What Really Matters

What really matters when it comes down to a successful program of recovery? 

What needs to happen to celebrate a reversal of neurological symptoms?

Results of a Parkinsons Recovery survey answer these questions. What survey you ask?

In September 2019 I sent out a one question survey to members of the global Parkinsons Recovery audience. The question asked on the survey was:

Please list below natural therapies that have helped you experience relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”

I was surprised and awed with the variety and diversity of therapies reported to have been helpful. When I examined results of the survey, I asked myself the question – what is the common theme here?

The answer quickly became crystal clear. Therapies reported to have been useful in reversing Parkinson’s symptoms turn down the volume of the sympathetic nervous system (which inflames symptoms) and switch on the parasympathetic (which soothes symptoms).

There is no single approach, method or therapy that flips the switch.  Each person discovers their own unique way to make this happen for themselves. Dozens of therapies are reported to have been useful in this regard as reflected in my survey.

I decided the most meaningful contribution I can make this fall is to create a “What Really Matters” membership which discusses in detail what people with Parkinson’s symptoms report offers them relief from symptoms.  Content is organized around the therapies, methods and approaches reported to have been useful by members of my audience in providing relief from their symptoms.

Click on the link below for more information and to join:

What Really Matters

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington


5 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. Hi:

    Each class is 30 – 45 minutes give or take. There is always a Q&A in all of my classes.


  2. To steep for me.

    Have to stick with my own protocol, on some days I Feel like I don’t have PD .

    Other days, yep it didn’t go away.

  3. Hi Robert, Ive only just seen your offer for the course so I think ive missed the discount which is a bit annoying, can you do anything please as I’d like to enroll? Thanks

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