamine at home from the sprouts of fava beans (or the tips if you have a garden). Her homemade tincture offers her wonderful relief from the symptoms of Parkinsons that she currently experiences. The Summit this year is in Cincinnati, Ohio June 22-23.

I do not have any specific information about the medicine you ordered from India, though I am certain it would depend on the specific source.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Best Way to Eliminate a Hand Tremor

Dear Robert:

I need your help. I am 70 years old. I recently discovered that my right hand “tremors a little” when I hold a pen, a cup, or a fork.

My friend told me that I may have early symptom of Parkinson and suggested to take 5 mg. of Enada.

What do you think? What is the best way to eliminate the hand tremor?




I can sense that the comment by your friend that you may be experiencing the early stage of Parkinson’s Disease elicited considerable fear and anxiety. The instinct of course is to find a quick remedy that will calm the tremor down or make it go away.

There are certainly medications of one type or another that will silence a  tremor in the short term. For many people relief [if even in the short term] is most welcome. You have ask for a recommendation on a medication that will do just that – silence the tremor whether in the short term or the long term.

There are variety of herbs and prescription medications that will serve that purpose and provide just that type of relief. I have interviewed several herbalists who recommend one herb or another for tremors – so this is clearly an avenue you might want to pursue. Aunt Bean makes a homemade tincture from fava beans which gives her incredible relief from her symptoms. You can find more information about her remedy on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Bean website. []

Let me suggest an alternative approach to this puzzle. Instead of dampening the symptom
– investigate more systematically. Why is your body telling you that something is currently out of balance? Treat the tremor as valuable information your body is giving you right now.

Have you been exposed to toxins of one type or another?

  • How about exposure to Agent Orange?
  • How about exposure to radiation?
  • How about exposure to pesticides?
  • How about exposure to heavy metals?

We have discovered that unwelcome critters that live inside your body can also create neurological havoc.

  1. Is Lyme Disease a possible factor for you? It’s symptoms are the same as those of Parkinson’s
  2. Do you possibly have an overgrowth of candida? This can cause the symptoms too.
  3. Is it possible that you have a reaction to a tetanus inoculation? Sharry Edwards has discovered that tetanus is a primary factor for a surprising number of people who have had BioAcoustic profiling done.

I will not attempt to provide a full of possible causes list since it would take a book and this is only a short post in a blog. Consider the above as a short list of possible factors that may be causing your tremor.

Most importantly, use your intention to dampen the fear that your friend has triggered. Once you determine the factor (or factors) that are causing the tremor, you will be able to find a resolution to the problem. One the cause has been identified and treated you will no longer need to mask the symptom with a prescription drug or herb.

Might I suggest that the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you would be to set the intention to determine the cause of your tremor, to treat it and subsequently become symptom free in 2012.

I just released Pioneers of Recovery 2012 which includes the stories of 11 persons with Parkinsons who reversed their symptoms. Each pioneer was a guest on my radio show. You
can listen to the shows as you investigate causes that may be factors or you can read about their stories in Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

The one and only person who can solve the puzzle of why you are experiencing a tremor is you. Join with others on the road to recovery as you set the intention to heal the tremor instead of treating it symptomatically,

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Keep Your Body Moving

What would you say to a person who has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?

Get involved in an exercise program, whether it is Tai Chi or something else that turns you on.  Whatever it is, get involved and make it a regular part of your life because exercise and keeping your body moving is one of the things that keeps you healthy. 

 Daniel Loney

Click on the purple arrow to hear Daniel Loney on Parkinsons Recovery Radio:

Daniel Loney is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Parkinsons Recovery Book Special

I just received a special offer from my publisher: a 25% discount on orders of any of my books. As the author I personally cannot take advantage of this great deal – but you can if you are interested in having a paperback version of one or all of my books.

The 25% discount is good until December 14, 2011. The websites listed below provide the links to the publisher’s page that lists my books.

Here is how to get the discount. First, visit any of the book websites below and click on a link to order a paperback book. Once you are on the publisher page ( click to order the book.  After designating your preferred shipping method look for a field to enter a coupon code. The coupon  code to enter is: BUYMYBOOK305. Update the shopping cart and the 25% discount will be applied. You have to order directly from the publisher, not through Amazon.

Here are the relevant websites that have links to the paperback books:

Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Pioneers of Recovery

Five Steps to Recovery

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


Jump Out of the Box

What would you want to say to someone who has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?

You have been given a box but you don’t need to crawl into it.  Jump out of the box and explore.  It is possible to reverse symptoms.  Work on the fear. Work on the confidence. Work on the joy.

Bianca Molle

Click on the purple arrow to hear Bianca Molle on Parkinsons Recovery Radio:

Bianca Molle is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Forced Exercise Offers Relief from Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Do you feel better after you do forced exercise?

Absolutely.  If I am feeling really down and having a bad day, I’ll call my husband and talk to him. He will just say, “Get on your bike.”  Within five minutes of getting on my bike it’s like I’ve just put a plug in the wall and recharged my batteries.  It is hard to believe that is a true statement but it is; that’s exactly what happens.

Nan Little

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Nan little

Nan Little is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Biggest Challenge of Recovery

The biggest challenge of recovery is having the true belief that you will recover.  This is a disease that fights you every minute of every day. The first order of business is starting with the attitude that says, “I will recover,” and believing it.  I tell people believe it.  In order to recover you have to say, “They are incorrect. This is not incurable. I will get better.”  There is a profound saying by Dr. Sha:

“I have the power to heal myself. 

You have the power to heal yourself. 

Together we have the power to heal the world.” 

Howard Shifke

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Howard Shifke

Howard Shifke is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

How Did You Do That?

Everybody says to me, “Oh you look different” or they go to help me when I don’t need help anymore.  They stand in awe and wonderment, “How did you do that?”  They say, “We know you pray but we didn’t know you had that kind of connection.”


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Mariam Lewis

Mariam Lewis is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

What Can People with Parkinsons Do to Get Relief from Symptoms?

What can people do to get relief from their symptoms?

Get away from aspartame, get away from MSG, get away from gluten and avoid eating GMO (genetically modified) products. There’s an article about GMOs and cell signaling and how that’s related to Parkinson’s that’s on our website under “research articles.”

Sharry Edwards

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Sharry Edwards

Sharry Edwards is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Somewhere in This World I am Going to Get Help

When you go to your Neurologist and they tell you there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease – because that’s the question that we all ask – please, please, please do not get discouraged.  I was so depressed when I had three neurologists tell me that. I just decided somewhere in this world there is a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Somewhere in this world I’m going to get help and I’m going to get help for other people.


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Lexie is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Candida and Parkinson’s Disease

I believe that Candida infection is a huge predisposing factor to Parkinson’s yet it might not be enough to trigger the onset of PD.  Maybe you need another factor that will favor the development of PD; that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  In my husband’s case that was the aspartame, but it could be different things for different people.  For instance, farmers that are exposed to pesticides in huge quantities – that could be a very large contributing factor.  All our bodies are different; our weak points are in different places.  PD is a very general description of symptoms that can be caused by any number of things. 

Lidia Epp

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lidia Epp

Lidia Epp is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

I Want My Life Back

I remember going to Parkinson’s support groups and they would have guest speakers come in.  Some of these speakers would be therapists. They would tell you, you have to learn to accept your disease and you have to learn to accept your life the way it is. Grow from there. Develop from there. Learn new skills. I would raise my hand and say, “I will never accept this disease.”  I’m looking at this guy, like he’s got four eyes; it’s like, “Are you nuts? I want my life back! I really do, I want my life back and to tell me to accept it is not helping me, just tell me how to get out of this!”  That’s just my mindset about this whole thing. 


Click on the purple arrow to hear Cheryl on Parkinsons Recovery Radio:

Clip from Cheryl on Parkinsons Recovery Radio

Cheryl is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

Dehydration, Toxins and Parkinson’s

I have noticed that when I drink more water I begin to feel really lousy. I get more headaches, have low energy and feel like I have the flu. Parkinson’s symptoms are problematic as it is – and now this.


I suspect you may be experiencing a huge detox effect from becoming better hydrated. The symptoms you list are all the symptoms that are typical of detoxes. This suggests toxins may be the pest causing the neurological problems you currently experience.

You might consider getting an assessment of toxins of some sort or another – perhaps bioenergetic testing or voice analysis or hair analysis. You may have already had some assessments done – but they might not have picked up the true culprit which can show in the form of heavy metals of one type of another or pesticides. I aired a radio show with Dr. Joe Hickey, MD, several months ago who offered some fascinating perspectives on diagnostic assessments for heavy metals and detox protocols that succeed for people with Parkinson’s.

If the diagnostic assessments show toxins  – then a strategy would be to set in motion a detox program to release toxins gradually and safely. The hydration is obviously a key but some toxins need a little extra nudge to leave your body. They do not exit willingly unless gently encouraged.

If the nudge is too aggressive you can pay dearly for the consequences. You certainly want to be rid of the toxins, but not at the expense of feeling lousy for months on end.

I have received a number of reports from people who report a worsening of symptoms when their detox programs are begun. This may be due to an inadvisable protocol or to a detox program that is too aggressive. It is best to proceed with detox programs slowly. Do not expect immediate relief. Working with a health care practitioner who is an expert on safe and gentle detoxes also can be very helpful.

People often assume that because they are feeling worse, the detox program is making the situation worse. They thus decide to abandon the detox program.  Instead of giving up, I suggest that you recognize that toxins are an issue.  Search for another detox protocol that offers a more gentle release.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Special Discount on Parkinsons Recovery Books

The publisher of my books just announced a few minutes ago a marvelous discount on book orders of 20%.  Visit the publisher’s page at Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease where you will also see listings for Pioneers of Recovery and Five Steps to Recovery. There is a coupon field on the page after you set your preferred shipping method. Enter the coupon code veterans305 and update your order. The 20% discount will then be applied.

I just took advantage of this offer and confirmed it works. It is in honor of veterans day and is extended until November 11th. The offer is available to everyone – veterans and non-veterans alike.

For further information visit: to read all about Pioneers of Recovery to read all about Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease to read all about Five Steps to Recovery

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Hope and Support for Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

A few months ago I have ordered and read your book Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. It gave me a lot of hope, support and very valuable information.

It was important for me to see that some people managed to recover! I am much more relaxed now, not in a panic any more.

I have a diagnose since August 2010. I took Azilect until December 2010, but afterwards I have stopped taking it. I’m exercising yoga, meditation. I’m walking every day. Tuina massage also helps. I have changed  food, reduced stress factors, etc. And I’m taking Dr Paneri’s medicine for a month now.

Great news: I am already noticing some improvements!

I hope you know, how important your help is! Thank you.

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,



Thanks so much for letting us all know about your recovery progress and giving me permission to post your update. I am hearing more and more stories of recovery every week now. I just released a new book this week [Pioneers of Recovery 2012] that reports 11 stories of recovery as told on my radio show.  These are exciting times to be alive.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease