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What Should I Read Next?

I recently interviewed Carl Buchheit, a
national expert in Neuro-linquistic
Programming or NLP. I was interested
in exploring with Carl whether NLP can be
useful in helping people with Parkinson’s.
I asked him the following question. His
answer follows.


“Can NLP be used by persons who
have the symptoms of Parkinson’s
who would like to be able to
find some relief from their symptoms?”


“I have worked with a number of
folks who have Parkinson’s.
The answer is yes. I am sure
like just about everyone else
you are talking to this is
really, really difficult

“What we typically find and
pay attention to – which
we always do when we are
dealing with any kind of
change working with the N
LP model is – as preposterous
as this question might sound:”

‘What are the intended positive
outcomes of the symptoms, of the

“We pre-suppose that all experience,
all behavior (Parkinson’s included)
however difficult it is – is
all prompted by some kind of
intended positive outcome.”

“Now the question is what version
is this, where and when?”

“When people are in such distress
with the symptoms it is really
difficult to imagine that there
could be anything positive
trying to happen as I am sure
everyone can easily imagine.”

“What we usually do is ask this
first question when we are
doing NLP change:”

‘What would you like?’

“That can take two hours to answer
obviously or it can take two days.”

“Then we ask:”

‘What will having that do for you?’

‘Is there anything you might lose
that you value when you have the
outcome that you like?’

“I have had some experience with
people who have shifted their
symptoms quite a bit and several
other people not at all. So I
have a mixed report.”

Interested in learning more about
NLP? Carl recommends that you
read Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People (1995)

You can also reach him through
his clinic.

Robert Rodgers, PH.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery