Is Parkinson’s Disease Degenerative?

Thank You For Providing Your Input to the Question on the 2020 Parkinsons Recovery Survey:

“Over the past year, have you generally been feeling better, about the same or worse.”

Here is a summary of how other people have answered this same question: Your input will be added to the summary findings.

Response Totals

Have you been feeling: NUMBER OF ANSWERS PERCENT
total resposes: 970 100% 
BETTER 229 24%
WORSE 342 35%

Does This Result Surprise You?

I would suspect it does. Many people believe  Parkinson’s disease is degenerative. If this were true, 100% of persons who answered this question would report they were doing worse. In stark contrast to this expectation, two thirds of persons who volunteered answers to this question reported they were either feeling “better” or “about the same.

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Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease